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Sole-Less Protesters in D.C. Sneaker Attack

12/17/2008 5:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

According to these peeps, George W. Bush is a shoe-in for the worst President in history.

George Bush
Following in the footsteps of an Iraqi reporter, anti-war protesters threw shoes at a prison uniform-clad Bush-alike outside the White House on Wednesday.

The two-term 43rd Prez has 33 days left in office.


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That was probably the funniest video this year. Too bad the shoe didn't have spikes in them.

2134 days ago


Ah, this is great. Their making a joke of our president. He has to be the biggest joke the US has ever seen... Ha ha...

2134 days ago


What's really funny, as big a buffon as Bush is, Obama allready has a full blown scandal going on, and he hasn't even
taken office yet. Jesse Jackson Jr. as the snitch, Rahm doesn't know anything, can we get any good people to be
in office?? Cinton got b.j.'s in the oval office. Our civilization is done!!

2134 days ago


Not at all surprising that Bush will most likely be the worst president ever. His numbers are lower than NIxon's. Can't make him feel too leave office with so many negatives. And the shoe thing was the ultimate slap in the face from the world community as to how little he is respected. It's called Karma. When Cheney responds to a question with the answer, "So" and Bush did the same recently in responding to a reporter's question by saying, "So what" it no wonder that their numbers are so low. The arrogance.

2134 days ago


Funny how he served two terms lmao. Congrats, you voted for the worst president ever twice! ahh proud to be a canadian

2134 days ago

R Wilson    

Worst president? Really? How soon we forget, Jimmy Carter still owns this title. All you naysayers dumped on Ronald Reagan, but history has proven him to be one of the best.

2134 days ago


It's people like these protesters that make Americans look like a bunch of idiots! I work with people from all over the world and they love to see stuff like this. Just IDIOTS!

2134 days ago


I think that history will evaluate Bush differently. And i agree about Jimmy Carter. He was unable to get out of his own way. And Nixon was a monster.

2134 days ago


I would like to commit about Bush being the worst president. I don't think so, with everything he was delt with he handled it the best way he could. If we didn't retaliate people would have said that he made a laughing stock. He can't be the worst president of all time because he was have to deal with everything that former presidents had put in motion. So if you think he did such a bad job then why don't you run for president and if you can fix everything that is happening I will gladly vote for you.

2134 days ago

Luke Warmwater    

Serial rapist Bill Clinton is still king of the losers.

2134 days ago


IMPEACH OBAMA! 01.20.2012

2134 days ago


thank you #10/620adm! i agree with you 100%. we shall see how obama does in office.

2134 days ago


WOW great american pride!!!f**k%ng idiots!!! how did u feel after 9/11? pretty pissed imsure. what if bush had done nothing ABOUT 9/11 how would u feel? how soon we forget. remember its easy to sit on the side lines and run your mouth.get off the computer and get a job LOSERS!!!

2134 days ago


How about a little respect? None of you could do that job. Making fun is just plain stupid!

2134 days ago


I laugh when I hear this crap.

Bush had issues... but if it weren't for him, more attacks would have happened, and more people would have died. The guy who threw the shoe in Iraq would have already been beheaded under MadAss Hussein's regime,

Like my mom said, these young liberal losers never had to live through Jimmy Carter. It would take a lot to surpass him as the worst president in history... and Bush hasn't done anything bad enough do that.

Best president in history? No.

Worst? also a no.

2134 days ago
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