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Oprah Can't Drop the Deuce

12/9/2008 6:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It's possibly a lil' TMI, but Oprah Winfrey says she's back to 200 lbs. and she's "mad" at herself for letting it all go to ... her waistline.

"I'm embarrassed," says O, in the new issue of her mag. "I can't believe that after all these years, all the things I know how to do, I'm still talking about my weight ... 'How did I let this happen again?'" Apparently since slimming down to 160 in '06, she's put on 40 big ones.

And even a child can figure out what that adds up to.


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Not everybody is supposed to be a size 2. People should not judge others because of their weight. What Oprah has accomplished in her lifetime speaks for itself. If being overweight runs in either side of the family than chances are as you grow older you may have a problem maintaining a certain weight. I hope Oprah loves herself as much as others love her for all she's done for others. Stay happy and stay healthy girlfriend - you are beautiful at any weight.

2106 days ago


Heh, so you don't have all the answers after all! I guess you are not what you seem to be! You are what you eat!!

2106 days ago

Fubunki PunkChat    

For every 2 punds of muscle one gains they loose 3 lbs of Fat.

2106 days ago


You are Hypothyroid Op! That means you will NEVER have control of your metabolism unless you are taking desiccated thyroid and NOT syncrap everyday for the rest of your life. We've tried telling you Oprah. Stop The Thyroid Madness, try reading the book and doing a show on the subject, You might learn something. You will always be fat until you get your thyroid under control

2106 days ago


I can see it now. Her body betrays her due to her age....she keeps getting fatter.....she goes self destructive....removes all the mirrors in her home.......then the 3rd world country weight loss operation because they say they can do what other doctors can't....then in a coma because something went horibly wrong...

Whay can't it happen to Rosie O'Donnel instead...oh why!

2106 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

New year is coming, Ms. O, resolve now not to believe any more of that Dr. Phil fitness jive.

2106 days ago


She is beautiful at any size. She has such a beautiful loving spirit. I love you Oprah!

2106 days ago


Losing weight is easy...keeping it off is the hard part. If you have never had to struggle with your weight- you will never understand!! Oprah is just like millions of people who struggle with their weight. It just goes to show you that no matter how much money you have- losing weight is a hard battle to fight.

2106 days ago


She deserves to have that weight...she is a freaking fat pig!

2106 days ago


7. She is beautiful at any size. She has such a beautiful loving spirit. I love you Oprah!

Posted at 9:05AM on Dec 9th 2008 by Anne

another victim of brainwashing

2106 days ago


Zelda Oprah knows about her tyroid issues. She mentioned it years ago. And I believe she talks about in her article. Oprah is beautiful at any weight. The beauty of her spirit shines right through. She is such an inspiration. I've never seen anyone so full of life and love. Great lady! The best!

2106 days ago


Just thinking about this wonderful woman makes me want to cry. She climbed out of poverty & adversity of every kind to give over $300 million of her own hard earned money to charity. According to Business Week she's given more of her own money to charity than any black or performer in U.S. history. All she does is provide light and love into the homes of millions of soccer moms. That's all she ever wanted to do was provide light & love. I cry just thinking about her.

2106 days ago


Oprah has never been "skinny." I've always known her as a beautiful, black, intelligent, full figured woman. She has accomplished so much in her life and her weight is not the end of the world! She's actually average in our society. But, all that matters is her happiness. And, if she's not happy with herself, then I hope she gets to where she wants to be. I think she is gorgeous! This coming from a 35 year old, 128 lb woman. I struggle with my own weight. But, the older I get, the more comfortable I am in my own body.

2106 days ago


I don't think it's nice of the media to discuss the weight of celebs or to question them. I think they are well aware when they need to lose weight. But with pressures like this.. you wonder why so many celebs take the anorexic route.
(in moderation)

2106 days ago


The secret to Oprah's success is her integrity & authenticity. In a world full of fake celebs who are a flash in the pan, Oprah has dominated for a quarter century because America sensed how real she was. There's never been anyone in public life who has been as open & honest as Oprah. She's a genuinely good person with a genuine interest in helping people. She doesn't do it for the money; the reason she is rich is because she is following her passion. No one deserves their success more than Oprah. Dr. Phil said it best when he said "she's good people" The day Oprah's show ends will be the worst day of my life. I will cry my guts out. There will be such a void. There's just something so special about this woman. There will never be another like her. I consider myself blessed to have grown up watching this woman on TV.

2106 days ago
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