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Macaulay's Sister Dies

12/11/2008 12:43 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

UPDATE: TMZ has obtained an official statement from Macaulay's rep. "We can officially confirm that the victim is Dakota Culkin. This is a terrible tragic accident. We have no further comment at this time."

We've learned Macaulay Culkin's sister died yesterday after being struck by a car.

Law enforcement sources tell us Dakota Culkin was walking on the west side of Los Angeles Tuesday when she stepped off a curb and was struck by a car. The 29-year-old Culkin was taken to the UCLA Medical Center where she died of her injuries yesterday afternoon.

So far no arrests have been made. The case is under investigation by LAPD.


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john brown    

Tragic. We must try to prevent such accidents in the future. She may have been distracted but the driver has a responsibility as well. Roads and vehicles should be engineered in such a fashion as to minimize the probability of injury or death.
My condolences to the loved ones.

2110 days ago

Richard Ott    

Michael Jackson worked with Maculey Kulcin in his Black Or White music video. What does he have to say about this?

2110 days ago


My thought's and prayer's go out to the family. I can understand the feeling they are going through, I lost my oldest sister a few year's ago and my dad too. It's hard to go on, but she would want them to and go on with Christmas, remembering the good time's, funny time's.
A young couple who live near me lost their baby while he was asleep this week. He was only a few month's old, so many prayer's to both families.

2110 days ago

Joy from Newark New Jersey    

My deepest sympathy goes out to the family its a very sad thing..Some of the family lives near me in Montclair, NJ I am here in Newark nj down the hill from them..His Grandmother was a sweetheart and very well loved..He was always there...You will all be in my prayers......Joy

2110 days ago


Thats what he gets for going out with someone thats WAY too hot for him..bad luck will follow him until he breaks up with her..

2110 days ago


OUr heartfelt thoughts and prayers are with you and your family now Macaulkins. Stay close and remember in the end all we really have is family. Have faith.

2110 days ago


Jake d, you're a sick little ass wipe, aren't you! You are the only one that think's you are "funny, the rest of us just think you must be a really pathetic little person, if you're so desperate for attention that you stoop to writing that crap! Take your meds before you spaz any worse than you already have!

2110 days ago


My deepest sympathy for the family...I lost my 12 year old son when he was hit by a truck. It is sad to lose any family or friend, but to have them taken in such a tragic way. I feel sorry for the family and friends who are left behind!

2110 days ago

William B    

Jake D- yes. you are the only one.

2110 days ago


This is really horrible becasue the last thing she felt was the most shocking intense pain you can imagine
when they say died instantly in some cases its bull the last thing they felt was insane pain
I have been there
I was crossing a street when a idiot creep came out of no where ran a green light and hit me I spun since i was busted broken and purple
black blue you name it all over and my head the size of a lop sided pumpkin for months I had to sleep sitting up for a year it took a year after that of rehab to build my self back up I lost my work and a new company I was days from signing a contract ( I was a celeb chef and going into manufactering with alot of BIG MONEY and BIG NAME endorers)
everything hurt but my feet)
that was in 2001 Dec 4th and today I still have pains horrible pain and lost everything live on less than i made in a week per month and goverment subsides.., I have back spasums all the time If I go out all day I have to take a shopping cart becasue i cant even carry a pocket book all day or a few hours and I wont use a walker Im young it its depressing
I got very little money., most went to rehab which I could not finacially sustain and that bas*ard who did it fled NYC prorably the country they gave him a breathalizer but didnt take him in for a blood test for drugs my little kid was there terrorized and said he had crazy red eyes, he almost killed me but might as well of since I have nothing left and cant work
and as I wrote this I am in pain and forget about pain killers there horrendous and I dont need to become a junkie. this is a horrible thing to happen everytime i hear someone and a car accident and being run over i relive it over and over and being under that truck and by a nano second being killed buy the biggest wheel in the universe it seemed about to squash my head I had then quickly reached up and grabbed a pipe and lifted my body off the ground till his car finally stopped everyone screaming shes under the truck..but in a way he did kill me and i sometimes wish he did because i have no life only pain and loss I was a fantastic chef too but let me tell you it takes me forever to cook one thing when as a chef you cook 12 things at once all day and run around CHEF GORDON RAMSEY is so right it is HELLS kitchen

2110 days ago


I can't undestand why anyone would think this funny or reason for puns. No matter how dysfunctional our families are.....and most are in some way or the other... death is a sad and tragic thing. My sympathy goes to this family as it would any that have had a loss. I just wonder if the people that find amusement in these situations are'nt the same ones that swerve to run over animals.....somehow I wouldn't doubt it.

2110 days ago

Go Patrick!:)    

Heart-breaking. He's in my thoughts and prayers.

2110 days ago


To Roger C...Get a freakin life...Please remove this Roger C..A total idot! Probably dumb lazy a*** and has nothing to do but make comments that make no sense....Your post makes no sense...Look at the idot...RIP to Macaulay's sister ....

2110 days ago


Is it possible Jake D could sound any more ignorant than he already sounds???

2110 days ago


God bless her soul and comfort those that have been left behind.

2110 days ago
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