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Kid to PETA -- Let the Fur Fly!

12/9/2008 5:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

He's willing to take on judges, so what's a little animal-rights org for Kid Rock?

The rock-vocateur says he's ready to go to war with PETA: "I'm just willing the animal rights protestors to chuck some red paint on me," he tells the Mail. "They do it to little Hollywood actresses who can't defend themselves." Kid adds he's "got every kind of animal in my wardrobe."

Ironic, given Kid's marriage to PETA poster child Pam Anderson. PETA, your serve.


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Kid Rock, You definitely do not Rock! Studies have shown and experts agree that Dudes who wear fur are 100 timed more likely to be wife beaters and child molesters. How does it feel to be a world class coward? You got a big mouth for a guy who is steadily getting his ass whupped!

2143 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

They shoot paint at each other where the Kid is from.

2143 days ago


go get em kid.
i'd like to see peta attack someone who is big enough to fight back.
if those animal humpers ever threw paint on me ,i'd kick the ass of the thrower.

2143 days ago


That's funny considering Pam Anderson is a PETA spokesperson. Now wonder they got divorced.

2143 days ago


Hey Kid>>>> go get em!! This'll be great>>> Sumptun is a cookin and this'll get some real coverage WHEN it happens. Ya piss off the "KID" and ya gots"TROUBLE"!! Ya piss off PETA and ya gots "A BUNCHA WHINERS" P.S Killed a nice buck, hunting last week!I BLASTED him with my famous KILL one shot!!>>> hmmm>>>>>gonna make some gloves

2143 days ago


This is what they used to call a FREE country! Before we started catering to the minority wacko groups like PETA. And #1 talking about what studies show, well then studies who that democratic run cities and states have higher taxes, more poverty, higher crime, etc.. so why is it people keep electing them to office? Obama is already going to spend trillions more to bail out compaines & who is going to pay all this back? We will all be so poor that even the PETA people will be hunting for animals to eat (well with spears because Obama and team will take away guns.), and will be wearing fur to stay warm because Obama has made the cost of heating too expensive for the poor any way. Let's hope Global Warming turns out o be true so we won't freeze to death in winter. I agree with Kid these idiots are brave when it comes to people who can't fight back. We should start throwing fertilizer (sh_t ) on them for the suffering plants go through to feed them. STUDIES SHOW PLANTS FEEL PAIN TOO!!!

2143 days ago


PETA is nothing more then a terrorist organization. It should be listed as such by the United Nations and dealt with accordingly. Recently some of their terrorists threw a white powder at Lilo. Anthrax is a white powder. Anthrax kills. The thrower should be jailed for life. List them as terrorists, arrest them seize their property and jail them for a long time.

2143 days ago


I think your soooo HOTT. I just wanna get ya alone...mmm mmm mmm...I love me some good ole Kid Rock Bad Azz sexy MoFo...That's right baby, you tell them. I have seen many show of yours in Philly, Camden, and the best one was your first MTV show, you really got my attention. The last one was at the Tweeter in 06 that one was awsome.And I do have an auto graph from Kid Rock! Yey me!! From 1999 at the Trocadero in Philly!!! Loves Ya...Always stand up to what you beleive in Without Violence towards others, the PETA people harm Humans whan they attack other humans with flour and paint! To me that is a form of Domestic Terrorism and to intimidate people because people consume and wear animals. I have no beef with vegitarians shoving tofu down my throat (Punn intended). If, I as a common non celebrated citizen, were walking down the street in the frigid winter wearing a fur coat to keep me warm, which I cant afford anyway, and dumps anything onto me or shouts at me, they will be in for a fight! I do feel for the creatures who suffer too, everybody can adopt the Jewish form of slaughter which is most humane way. So it is a catch 22.We need to nurture our bodies with animal meat and protect our bodies with their coats.It has always been this way and so it shall remain PETA, get over it. If these were survival of the fittest times the PETA people will have perished!
Damn! Bob, I get all excited like that about this issue, and then I think about how you are soooo Alpha Male and it makes me just>>>>>>>>...crazy....hotttt!!! Keep on a rockin sweet baby. Like you read this shiatz anyway. I just high right now...Well everyone else can read this then!!! Have a SWELL day...And I would love to see you model ALL of your animals for me ;-)~....
A G from PH

2143 days ago


This made me chuckle. It is true, they never go after those who would turn around and defend themselves. They always seem to go after women, petite ones at that. That would be a funny day in Hollywierd when that happens. Or would it be Detroit? Anyway, I can understand why they don't want people to wear fur, but it is a personal choice, and what they do to people is assault. What happens when they throw paint on someone and that person falls and hits their head. Dies or is now disabled, would they just say "oh,well, they shouldn't have worn fur"? I love animals, don't get me wrong. But these people seem to have more love for the animals than for fellow human. That is not acceptable.

2143 days ago


Yeah because he'd be such a 'man' physically beating on some small woman who throws flour on him. Not a PETA fan myself but like everything else in our enviroment we act like what we do to animals will have no consequences... look at the state of our food system, how many e-coli contaminated recalls before the FDA steps up and makes companies and factory farms take better care of the animals. As meat eaters you'd think you would demand your meat is well cared for before it's plopped on your plates.. not some half dead, sick cow that as dragged by tractor to the slaughter machine because 'every head' counts .. $$$ Besides Kid Rock is a huge poser.. little Vanilla Ice Wanna be turned hard core .. pimp? ... country singer?? What is he now a days??

2143 days ago


Kid, you haven't been relevant since the mid 90's. Give it up & go away.Your "music" is awful.

2143 days ago

Stop the PC!!!    

Peta protesters are idiots…

Peta has been a bunch of drama cowards for years, throwing buckets of paint at models for years. The funny thing is, the models just out and buy a new fur to replace the one that they just ruined keeping the fur makers in business.

Peta protesters are more passionate about the stage and drama then they are about the cause. I would make a huge donation to the farmers union to see Kid Rock knock one of those Peta losers on their bum.

Live Free…Eat Meat!!!!!!!!

2143 days ago


Sounds like this is 100% personal. Just trying to get under Pam's skin. I do not condone Peta's actions at all, but it would be kinda funny if Pam would hire some huge dude to dump red paint on this has-been just to shut him up.

2143 days ago


Eat a Peta protester. They taste like chicken.

2143 days ago

Dirk the Impailer    

"Activists", like PETA, are always big cowards. They attack the weak. I would love to see one of those pany waists go after Kid Rock. He would kick some serious butt and take names.

Animals have tasted good and kept us warm for thousands of years. PETA is a bunch of terrorist idiots!!!!!!!!

2143 days ago
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