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Ashlee: Rock-a-Bye Bye Baby

12/9/2008 5:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

After giving birth to son Bronx an entire 18 days ago, Ashlee Simpson did what every new mom does ... she went clubbing in West Hollywood.

Ash checked out her husband Pete Wentz's show at the Troubadour and then hightailed it next door to Foxtail for a little see and be scene action.

Hopefully, the 24-year-old will be as good a mom as she is a singer.


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Eron, you are straight up stupid.

Sarcasm must not be something they teach at the fast food joints...

2146 days ago


can't believe how many people are sticking up for this twit. how is going out to a bar in the middle of the night good "R&R". plus there are other ways to "reconnect with friends" than in a crowded, obnoxiously loud club. what a load of BS. You guys are full of sh*t.

2146 days ago


She got the rose tattoo earlier this year? No reputable tattoo artist puts ink in the skin of a pregnant woman!

2146 days ago


Um, "No Way", she wasn't pg when she got the tattoo. A year is twelve months. She was pg for nine months. Do the math.

2145 days ago


You guys are so hilarious! If you go to other more decent website than TMZ... here's what they say about her night out!

"In her first public post-baby outing, Ashlee Simpson-Wentz leaves newborn son Bronx Mowgli at home Monday to attend a surprise Fall Out Boy concert at the Troubadour in West Hollywood. The new mom cheered on husband Pete Wentz and his band as they performed songs from their upcoming album, Folie à Deux."

She didn't even went clubbing! You guys are so judgemental. What's so worng about what she did???

2145 days ago


I had a baby a year ago and I did not even THINK of going out to party for at least 3 months!

2145 days ago

Mad World    

WOW I can't believe shes already out and about! I think Nicole Ritchie will be a much better mother than Ashley Simpson. She has proven that already in her actions.
As for the Comment Hopefully, the 24-year-old will be as good a mom as she is a singer
Lets pray she is a better mother than her singing cause her singing sucks

2145 days ago


I hate retards has always been a lifeless retard. This is nothing new.

2145 days ago


For God's sake, the girl has been cooped up for 18 days with a newborn. Leave her alone. Her going out is no reflection of her mothering skills. Going out for a few hours after the baby's bedtime is not going to affect her bond with her kid. Just b/c some of you weren't able to leave your newborn's side for a few hours doesn't make you better parents. A bottle and a Grandma work just fine for a little while. Now, if we see her out every night - then make your judgments. Until then - SHUT UP!

2145 days ago

Tiger Tale    

What, you can't lip-sync motherhood?

2145 days ago

Tiger Tale    

I never thought I'd say this but that "man" who had a baby ain't such a bad, mother, er, father, or whatever it is...

2145 days ago


You gotta be kidding me. She SUCKS as a singer, and, given that she's out partying 14 days after giving birth (instead of staying home with her newborn), she sucks as a mother too. I'm sure this kid is nothing more than a minor inconvenience to her. She's thinking "dammit, I could be out drinking & fake singing if it weren't for this kid. It's all pete's fault" .

Stupid pampered poodle bitch...

2145 days ago


It's not a rose, it's a peony. But who cares? Ha. (Goggle Ashlee Simpson Peony tattoo)
I was a lactation consultant for many years. Booze does NOT get out of your milk magically overnight as someone else said. That's why one of the first posters rightfully said "Pump and Dump". You don't just "wait it out".
There is no indication whatsoever that she even drank. And if she had some wine or something, so what? She just BIRTHED A CHILD for God's sake! If dad goes out, no problem. It was only a couple of hours, geez! Get over it.

2145 days ago


That doesn't look like her at all. It's just some random redhead.

2145 days ago


Hmmmm? 18-days old? I wonder why it took her so long to leave her child. NOT!

2145 days ago
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