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Kanye in Denial -- SNL was "Good?!"

12/15/2008 11:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Yesterday at LAX, Kanye West said he thought his SNL performance was "good" -- too bad 62% of TMZ's viewers disagree.
Kanye West: Click to watch
However, if you don't count the busted notes, the questionable dancing and the time he stopped trying to "sing," it wasn't that bad.


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How sad music is now... We have such substandard "talent" such as Madonna, Britney Spears etc. lip synching to paid performances... The masses are the asses... and all have to suffer for it

as for Kanye, that mofo is living in LaLa land if he thinks he can hold a note.

2137 days ago


Did TMZ run out of celeb stories? He carried a good tune. It just wasn't run through synthesizers to make it as processed and packaged as our food generally is in this country. You WANT plastic music? To go with your plastic emotions?

2137 days ago


You know, I only watched the clip you have posted, TMZ and voted based on that. Well now that you keep making a big deal out of this, I went to You Tube and watched both of his performances on SNL and it wasn't that bad at all! Considering the type of song that he's doing and the acoustics of that stage, I think it was pretty good and I love the backgrounds he used too!

Why don't you try to get up there and do what he does? AND be successful at it. It's really easy to stand behind a camera and mock someone...

2137 days ago


actually 100% of the viewers disagreed. hahahhaha 62% said terrible. 22% said awful and the rest said bad. none of which were "good" hahahaha

2137 days ago


He's got an ego bigger than Diddy's - Wow, that really means something doesn't it?

Posted at 11:16AM on Dec 15th 2008 by Henrietta

Sorry Henrietta....there is no way ANYONE could have an ego bigger than PUFF DADDY. He made a career off the death of Biggie.

2137 days ago

50 is apig    

Kanye is a no talented racist. Isn't his 15 minutes up yet?

2137 days ago


He tanked on the show. The only thing worse than a no-talent is a no-talent who thinks they are good a what they do. Can you imagine sitting around the house with that mouth? No wonder his mom got out of there.........

2137 days ago


The only reason it was so high is becaue that's all you had to pick from douche bags !?!

2137 days ago


Kanye West is a prissy little woman who throws temper tantrums when he doesn't get his way!

"MTV put me in a smaller venue...."

"They're Always Trying To Keep The Black Man Down..."

"I Didn't Get An Award That I Obviously Think I Deserve...."

"Don't take my picture or I'll take your camera (light) and smash it because I'm too good to let anybody take my picture!"

Wah! Wah! Wah! Wah! Wah! Beotch Baby!!

Kanye just needs to come completely out of the closet, get himself a nice young man to settle down with and forget about this whole, "I Think I Can Sing and Dance I Am Oh So Great!" thing he seems to have going on in his mind.

True, he's more famous than I'll ever be but he needs to get over himself and try hard not to come off as an arrogant d-bag all the time.

Fact - His performance was poor even compared to his normal lack of talent performances you normally see.

2137 days ago


There, but for the grace of God, goes god.

2137 days ago


LOL I was gonna say what #2 said, but I didn't actually see the performance. He just irks me.

2137 days ago


I thought he did an AWEFUL performance on SNL. You would think that with all that money he makes from singing, he could get some singing lessons!

2137 days ago


So, he's gay, right?

2137 days ago


Wait !!!!!! Is this the same guy who announced on a chariaty teleathon that " George Bush hates Black people "...This guy is an idiot !!...Funny, I sure didn't see Bush doing anything to him, to porevent him from making millions of dollars !...It did not matter if you liked or disliked bush etc, that was the nost stupid comment ever heard on TV. He can't sing and yes is a writer/rapper but he steps way over the line at times.

His real colors came out on " punked " several years ago. He again acted like a little spoiled kid !....Sure, he is equivilent to music, what Jordan was to basketball....Right !!!!!! This idiot made that comment too ! This guy kills me !!!

2137 days ago



2137 days ago
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