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Macaulay's Sister Dies

12/11/2008 12:43 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

UPDATE: TMZ has obtained an official statement from Macaulay's rep. "We can officially confirm that the victim is Dakota Culkin. This is a terrible tragic accident. We have no further comment at this time."

We've learned Macaulay Culkin's sister died yesterday after being struck by a car.

Law enforcement sources tell us Dakota Culkin was walking on the west side of Los Angeles Tuesday when she stepped off a curb and was struck by a car. The 29-year-old Culkin was taken to the UCLA Medical Center where she died of her injuries yesterday afternoon.

So far no arrests have been made. The case is under investigation by LAPD.


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Really sad. My sympathy to her family and friends.

2087 days ago

Silent Night    

Usually in such a horribly sad event, I find myself welling up at all the warm and loving thoughts that get posted. Tonight, it's the opposite, How purely vicious some people can be. I realize it's all just to garner attention, and get a rise out of others, without even realizing (or maybe even caring) the toxin they are spewing. It's heartbreaking. I too, lost a family member this year, and the holidays make it especially hard. And for those who think the Culkin's may not read these blogs, and others like them... they MAY. Imagine the pain you inflict with just a keyboard tap. This is someone's sister, someone's daughter, someone's gran ddaughter, someone's neice...someone's LOVED one.
For those replying to such sociopathic behavior, my request tonight would be for no one to continue to do so. Let them stand alone in their cruel remarks, and the rest of us can leave thoughts and condolences, as it should be.
Tomorrow it might be someone YOU love, and how would you want them remembered??
To the Culkin family, may you find comfort in each other to get through and go one without one of your own. My best to you all.

2087 days ago


Jake, if you want to self-destruct, sign up with the particular radical Muslim terrorists who blow themselves up. At the rate you are going, your demise may happen sooner than you think. I'll pray for you. You're going to need it.

For the families of all races, ages, and locations who have just recently lost a loved one: My heart is with you and I will pray for you, too.

2087 days ago


I havent seen or spoken to Dakota in years. We were just kids when we knew eachother. I remember hanging out on her front stoop of the town house her and her family lived in back in NYC. I remember the group of friends i was around would always want Mac to make that damn home alone face. What a tragedy. My prayers go out to the Culkin Family.

2087 days ago


May God be with Macauley Culkin and his deepest, heartfelt sympathies are with all of you. Amen.

2087 days ago


omg i was in my car when i seen her get hit and i agree Jake D good ritence ! i am pretty sure she did it on purpose for her brother whos pretty much a has been anymore as a lame excuse for a christmas present and TMZ entitled it Celebrity Justice for a reason.....she was a celebrity cause of who her brother was and got rammed just like michael jackson rammed his hole and if he would have given her some of his hish money from getting molested maybe she would not be walking and driving

2087 days ago


Jake D-you're an ass. Don't you have homework to do?

2087 days ago


To everyone who's bitching about someone who's dead: stop it.

I've noticed that the idiots (Jake D, Roger C, whatever) can't even spell. it's obvious that they're like these little 11 year olds who don't know anything about losing a family member.

Let's see how they like it when one of their family members finally pass away, and I bet you they'll think twice about the garbage coming out of their mouths.

I don't know anything around car crashed, but when I was sixteen my four-year-old sister died in intensive care due to complications from a disease. Celebrity or not, scandal or no, these are PEOPLE we're talking about - not exibits that you can laugh at when they die and then move on.

and to those who make fun of people who have died: you're disgusting pigs. Good riddance to YOU.

2087 days ago


ha ha ha this is SOOOOO funny how you losers think like he will get on here see your 'im so sorry my condolences go out to your family' and be like awwwww LMAO you did NOT know her shes dead who cares? instead of posting your sympathies on tmz go give to a charity or something worh while and did you see the background where she got hit by? i swear thats an adult bookstore HA west hollywoods a bad area too i bet she was a walking prostitute and was so ugly she felt she had to 'throw' herself at men and apparantly that isnt working out for her REST IN P!SS !

2087 days ago


Dakota was a good friend to me and my family. She was a beautiful woman and a magnanimous friend. I feel compelled to search for the story of her death bc I'm struggling to accept it. It genuinely hurts me, as a human being, to see such tasteless comments freely posted as if she were somebody you knew. Get over celebrity gossip and get on with the reality of your lives, you'll find beautiful people like my dear dear friend. With all my heart. -MM

2087 days ago


About this sick person jake D...or whatever his name is...for sure he's ill...probably his mother left him when he was a kid, or someone abused him..or something like that...only a person with that amount of hate could make a comment like that..i feel sorry for him he's just a sick bastard..dont waste your time with him..his own life is his cross...lets pay attention to those who care for others, for the good people...for the good intentions...dont waste another second, life is too great and beatifull to wast it in someone who doesnot appreciate. Jack D: You should be thankfull instead!!!
My condolences to the family. I wish all the strengh in the world to those who lost someone you loved...i did.

2087 days ago


Roger C, Hell ha, and especially Jake D. It is obvious you have no compassion for life. You talk about death like its Comedy Central. You thinks it's funny to find humor in a senseless tragedy like this. And to wish that Dakota is in Hell or deserves to go to Hell, shows how ignorant and rotten your soul is. If anyone is going to hell it's you. If you think that death will not touch you, your wrong. Hey! Jake D and Hell ha Let me know when one of your loved one dies. Better yet, Let me know where they are buried, so that I can pee on their graves. Maybe then you will see how insensitive your comments were to the Culkin Family. I hope that you wise up and get God in your life before you die. Because, you do not want to go to Hell. Once you are in Hell it's for eternity. THAT'S ETERNITY YOUR SOUL IS IN FIRE, PAIN, TORTURE AND AGONY. Think about that before you shoot off your rotten, meaningless mouth.

To the Culkin Family my thoughts and prayers goes out to your family. Lean on each other for strength, guidance, and healing. And Ask God to guide you through this terrible time. Marie

2087 days ago


God bless you and your family at this tragic time. Keep the Lord in your life and he will sustain you.

2087 days ago


I am so sorry to hear this terrible news about your sister. My brother got hit on his motorcycle by a neglective driver in 1997 and I don't think I will ever get over this. My heart felt thoughts our with your family at this time. God bless you all. You have to be strong and remember your sister Dakota as a beautiful person. She is your guardian angel now just like my brother is for me. Some of these other comments are stupid and these people writing them need to learn some manners

2087 days ago


Wow, my thoughts go out to the Culkin family.. such a sad tragedy.

I agree as well, I'm not sure Celebrit Justice is the place to put this TMZ.

2087 days ago
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