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Peter Falk's Daughter: My Dad Has Alzheimer's

12/16/2008 12:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The daughter of Hollywood legend Peter Falk says her father is no longer competent to run his own life because he suffers from Alzheimer's disease and dementia.

Catherine Falk filed legal papers in L.A. County Superior Court claiming her father "requires full-time custodial care for his health and safety."

In the docs, Catherine claims she is worried her father "can easily be deceived into transferring away property" and believes a conservatorship will protect Peter from "fraud or undue influence."

A hearing on the matter is set for next month. Calls to Falk's reps were not returned.


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beef jerky    

RATS!!!! I grew up watching Columbo. Peter Falk was an amazing actor. This may sound harsh, but I hope for his own sake and his families that he goes peacefully in his sleep before this insipid disease can progress too much further.

2135 days ago

Harry Pater    

This is awful. I am, among millions of others, a huge Columbo fan. Still watch the episodes on DVD every now and then. I wish Mr. Falk and his family lots of luck and strength.
Oh, just one more thing :
Catherine, take care of your father, please, he's brought a lot of pleasure to millions all over the world,

2135 days ago

Morten from Norway    

Peter is a great actor and is number ONE for me. It was hard to read about his disease and not a great message to get now in christmas time...
Wish Peter all the best in the future!
I know Peter has lived a good life and gived so much to fans like me. Just read his book, great!

2135 days ago


He & his daughter had a falling out a number of years ago. Can't remember details but she was a student at Syracuse University and there was press coverage about it. Anyone recall? Hope she is not up to something. Wouldn't be the first time something shady happens as parent's age.

2135 days ago


I am so saddened by this news. I was caregiver to my mother thru this awful disease and feel for anyone touched by it. I hope decisions will allways be made for his safety. I and my family were always fans and the Columbo character has always and continues to bring smiles to our faces. I just watched "Death hits the jackpot" last week and was wondering what Mr. Falk was up to these days and wondering if there would ever be another Columbo. This is a very sad answer to my question. I pray that God gives his family the strength and insight to always do what is right for him and his safety until he is called home to heaven. Oh and One more thing.............Thanks Peter for all the years of entertainment. We love you!

2135 days ago


Oh this is so sad. I have enjoyed Peter Falk's career since I was little, especially his Colombo roles.. His acting roles and ability will never be forgotten

2135 days ago


I had to do this with my dad (and my mom appointed me her guardian in her will) so I know what it's about. It's a lot of work and most "conservators" do rob the estates. My uncle did that with his wife's estate (she also had Alzh). My dad died 11 years ago and I was just thinking last night how long it took to settle his estate and how much I paid myself - 11 years and got paid $6000.00 - average $500.00 per year. Think I underpaid myself. I hope his daughter is actually looking out for him and not just robbing him blind also.

2135 days ago


Sad news, but the biggest tragedy is having "Three Days to Vegas" as his last curtain call.

2135 days ago

John DID have his seatbelt on!!!    

From People Mag, March 1992
A Family Affair: After taking him to court, Catherine Falk, 21, has obtained an out-of-court settlement from her father, actor Peter Falk, 63, in which he agreed to pay her college tuition at Syracuse University. Falk and his first wife, Alyce Mayo (from whom he was divorced in 1976), had demanded that Catherine return to Los Angeles and attend college there so she could join them in family counseling. She says the suit boiled down to whether or not her parents would "let me have my own space." For his part, Falk said he loved his daughter, "but this is a family matter, and I prefer to keep it that way."...

Hope they have reconciled. Sad for all concerned.

2135 days ago


I have always loved Peter Falk's work. He is a wonderful actor. My 86 year-old grandmother has just been diagnosed in the early onset of Alzheimers. She is the first person in the family to ever get it. All of my great-grandmothers lived to be almost 100, and they were always lucid and mentally alert. I wonder if this disease might be environmental or caused by chemicals.

2135 days ago


Unfortunate persons suffering from Alzheimer's do not need a conservatorship to protect their assets. In fact, a conservatorship is exactly what they don't need.

A conservatorship will eat up the estate in "fees" very quickly - leaving the Ward penniless. And, more important, once a person has been conserved, he/she loses all rights, including the right to complain.

Convicted murders have more rights than a coserved person (a "Ward of the State").

Conservatorships can be, and often are, hazardous to health and wealth. Visit NASGA at and read victim's stories for yourself.

Elaine Renoire

2135 days ago


I think it is more appropriate to say God dam* Bush and his failure to support Stem cell research!

2135 days ago


His daughter is all faulked up & after his $$.

2135 days ago

Lisa Cox    

Its ironic in his old series,he played like this forgetful cop at times,loved those episodes.Hope he get the care he deserves,GOD BLESS.

2135 days ago

Uncle Edwin    

Such a funny classy man. My heart goes out to his family but it sounds as if they are taking good care of him but it is odd his wife doesn't have that responsibility, she's 58, hardly too old to care for him.

2135 days ago
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