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Bush to Obama -- No Movin' on Up

12/13/2008 7:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lame duck just got lamer: George Bush isn't letting Barack Obama move into DC ten days early, because his peeps have got to party.

The Obamas had asked the President if they could check in early at Blair House, the official guest residence across from the White House, starting on January 5, because the Obama girls are starting school. But Bush's people rejected the request on the grounds that "receptions and gatherings" are being held there and the house won't be available for them until ten days later.

The official Obama camp have said they're cool with it. Right. Laura Bush's spokeswoman says it's a "non-story."


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Mississippi Burning...............Oh yes, I know that I will be sitting back watching the show as Oscama descends from the position of Deity that he has been given by the Obama Jim Jones cult following. Oscama will not affect my financial all. Neither myself, nor my economic life depends upon his "salvation". Thank God. Finances aside, Democracy, will have a new definition under the auspices of Oscama. It will be interchangeable with Autocracy. Obama the "black" will indeed be that. The hope that any black person has for preferential attention, from their Savior, will be dashed. He is not going to right your wrongs. He will not create roads paved with gold for the poor blackman. He will look after himself.......& will sell ANYONE out inorder to retain position & status. The People have been used.

2132 days ago

Mississippi Burnning    

You said it , Bill!!!

2130 days ago

just the facts    

The only reason you think that the Obama's think so highly of themselves is because if they are elitist intellectuals, then you don't feel quite so bad about being a redneck moron.

Liz, save your snobbiness for an NPR forum. Like Obama or not, he's acting like a spoiled brat.

2129 days ago


It's sad there are so many people stil bitter that Obama is now the president. It's understandable that he wanted to move in a little early toget his kids in school. Bush shoud be packing not having parties. Anyway...he's not moving in oh well. For you that are bitter..I hope you have started on your bucket list and are close to kicking the bucket becaue you in for a long years. Hopefully 8 years.

2129 days ago


BHAMKAREN.......: Do they bahm you, or do bahm them ? Must be difficult for you, now, with the recession. Counting on Obama to make business better ? If you watch the news you will note, that Obama is declining in his popularity already..amongst those supporters who actually were instrumental in voting him in. No, I am not talking about penny-ante's like yourself. Disappointment is swift. And he's not yet in office. Go back to thought process required.

2129 days ago


Poor Raine. Just can't get over the fact that someone better than you got into the white house. You need to get over yourself before you wet your diaper if you haven't already.

2129 days ago


What Balls for Hussein to even ask to arrive early. He's been pretending to run the country already. When will he realize that a President Elect has no power. He does not need to arrive early. That is a sad day when he takes over.

2129 days ago


You stated - Historically, NO ONE has moved in early. This guy thinks his shi* doesn't stink.

Posted at 4:14PM on Dec 13th 2008 by Beachy

Do your research George H Bush, Sr., Bill Clinton and George W Bush, Jr. ALL MOVED IN EARLY... Bush Sr. moved in before the end of December as did Bill Clinton. The Obamas asked if it wouold be possible to move in 1 week early to accomodate the girls starting at their new school when it resumed after the holidays. I don't consider asking to move in a week early an unreasonable demand. There is not story here except the one you are trying to create.

2129 days ago
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