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Kid to PETA -- Let the Fur Fly!

12/9/2008 5:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

He's willing to take on judges, so what's a little animal-rights org for Kid Rock?

The rock-vocateur says he's ready to go to war with PETA: "I'm just willing the animal rights protestors to chuck some red paint on me," he tells the Mail. "They do it to little Hollywood actresses who can't defend themselves." Kid adds he's "got every kind of animal in my wardrobe."

Ironic, given Kid's marriage to PETA poster child Pam Anderson. PETA, your serve.


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Well of course they only throw paint on women. How many MEN where fur? Seems kinda gay to me when a man wears fur. Plus it's cruel. I hope they take him up on his offer. I'd like to see a little paint on him. He's only doing this to get back at Pam anyway.

2051 days ago


hey keepitopen, everything you said about fur, it's also true for cotton! I will agree though, it has a lot to do with the way they are treated.

2051 days ago

The Spotted Liver    

Get Kid Rock and Ingrid Newkirk in the same room. Now there's a real meeting of the mindless.

2051 days ago


Tell 'em Kid Rock! F U p.i.t.a.!

2051 days ago


ID GLADLY SPILL RED PAINT ALL OVER HIS ASS and Im a petite female. What a man threatening to hit somone - Im so scared-pllleeaaasssee! You white trash has been! Id like to skin him alive like the animals he wears-lets see how tough he is then =(

2051 days ago


ITS 2008 people we have come as far as to elect a black man president but are still wearing fur??!! Come on now we are not in the dark ages! People shouldnt wear fur period. There is no excuse for an animal being tortured so you can be "fashionabel" Unless you are an Eskimo or Norwegian who lives in sub zero temps and wears fur for warmth and not fashion you are an idiot. I think if more people actually saw how these animals were treated and what they go thru they would be shocked and not wear fur. A little flour or red paint aint nothing compared to what the animals go thru.

2051 days ago


You know for many years fur was at a premium. Now the price is down, but pest control is way up. Populations are over running the carring capacity. Disease is up!! Most trapping of wild animals is population control. If you got to kill an animal the humane thing is to use it. The Native Americans never killed anything without using it, nor should we.
If you dont buy fur that is your choice, BUT I can promise you that you will pay for it when raccoons get in your attic. You get bitten because you are feeding them. You pet is killed by coyotes. You kids are scared to go out because the coyotes attacked a neighbor.
Animal shelters put down millions of pets a year, and yet no one can solve the total pet population. We bury the bodies and they are euthanized in a lab. We have pictures to celebrate our pets. The only celebrating the wild animals is to show our appreciation is to be proud of our fur coats. IT LIVED FOR A REASON!!
Most furs sold are trapped in areas where populations are needing thinnning to decrease the spread of disease. If all trapping, hunting, and predator control is stopped how do we help animals?? Mother Nature has a very cruel end to population. A few must die to secure a place for the others.
We control insects, disease, fungus, and other living things to protect ourselves. No animal is being killed that is endangered or faces exstinction in the USA.
When wildlife needs help who is there?? Animal Rights?? NOT! Sportsmen and Sportswomen. If licensed are not sold and taxes not collected there are no funds for state parks or refuges. Then all animals lose and so do all people.

You got to think about the big picture not just the small issues. I know. I work in a shelter and euthanize pets every week that someone threw out. I see the injuries and damages caused by animals. I chase down rabid animals in order to protect the public. I send people to the hospital to get rabies shots. I see the cruel dog fighting injuries. I see the kids killed by dogs, and the pets killed by coyotes. I support the fur trade because it supports population control!!

Celebrate the living and use common sense. Wildlife management is the management of the smallest to the largest wild animal to ensure the survival of them all.

2051 days ago


Animals are food, end of story.

2051 days ago


I think one day someone should skin a human and where them as a jacket........and hmmmmmm I hope nobody gets offended!!!! Thank God for PETA!!!!! Animals are as human as we are!!!

2051 days ago


Leaving PETA and their tactics out of it, I think wearing fur is really sick, as in horrible. Recently I saw this video of animals in China getting skinned alive and their bodies were chucked on a heap with no skin on, still writhing around, it was awful, I nearly vomited. Then I read that about 80 % of the worlds fur now comes from China. If you look up 'Chinese fur farms' on youtube you can find it pretty easily.

2050 days ago

Bethany Sweet    

I remember back in the late 80s when my girlfriend and I got spit on by some creepy dude on Seattle's Capital Hill for wearing fur. He was real damn surprised when we started screaming at him and called the cops! You don't like fur, fine. But you don't have the right to spit on people, throw flour or paint, threatening, or any other offensive attack. That's against the law. PETA - You have to go through the system just like everybody else, if you want to make fur illegal.

I grew up on a farm and animals are food, etc. Chickens get their heads chopped off and my favorite baby calf was raised and turned into steaks and hamburger too. That's life. Get over it.

2050 days ago


He is white trash. You would think he would use his fame to do things more than "will PETA to throw blood on him" seriously what will he do throw a bud light can at PETA in retaliation.


2050 days ago


RE: comments from people regarding eating meat and wearing fur

Its amazing how desensitized people are. People are easily worked up over cruelty or death of cats or dogs however other animals can suffer tremendously for food and fur when its not necessary at all. This is what people have grown up with and to be different be compassionate is not negative leftist or terrorist. Its choosing a lifestyle that reduces suffering of animals.

2050 days ago


Kill anyone who doesn't support PETA. Lets's make lampshades of their hides, see how they like it.

2042 days ago


Pam has rubber boobs, not ones made from hemp. Once shes dead and buried they could leak and poison our grounfd water. Kill her PETA! Make a lampshade our of her oil war supportive torso.

2042 days ago
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