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Abdul -- Stalker Wanted Me Dead

12/9/2008 4:23 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Paula Abdul dropped bomb after bomb on the people behind "American Idol" -- blaming them for exposing her home address to people like suicidal fan Paula Goodspeed, who Abdul claims wrote morbid letters insisting the judge needed to die.
Paula Abdul: Click to listen

The verbal attack went down last night on Barbara Walters' Sirius radio show.

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Just had to know that Paula was gonna go round the bend when another woman judge was hired!
Look out, here comes all of the excuses for what happened to her in her life.
Paula, maybe you should stay off the sauce and speak a clear sentence once in awhile.
She sure is whining out loud these days. Yea, that will work in your favor, huh?
I understand she went through a horrible time with this stalker and I don't wish that on anyone, but man,
AI should be very interesting this time around now that she has publicly come out and said things against Simon Cowell.
Can't be good for the so-called "career"

2111 days ago


I'm sure Paula is glad the crazy bitch is dead

2111 days ago


Poor Paula, from what I saw this morning on the "VIEW" form Barbara wa wa ...that stupid idiot SIMON the coward.... had a hand in this...that sorry SOB

2111 days ago

Star's Out    

Forgive me if I am wrong, old age maybe, however I know that yesterday I saw on some site? that Paula had been staulked by this women or first knew of her 17 years ago. Just cannot remember the site, possible a Gossip site or even the New Your Post, which I read everyday.

2110 days ago


I guess they just wanted her off the show?

2110 days ago


Paula should file charges against herself for her constant harrassment of herself. Someone should have done an intervention on her long, long ago. She needs to just go away.

2110 days ago


I am with Polar Bear. The people who post on this site are the most hateful people on Earth. To "greg" or "#4": I am going to report you to the administrator, since you are threatening Paula Abdul's life. To all the horrible people on this site: Paula is not "old and ugly" -- you just can't wait to destroy her, can you? And I suppose all of you are perfect gorgeous examples of what God created? I suppose all of you signed a 40 million dollar record deal back in the 1980s? I suppose you had top 10 records? Paula had an accident, years ago, as anyone with any brains knows. She suffered horribly, and yes, she takes painkillers. So the f*** what? Why are you people so insistent on destroying her? I'm sorry, if some nutcase fan decided to off herself in front of Paula's place, something was really sick about her. There are people out there that think if they can "live" with the celebrity that they're "in love with," then everything will be "all right" with their worlds. These people are sick nutcases. Leave Paula alone. I am so sorry for America that this is what we've come to: attacking other people because we don't like what they look like or because we think their careers are over. Polar Bear is right. Simon "Cruel" is a vicious, hateful person who is intent on destroying everyone on stage because he "believes" that you have to be able to stand up to that kind of criticism if you want to survive. On one hand, he is right; on the other hand, he is a righteous prick who revels in coming up with the same sort of putdowns that Mr. Blackwell used for top models and actresses. Cruelty begets nothing except more cruelty.

As for trashing Paula Abdul and asking if it's "possible to get another stalker that wants to kill her" and that "she shouldn't have made it this far," and that she's "old and ugly" -- how low, cruel, stupid, pathetic, sick and disgusting. Polar Bear is right. You freaks are sick weirdos that require medication and a stay in either a sanitarium or boot camp. There's no hope. Thanks TMZ for monitoring the site and letting all the haters in the world send out their thoughts of hate to Paula Abdul. Good job, TMZ, for bringing some joy and happiness to the world. You don't care, do you? No. Didn't think so.

2110 days ago


Most of the bloggers posting messages about Paula are paid to do so by Fox Network and American Adol. That is why we are overwhelmed with negative comments. What Fox and American Adol are attempting to do is to set the tone, so all others will following. People will begin feeling that if they are not against Paula, they are not with the "in crowd". SO PEOPLE BELIEVE ME THESE ARE PAID BLOGGERS BY THE NETWORK.

2110 days ago

Mike Admani    

Paula stay positive! This too shall pass.

2110 days ago

bob hile    

Shame on all of you that have put such negitive words on this sight. For those who have bad mouthed Paula, she made something of herself and you didn't, get over it. For those of you who want her dead, real nice, jerks. What has this country come to. We use to say the Golden Rule and try to apply it. You know: Do unto others as you would want them to do unto you. So by wishing her dead... And for those of you who are nasty abourt it. Come pay me a visit................put your money were your mouth is, (again) JERKS. We have a mentally disturbed person who is dead, and the life of another person who might have died and all you people can say is bad things. I feel sorry about the future and how bad the people of this country are becoming. Where is the honor, the love for our fellow man, the wish for good will towards all, and kindness that we share with one another. Shame on you, Shame on you shallow minded, hateful, bitter people. I will pray for you that your heart will be soften and you will learn to be kinder. As the old saying goes when you see someone less blessed then you, "There by the grace of GOD go I."

2110 days ago


I listened to this clip because I've had someone 'go stalker' on me - disrupting my business, threatening my family - and it's no joke. I don't give a crap about celebrities - I don't even watch t.v. But when you are dealing with a mentally unbalanced person who develops an obsession with no bearing on reality, you have no idea how frightening it is to deal with them. They're unpredictable, and dangerous. I've never watched AI, and frankly, it has no bearing on the fact that this woman was stalked by someone who should have been committed long ago. At least then the stalker would still be alive, and Ms. Abdul wouldn't be feeling the guilt of someone committing suicide in front of her house - a situation she had absolutely no control over. And I can't even imagine how stressful that must be to process.

2110 days ago


Wow Nikki. You think wanting someone to be dead is all in good fun. A sane person would know that wishing someone was dead and thinking it funny was not a sign of sanity.

2110 days ago

DMX hater    

This looney, drunk, pill head is not good PR for the Idol, and if she is not replaced next year, I will replace Idol with something else!! Very unprofessional!! But I know affirmative action will prevail, since they will have to replace her with another "black", or whatever she claims to be!! Randy seems to be knowledgeable, and I agree with most of his Idol choices, and he does make his choices on talent, not because some contestant is Afro-American like himself, as Paula seems to do. And Simon, well, he just knows good talent when he hears it!! The producers at Idol should not be afraid of a lawsuit from Pauls Pillhead based on her race, but get rid of this skank, before your ratings start to decline, and they will if you keep this drunk on camera. Millions of people already know what is in that Coca Cola cup that she keeps her hands on. Some rehab would be my advice. A lot of my friends agree with me, and we shall see if your decisions endure.

2110 days ago


Nothing better than reading a good FLAME blog.

Arguing on the internet is like running the special olympics, no matter if you win or lose your still retarded.

2110 days ago


Paula. Your stalker is dead. She killed herself. She'll never "bother" you again.

Funny she never mentioned the stalker until AFTER the girl committed sucide. That, and I don't believe for a second that Abdul said she didn't want Goodspeed on the show. Paula could've chose not to be there, and she was, and she seemed pretty comfortable to me.

Now that Goodspeed is dead, died NEAR Paula's house and not anywhere near the "star", Paula is trying to make money off of a mentally ill girl's suicide?!

Pathetic. Abdul, you make me sick.

2110 days ago
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