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Abdul -- Stalker Wanted Me Dead

12/9/2008 4:23 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Paula Abdul dropped bomb after bomb on the people behind "American Idol" -- blaming them for exposing her home address to people like suicidal fan Paula Goodspeed, who Abdul claims wrote morbid letters insisting the judge needed to die.
Paula Abdul: Click to listen

The verbal attack went down last night on Barbara Walters' Sirius radio show.

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Al Baby    


2113 days ago



2113 days ago


This SUCKS ! I do not know Paula but I have been around her and she is a little person and just because she is a celebity
Paula are anyone else for that matter should not have to be harassed by some nut case.I feel sorry for the little girl she is somebody's daughter and they love her.But too try and ruin somebody elses life because you want them to be a part of yours is just CRAZY.I feel for Paula and any celebrity that has too put up with this crap.


2113 days ago


is it possible to get another stalker that wants to kill her? i hate paula abdul, she's ugly and old. she shouldn't have made it this far.

2113 days ago


Why are we just now hearing about this paula??????????????

2113 days ago


Is the FBI tracing post # 4? Lock it up!

100% of these TMZ posts that are put-downs of celebrities are just juvenile delinquents with really low self-esteem, and they're demonstrating how much they hate their own existance and are frustrated. It's got nothing to do with the people in the photos. Why don't you uber-negative types move to a new town, get a new job and start afresh. You all seem to come from the same mental space; a rotting garbage can, a basement full of blues. Sell the house and get the heck out of there, already! Get on with it! Think positive, take a deep breath, meditate on a positive future and forget the past and the trappings of the present. Move on and move up! It's almost Christmas time. Dip your brain in joy and merge with the universe.

2113 days ago


Oh it's American Idol's fault.....I am a NO TALENT HACK. She is just an average cheerleader at best. She is very lucky to have this job. She should be replaced immeadiatly. Just a doped up has been.

2113 days ago


I don't believe Fox gave away her address, and there are plenty of ways of getting those anyway. She's a total nutjob wacked out drugged out (or drunk) take your pick, loser. Her so called jewelry is Pic-n-save level at best, and the other poster is rif=ght, she IS nothing but a washed up cheerleader. Her so-called "talents" as a judge on Idol are laughably terrible, all her comments are useless and pretty much the same, she serves NO creative imput there. Simon is the ONLY judge who matters, who has the BALLS to say it like it is EVERY TIME! They need to dump her and replace her with another guy like Simon, find one SOMEWHERE, like that judge on So You Think You Can Dance...HE'D be GREAT!! SPOT ON!!!

Just dump the crazy druggie already FOX!!!!!

2113 days ago

Triple Play    

She is so so bad. She was lip synching before Nilly Vanilly.Half the time you can'tr understand what she says or what she is talking about. Is it alcohol, meds or illegal drugs. Too bad the stalker didn't get her first

2113 days ago

Triple Play    

# 6 PolarBear You are a fool. If someone moves to a new town or gets a new job, they will still have access to a computer.
Reading you comments makes me think that you are at best mentally ill or you are Paula Abdul which we know she is mentally ill.
Go to your room, take your Prozac and stay away from sharp objects.
A sane person would understand that these comments are all in good fun and the FBI could give a crap about them.
Sleep well Looney Tune

2113 days ago


Response to "Nikki": what the heck does access to a computer have to do with it? You remind me of the rest of the uber-geeks with no life, who insult everyone with a photo on TMZ. You totally misinterpreted my post and you know nothing about Paula Abdul (and I suggest you never do, from what I've seen of you so far). Paula is not mentally ill. The stupid prick who sits on her left is mentally ill and disrupts her. He looks and behaves like some sorry stupid bully bait who got released early from boot camp for being a unteachable snotball.

You think most of the uber-negative types are posting in fun? Those losers are exhibiting their world-view, their lens of perception, and they're SCREWED UP and miserable! People who are self-confident and who accomplish things don't fall off the pier and bitch at everyone else. Also, I'm going outside right now, I don't take any drugs apart from aspirin on rare occasions and I'm wondering if door keys qualify as sharp objects? Should I leave them at home? Please RSVP.

2113 days ago


Yaaawwwwn...Paula Abdul....stalkers

2113 days ago


You all should check out the American Idol Tell All BOOK that was just released....Stage 46 The Reality of Reality Television. Its got all the scandal of the behind the scenes on Idol.

And YES, I do believe that FOX and FREMANTLE would do something like this. Look at all of the lawsuits that are posted against them. Look at the Truth Tour that the Writers Guild did/is doing. Fox and Fremantle are corrupt and they don't care who is hurt in the process! Just get the book, it's all in there!

2113 days ago

love her!    

My heart goes out to everyone it's not a funny or happy situtation. Thanks to Paula's mild intoxication and love of the English language I still managed to giggle. The Police-ez Paula? I bet Peta turned her down because she wants to protect and save the meec-ez.....OMG!

2113 days ago


Hmmm... Paula Abdul bashing AI after they hired another female judge. Boy, I didn't see that coming!

2113 days ago
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