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Where's the Red Paint When You Need It?

12/10/2008 5:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ivana & Star: Click to watch


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I wish someone would approach me, with red paint, while I'm wearing my fur. That person better be packing because I will be packing a mean ass woupon for thear ass. Love the furs ladies.

2121 days ago

diablofeminina weho    

Beautiful jackets! I love it :) So sick of the anti-fur idiots who cannot think for themselves. In fact, when my cat dies I am skinning her and turning her fur into a fur collar. I even wear fur, here in LA, all the time. :)

2121 days ago

diablofeminina weho    

Divashels I am so with you. I hate PETA, so much, bunch of hypocrites. You better believe if some idiot threw red paint at me, I will give them a Thai kick to the head, they won't know what hit them. On top of law suit for infringing on my right to wear fur.

2121 days ago


For those of you young stupid little girls that claim fur is a renewable resources, and post on this page read on. I hope you are aware these animals spend their entire lives from birth until death in a small cage. They are treated horrible and are smashed in tiny cages and never see the sun. Just so dummies like you can walk around with hanging dead animals. 85% of the fur comes from China they don't care about their own people why would they care about animals. There are no reputable fur farms they are just out to make a quick buck. People who post on here that wear fur are SO Vain wouldn't know anything about this. If you decide to wear your fur jacket be prepared for being confronted. If you have a right to wear it I have a right to let you know to your face what a fur hag any one is that wears fur. Watch the video of the raccoon dog being skinned alive in China and then come back and tell how beautiful fur is you uneducated little girls.

2121 days ago


Take PETA out of the conversation, its not about them. Its about the ignorance and/or sociopathy that is required to wear fur. If I lived in a state where people wore fur, you better believe I would throw paint on everyone I saw wearing a fur. The only people who wear fake fur are those who cant afford to buy real, so either way they are expressing an ignorance or lack of compassion to other living beings. So wear your fur, but you better watch your back or it'll be dripping red just like the day it was stolen to make your coat.

2121 days ago


I don't see anything wrong with them wearing those coats. It's not DOGS OR CATS... It's mink.... Get a life...

2121 days ago

blue pen    

5. Absolutely spot on.

Man the only thing real on Ivana is the fur.

How can people be so selfish that they'd want something else to suffer for their own vanity? Surely there's something very wrong with that.

2121 days ago


Firstly for those of you who need to be vulgar. Get a better vocabulary, it shows how uneducated you are.

1. minks are just glorified rats
2. what do you care what they wear?
3. I own TWO USED fur coats and they are the only thing that keeps me warm on cold New England winters. I've tried, down, wool, fleece, layers, etc.
4. Who are you to judge what others wear?

If you don't like to wear fur then don't. But why aren't you on the down people and leather people too? How about those ugly UGGS that everyone wears too? Those are sueded leather!

People are dying of AIDS, cancer, the economy is in the tank with people loosing jobs and their homes, and you're worried about that a person is wearing fur? Get yoru priorities straight.

2121 days ago


Oh please, such hypocrisy. If you eat steak or chicken, you have no business commenting on someone that wears fur. Besides, fur is less polluting than the creation of manufactured coats including all the toxic byproduct. PETA is also about doing away with allowing people to have pets which they consider slavery. That's right people, first they want you to give up furs, which many of you have been duped into and then they want Spot condemning anyone that adopts. We already know about PETA's involvement with massive kill centers. One would have thought no kill, but not PETA, they prefer massive kill over adoption.

2121 days ago


Fur is 100% cruel, unneccessary, and everyone who wears it is heartless and cold. There's just no denying it. If you KNOW animals were tortured and killed, but you still buy and wear fur - you just pretty much show the world how terrible you really are. Period. You can try to be a weasel and make excuses but you're advertising who you are when you wear it. I really don't give a crap what anyone says about my comment. You're just a bad person. That's all there is to it.

2121 days ago


To all you idiots that say the fur trade is ok and that they don't skin animals alive, do your research before you post something. You sound so ignorant! I've read a few post from keepitopen, I bet you enjoy putting those animals down in the shelters, huh?

2121 days ago


TMZ, your political views and those of PETA are not necessarily shared by others.

I'm just sayin'.

2121 days ago


Fur, fur, fur. Love it, own it, wear it. Anti-fur posters obviously have nothing else to worry about, such as starving children, people losing their homes, curing diseases HUMANS get. So, PETA and the other raving anti-fur idiots can just worry themselves into fits if they want to, but as long as fur is sold, fur will be bought. However, they should be aware that assaulting people with paint or flour or harassing them as they walk down the street are all considered crimes.

2121 days ago

Red Bull 420    

Protecting animals by judging and threating people does not make you right PERIOD !!!!!!

2121 days ago


pathetic when old women try to look/dress like this...try hard much???....and Star is just gross.

2121 days ago
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