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Dallas: We Don't Want Avery's Sloppy Seconds

12/14/2008 10:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

In hockey, you can get a five-minute penalty for fighting, two minutes for high-sticking -- and thrown off your team for making lewd comments about Elisha Cuthbert.
Sean Avery & Elisha Cuthbert
The Dallas Stars say Sean Avery will not be rejoining the team after serving a six-game suspension, saying: "All parties said there is a clear understanding that a return to the Stars is not in the best interest of either the hockey club or Avery."

Avery was originally suspended for his "sloppy seconds" comment about his ex girlfriend, Elisha, that he made to the media during practice.

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This is so blown out of porportion - he didn't DO anything that was THAT wrong!!

2139 days ago


No amount of time off can stop this douche bag from being himself.
Some where there is someone that can teach this guy a lesson! Hurry up Karma!!

2139 days ago


huh so glad they won't take him back! He got what he deserves, bout time someone blows off his big EGO... he shot himself in the foot right there with those comments, yes a regular person saying the same thing, may not have been seen the same way, but AVERY is a royal arse, so it was def not blown out of proportion. his ego is what is blown out of proportion LOL

2139 days ago


People who don't watch hockey are going to say this is blown out of proportion and people get in less trouble for knocking teeth out, etc. etc. What you don't understand is Avery is a punk, nobody in the NHL likes him and the Stars were probably praying for an incident like this to get rid of him. Good riddance!

2139 days ago


Why is it when someone tells the truth they are punished for it?

2139 days ago


uuuuuhh lewd comments about elisha cuthbert???
since when does "sloppy seconds" qualify as lewd???
its a very old expression thats actually used by john travolta in grease

and elisha cuthbert is a ho
justin timberlake wrote a hit song about her "what goes around"
should we all boycott JT forever too??

this is ridiculous

2139 days ago


It was not so much the comments alone but the fact that he deliberately sought out the press to make sure they got it recorded. I believe from a team perspctive that there is probably a lot more going on in the locker room too. There is a clear undercurrent that none or very few of the other players like him.

As a Dallas Stars season ticket holder I say 'good riddance to bad rubbish'. I would much rather see a mediocre player on the ice who is dedicated to the sport and has some class than someone like Avery anyday.

2139 days ago


I think it is funny how so much time is spent on people who make a comment and they get punished more then a person who beats a child or kills them. The President can have a female ........., where she even has the dress, with his mark, and nothing happens, other then going on TV and saying his famous comment, with his wife by his side. WAKE UP People, the problem with the US, is us. Do you see that? US and us? We have allowed laws to make us go after each other for nothing. When the laws should be there to go after people WHO KILL, WHO TOUCH A CHILD, who steals. All laws should be the same in every state, this the United States of America. Tell me why they are different? I want you to sit and think what you have thought about the other person or persons who work with you. What you might have said to your friend about them, who could say it to another, and they say it to another, ...... Should you be punished?

2139 days ago


I watch hockey and I think this is a bit much.

2139 days ago


OMG, it's not his fault she's a slut, he was just speaking the truth. He should just be fined some astronomical amount and suspended a few games. It's not like he was using drugs, or dog fighting, he just said something stupid. To permanently remove him from the team is a little bit harsh, but it's their loss I guess, cause I'm sure there are plenty of other teams that will scoop him up with the amount of experience he has.

2139 days ago


my goooooood... what is this, third grade?! get over yourselves!!!

2139 days ago


He's an ignorant pig

2139 days ago


Sean Avery should bring a lawsuit against the Dallas Stars. I've never heard such bs in my life. I don't think it's legal to break a contract just because you don't like the player. And to use this sloppy seconds comment as an excuse is pathetic.

2139 days ago


he is hot... who cares what he does off the ice.. meanwhile that girl is a skank lol

2139 days ago


Heck ya that is to harsh, what an embaressment for Dallas.

2139 days ago
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