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Dave's Fury Over Paula's Stalker -- "Sue, Sue, Sue"

12/11/2008 11:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

David Letterman and Paula Abdul have one thing in common -- creepy stalkers -- and when she was on his show last night, he had only one piece of advice: "Sue these baboons!"
Paula Abdul: Click to watch
Letterman got pretty serious, telling Paula that Fox and Idol producers "exposed her to great risk," and if she wanted to, Abdul could pull off the "biggest lawsuit in the history of television" -- but all Paula wanted to do was see a monkey sneeze.


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Dave is right Paula, if Fox and the Idol producers knew about this woman, and still exposed YOU to her in auditions, you need to on the phone looking for the best litigator. I am sorry she killed herself, but people like her are terribly insane, and need help. All Fox and Idol producers were looking for was media exposure for their show, and put you in harm's way. Go get em girl, and don't worry about the job......Idol has run it's course, and its' days are numbered.

2107 days ago

northern gypsy    

can it really be true ??? i can't believe that a major network would not see the consequences of such a dangerous move...

2107 days ago

buh-bye weiner party!    

I think she's nuttier than a fourteen foot high pile of squirrel turds and Letterman has turned into one of the biggest d-baggers in the history of television.

2107 days ago

Mad World    

Poor Paula will do anything for attention. If the woman was truly stalking her for 17 years why didn't she do something before now. I believe Paula is mildly bi-polar and that she needs some help. I do believe she had a stalker but I do not believe the woman stalked her for 17 years. I feel for her that she is sick and not getting help. I feel for her that she felt threatened and trapped due to this womans actions. But, then again I think she should show the family that lost their daughter, sister, aunt, ect some respect and shut the hell up. Your hurting them Paula wake up and see that. Do you really want to hurt someone else when the woman is dead and it is over.

2107 days ago


People still actually watch this guy?

2107 days ago


Dave is right. This was a stunt designed to get ratings. They probably figured the woman stalking Abdul would do something crazy, thus, getting the police involved. Paula, go get 'em!

2107 days ago


I agree with him.

2106 days ago

Triple Play    

She is a clown. She was one of the first lip synch artists, well before Nilli Vanilli. Most of the time she is incoherent either form drugs or alcohol. Looking at her outfit she looks like she wants to join Paul Revere and teh raiders.
Paula please go away and stop embarassing yourself in public

2106 days ago

bsb fan    

Seriously, if that person didn't kill themselves... she could've killed Paula!

Seriously!!!! PAULA SUE FOX!!!

2106 days ago


Dave's got a point. How many times did he come home to find his creepy stalker cooking dinner in his house? A dinner for two? Waaaaay too many. And his stalker died also...suicide? I can't remember.

Paula is very lucky nothing happened to her...I agree. Sue 'em. Personal safety is number one, not ratings. I think they've taken advantage enough. Paula, I used to laugh and roll my eyes at your 'antics', but now I feel so sorry for all of's not fair.

2106 days ago


Looks like Paula is auditioning for a remake of Sargent Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band. The beotch is dead, let it go already!

2106 days ago


"She was one of the first lip synch artists"

Honey, lip-syncing had been going on for decades before Abdul got into the scene. I don't know why people pull totally baseless accusations out of their ass and treat them as if they were fact.

Not that I am a fan of the gal or her music, but come on...

2106 days ago

To #26    

This so-called threat to Abdul's safety -- the Idol audition -- happened long ago. Why is it now an issue for her when it apparently wasn't when it happened? She is currently AI's property and they are correct to tell her to shut it down. You don't attempt to harm your gravy train, er, employer by publicly airing the dirty laundry - not if you want to remain employed.

The stalker is gone. Move if you feel you have to but publicly, let it go, Paula.

2105 days ago

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