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Sarah Palin's E-Mails Can Be Yours ... For $10K

12/12/2008 7:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sarah Palin's clothes cost the RNC over $100,000 -– and her emails ain't going for cheap, either.

Reporters have been trying to score the emails she sent and received as governor of Alaska, and Mother Jones reports they're actually available ... as long as you're willing to shell out 10 grand and wait several weeks. The mag filed a freedom of info request and was told "information specialists" would have to search all state email accounts – 70 in total.

During the campaign, a few of of Palin's emails from personal accounts leaked out, for free.


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kittywillalwayslove doggie007    

O BOY ....................HERE WE GO...................

2109 days ago

who cares    

Hey TMZ why don't you pick on issues that are more your corrupt Chicago senator "would be president."

Read Obama's lips: " I do not have have anything to do with Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich corruption scam" ...yeah right...whatever!

...they remind me of that infamous quote" "I did not have sexual relations with Monica"-Bill Clinton

It is all coming out little by little. Justice will prevail against all evil

I predict he will be impeached in a year or so

2109 days ago

who cares    

I agree with #2...and he is not even president yet!
Oh Boy

2109 days ago

Dyna ™    

Who cares about this ignorant skank,s emails??? If she can put a sentence together without a "you betcha" in it, I would be surprised. She reminds me of a male bush.... ignorant as the day is long. I hope she is gone forever, just like dubya....

2109 days ago


Posted at 9:16AM on Dec 12th 2008 by Obama is a Con-Man
Posted at 9:19AM on Dec 12th 2008 by LHP

Oh please you ignorant hillbilly's. There is nothing there. You dumb ignorant Neocons have tired everything to destroy this man and NOTHING HAS WORKED. The Fitzgerald guy has already said, " No one from his team is not under investigation." Move On LOSERS. But I would like for you to talk about the LYING CROOK THAT IS IN OFFICE NOW THAT NEEDS TO BE IN THE HAGUE FOR WAR CRIMES. Oh yeah, WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION. WHERE ARE THEY? WHERE IS OSAMA? THAT SOB HAS DONE NOTHING BUT CREATE MORE TERRORISM. NOW THAT JACKASS WANTS TO MOVE HERE TO DALLAS AND MAKE US PRIME TARGET. OH GOD. I WISH HE WOULD JUST DIE OF NATURAL CAUSES. A SLOW AND PAINFUL DEATH.

2109 days ago


LISTEN UP!!!!!!!!!!!! WHo the F*** cares about her, her 15 minutes ran out and I'm thankful we dont have to see her in the news everyday.

2109 days ago


Hey Dyna, I just saw footage on TV last night of an interview with your Obama from 2002 in which he a) talked specifically about wanting Blago to be Governor and b) emphasized his desire by saying .... wait for it .... "YOU BETCHA!"

So I'm wondering if Obama can string together a sentence without a) You betcha' and b) Ummmm, uhhhhh, ahhhhh ...

2109 days ago

Dyna ™    

Right on, Razorback!! I can't believe that war criminal will be right down the street from me!!! Not a good time to put my house on the market, either.... Wish he would move to Alaska instead.

2109 days ago

Dyna ™    

Well, hrh... I know one thing he can do. Win a Presidental election.. deal with it. All the intelligent folks who didn't vote for bush dealt with it... for 8 years!! Jan, 20, 2009... the end of an error,

2109 days ago


I don't care who you are, this is just wrong. I don't see how they can sell her personal emails!

2109 days ago


Why 10 grand? Why not 20?

2109 days ago


who cares??? they are irrelevant! she is DONE, she was the final straw for the pathetically broken-down GOP! the crazy, greedy right wingers absolutely destroyed the TRUE republican party.

sarah palin is already just a footnote in history; her own party doesnt even want anything to do with her!

2109 days ago


· Corruption is EVERYWHERE – not just Chicago, although their governor truly broke the mold. Montana ranks fifth, Mississippi is 4th; Alaska is 3rd; Louisiana 2nd; and North Dakota is numero uno. There was widespread corruption and subsequent FBI investigations into the GOP political machine in Alaska since 2004, all the way up to the present. The FBI raided offices, charged a number of GOP politicians with bribery and a host of other charges. The most recent Repub charged and found guilty was US Senator Ted Stevens, who was found guilty on 7 felony counts.
· Governor Palin also has a few questions to answer to that are getting us Republicans pretty annoyed.
· Palin hired Steve Silver – a partner in a private lobbying firm in Anchorage -- to lobby for $23 million in federal earmarks for the Town of Wasilla (6,000 residents). Steven Silver was a former chief of staff to none other than Sen. Ted Stevens. Ted’s son, Ben Stevens, was also hired by the Anchorage firm as a federal lobbyist in the 1990’s. Silver was also alleged to have direct ties with lobbyist, Jack Abramoff, who is now serving a prison term for the tribes-and-bribes scandal. When running for Lt. Governor in 2001, Palin took substantial campaign contributions from convicted criminal and VECO founder, Bill Allen, and VECO employees. Allen is the man who Ted Stevens took gifts from; Allen pleaded guilty to bribery and corruption charges in 2007. According to two VECO employees, Palin allegedly visited Allen in his home to discuss plans for her future in 2001; this visit and the campaign contributions happened long before the corruption scandal broke.

· Palin kept the gubernatorial campaign donations she received from Alaska State Sen. John Cowdery (R) and Alaska State Rep. Bruce Weyhrauch (R) in the weeks following the FBI’s raid on their offices. (Cowdery was indicted in July on conspiracy and bribery charges; Weyhrauch was indicted last year.) Palin didn’t promise to return the money until pressured about it only a few months ago.

· The Republican Party used to stand for something. This isn’t it. Give us intelligent, responsible, and authentic leaders we Republicans can believe in, and get rid of the “dummy down” phony populists like Palin and “Joe the Plumbers”!!

2109 days ago


Posted at 10:18AM on Dec 12th 2008 by hrh

SO WHAT????? HOW IS THAT EVEN RELEVANT TO ANYTHING? Gosh, You Republican's are just stupid. It's just sad. You guys get mad at the very WRONG THING. All the Democrats are requesting for this loser to resign. BUT LOOK AT THE REPUTHUGS. That crock Ted Stevens from ALASKA almost WON RE-ELECTION AFTER BEING FOUND GUILTY OF PERJURY AND OTHER CHARGES. And lets not forget about SARAH PALIN. FOUND GUILTY OF ABUSING HER POWERS BUT YOU IDIOTS WANTED HER A^S IN OFFICE. So, let's not go there.

2109 days ago

Truth is stranger than fiction    

This article is true. Palin’s office charges up tens of thousands of dollars in order for people to get information. The hourly charge her office charges is $78 per hour, plus additional fees. Yeah…some “transparent” government.

Rick Steiner – Alaska State University scientist and professor -- was blocked from getting a copy of the email written by Alaska state biologists that Palin stated proved that the biologists disagreed with other scientists that polar bears were not an endangered species. He was charged many thousands of dollars as “fee” to get the information. Steiner finally got a hold of the e-mails, and they stated (begrudgingly), that the biologists actually agreed with the scientists’ findings; the polar bear is endangered.

Palin lied about this to the feds to get the bears removed from the engendered species listing. You can’t drill for oil or gas on land that is inhabited by an endangered species. What a phony!

2109 days ago
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