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Ruffalo Family Releases Statement

12/9/2008 10:49 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A rep for Mark Ruffalo released the following statement on behalf of the Ruffalo family, concerning the death of Mark's brother, Scott.

"Mark Ruffalo and his family deeply appreciate the outpouring of prayers and support during this most difficult time of the passing of Scott Ruffalo, beloved son, brother and husband. The funeral service will be private. A memorial fund has been established in Scott Ruffalo's name."

Donations can be sent to:

Scott Ruffalo, Family Fund
c/o Altman Greenfield & Selvaggi, CPA's
200 Park Avenue South 8th Floor
New York, NY 10003


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leave the gun, take the cannolis.    

Ruffalo is kind of like Roflamo....I'm just saying.

People rich and poor set up funds for stuff. Maybe they will set up an anti-crack thingamajig.

2121 days ago

Animal Lover    

I don't know all the facts of the terrible tragedy of Mark Ruffalo's brother but most families to ask for a donation to a charity of choice in lieu of flowers or in remembrance of a loved one. My sincere condolences to the Ruffalo family.

2121 days ago


You know what people should do? If they feel strongly enough to give money to this person who nobody had heard of until he played with a gun, you should donate to a charity in his name, then write to that family fund and say that that's what you've done. At least then you know it's gone to a good cause. I find this very strange otherwise, this family do not need, nor should they ask for, money from people unless it is being donated to charity or setting up a scholarship fund or something, which we can not be sure is happening. I won't be sending anything, and I hope no one else does either, this is just an odd thing to do.

2121 days ago


Someone says it is usual to set up a fund for the falmily in needs....are the Ruffalo in needs? Isn't the bro a Holliwood star? WTF!

2121 days ago


A "memorial fund in someone's name" is set up to help others. It does not go directly to the family, but rather, as a way to remember the person who died in a lasting goodwill gesture to others.

2121 days ago


Any type of death is always sad. But if the guy did kill himself, wouldn't asking for a donation be the same as Paula Goodspeeds' family asking for a donaiton also? Cause of death is always a factor when asking or making a donation.

Just sayin....

2121 days ago


I've been to my share of funerals (including rich people) and they would ask for you to send the money directly to a charity of their choice, even giving you an address of the charity and what to write on the check...not their own big time accountants. Mark R. is a very well paid movie actor (he's considered A list meaning he makes over a million a picture and he makes many pictures), not including other work he does. With the economy the way it is, give to charities or people who really need the money, not the Ruffalo family. Sorry, just my humble opinion. I am sorry for their loss; however, sending out a press release like that was tacky.

2121 days ago


If it was a game of Russian Roulette he would have GSR (gunshot residue) on his hand, the bullet trachectory would be examined, even the position of how the gun was found (in his hand, on the flloor next to him???) will all come into play as to figuring this case out. Is this a game he played before? He couldn't have played the game by himself he had to have a teammate playing with him, who would that be? As for the request for donations, that is definitely a weird request coming from a highly paid Hollywood actor UNLESS the request for funds was to be donated to charity, if yes, he should have clarified, if no, then you are better off sending your money to the charity of your choice. I guess more to come.

2121 days ago

There is no such thing as reality tv    

The donation request is wrong and does not belong here. IMHO. I feel very badly for the family, but a little dubious about where the money is going.

2121 days ago


Think anyone would send money to an address posted on TMZ?

2121 days ago


The good that will come of this tragedy will be how crucial it is for family members and close friends to get a loved one who has a substance abuse problem the help he/she needs. They knew and should have done something. Their loss can be turned into a positive by reaching out and helping others in the same situation through awareness and prevention.

2121 days ago


wow. surprised at the backlash regarding a memorial fund. he was a husband, so perhaps the family is setting up a fund so that the family of the young man who would have lived until 70or 80 if he hadnt been shot can continue to provide for his loved ones. by the way, this is not some actor/rich people thing - many people that i have known who have died have their families set up these funds.

and with a public death, even by association, because people all over the country are probably connecting to the story and wanting to do something, a fund is a way for them to express their fgrief, and then the family either uses the funds to support his wife and/or kids as well as any causes that he felt a passion for.

2120 days ago


Condolences to the Ruffalo family. Very tragic indeed. As the family member of a celebrity who died years ago, I can say that a donation site was set up and the money donated to a womens shelter. Many people send gifts, flowers, stuffed animals, etc., but money donations are a way to use those outpourings in a more helpful way for society. I don't believe the Ruffalo family statement is asking for's telling people who want to show their condolences what the family's preference is. It's a very common gesture.

2120 days ago


Just so all of you people know... Scott has 3 children! All daughters! 2 biological, and one step daughter. He also has one grand daughter. This is what the Scott Ruffalo Family Fund is for! These donations will help put his children through school, and whatever else they may need! They no longer have their father's income. I am certain Mark will help out his extended family, but it should by no means; all be put on him! In addition, that no good, lying, doped up whore, Shaha; is 100% responsible for Scott's murder! While Scott was separated from his wife, this girl would not leave him alone! She just decided to take matters into her own blood stained hands, when she learned that he had eyes for another! I hope she rots!!! Fleeing the scene, while he lays there dying; speaks volumes about what kind of person she really is!!!!!!!

2120 days ago



2101 days ago
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