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Cops: MTV Star Died Street Racing

12/16/2008 8:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The fiery car crash that killed Kandice Hutchison from "A Double Shot at Love" allegedly was caused by street racing -- and Kandice was one of two cars involved in the deadly race.

According to an official accident report, Kandice's Nissan 350Z sport coupe and a Mazda 6 were racing down the Airport Freeway in Euless, Texas when they sped past a Mustang.

The two cars passed the Mustang on either side -- Kandice on the right and the Mazda on the left -- but once they passed it, Kandice lost control, veered into the Mazda and then crashed into a concrete median.

Kandice, who was not wearing a seat belt, was ejected from her car and pronounced dead at the scene.

The DA is now considering filing street racing charges, according to the Star-Telegram.


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let call him bob    

hahaha thats wat u get..

2140 days ago


I was on tv once. Does that make me a star too?

2140 days ago

headline blues    

Was she in it for the money or the fame? What a waste.

2140 days ago


condolences to her family.... but i knew she died 2 months earlier... why is it posted on TMZ just now?

2140 days ago


The chick was showing off "I'm a big TV star now, watch me fly!". My sympathies to her family, but when you act stupid you sometimes pay a big price.

2140 days ago

darling nikki    

I guess she didn't learn from Nick Bollea and his vegetable friend. Such is life.

2140 days ago

Fan Since 2007!!!    

If that's true...

Darwin Award Nominee...

2140 days ago

darling nikki    

Darwin Award Nominee...

Posted at 7:08AM on Dec 16th 2008 by All The Looks...No More Brains

Lol....nuff said!

2140 days ago

arte help    

What a beautiful corpse, why won't they learn?

2140 days ago

darling nikki    

11. What a beautiful corpse

Posted at 8:18AM on Dec 16th 2008 by tkennedy

After bursting through the windshield and being cut up with shards of glass and being ejected out of her vehicle and landing on the pavement at whatever speed her car was going, I can guarantee there was nothing beautiful left.

What a pitiful waste. Regards to the family...I'm sure you did your best with her.

2140 days ago

darling nikki    

MTV should change it's name to Reality Trash TV. I stopped watching it years ago....when they stopped playing music and started showing repeated episodes of the "real losers/road losers challenge".

Oh, and yeah, too bad for this "tragic" loss. **rolls eyes** At this rate, there is a renewed chance for our gene pool.

2140 days ago

Uncle Edwin    

Pitiful waste????? Try another bimbo bites the dust!!!!! Love the comment about The Darwin Awards.

2140 days ago

Julie from Boston    

jlkeahi87 - This was on TMZ right after it happened. But back then the story was that she got rear ended. This is now an update saying that actually she was racing, she wasn't just driving along innocently and got rear ended.

2140 days ago


to:UBABYBGORILLA,so why did u lose ur license 4? what did u do cause a wreck or get a ticket 4 speedin'? don't critisize people that is f**ked up! that is ignorant what u said u should b sorry and apologize! god will judge u when the time comes when u make remarks like u did! so really why did u lose ur license and the u finally got them back in 1998! c how it feels when someone is critisizing u 4 u loosin' ur license! so was it wreckless drivin'? speedin'? not payin' a ticket and why didn't u pay the ticket? what kind of ticket did u get? did u crash? was u drinkin' and drivin'? did u kill some1? did u cause a wreck? etc.......? ps. c how it feels when u get asked the ?'s and get critisized! KEEP UR COMMENTS 2 URSELF IF U CAN'T B NICE OR HAVE NOTHIN' 2 SAY NICE AT ALL! U WILL PAY ON JUDGEMENT DAY FOR JUDGIN' SOME1 AND MAKIN' THE CDOMMENTS THAT U DID!! P.S. KEEP UR MOUTH SHUT!

2140 days ago

darling nikki    

Is this the latest and hottest trend? Racing with no seat belt? When you decide to do that, you might as well not even waste gas and take a shortcut to your death by jumping from a 15 story building.

2140 days ago
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