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Jenny McCarthy Needs a Good Lay ... Frito Lay

12/18/2008 3:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jenny McCarthy bolted from Jim Carrey's premiere last night so she could get some backseat action ... with a bag of chips.

Jenny McCarthy: Click to watch


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Ick. She's very misinformed with her autism campaign, and I can't stand her.

2103 days ago

Triple Play    

# 1 AS If you don't have an Autistic child Shut The Hell Up.

2103 days ago


She needs to snack more, getting grossly thin lately,,, hope there is nothing wrong with her... she is beautiful!!!

2103 days ago


#2 -

As of a matter of fact, my husband is autsitic.

If you bothered to do your research, you would note that the theory she promotes (that shots cause autism) has been disproven multiple times by the science community. Beyond that, it is not possible to "cure" at this point in time, as she claims to have done with her son. The glucose-free diet (which was around long before she "invented" it) can allieviate some symptoms for some people but does not work for everyone.

If someone is going to attempt to promote awareness of a cause, it's best that they do research. Being a celebrity does not mean being ignorant is ok, especially if you're going to pretend to be an expert.

2103 days ago


Not only is she misinformed, she's willfully stupid and destructive. Since there are people soft-headed enough to follow her crap, she should be held accountable for the outcome of her medical advice. She is not medically, scientifically or research educated, and the fact that she has an autsitic child is no qualification at all. The fact that you, Nikki, have a brain doesn't make your mother a brain surgeon, so how about you Shut The Hell Up.

2103 days ago


She is such a skank. I really get tired of her lecturing about autism and how to "cure" it. I think she is unbelievably conceited also. Every time I see her on TV, I change the channel.

2103 days ago


Can you show that footage of that chick in the tub farting in the phone for her mom every day. that was the funniest thing I have seen in a long time. Me and my boyfriend watched it over and over and in slo mo again and again. We laughed for the rest of the show. I love you guys. thanks.

2103 days ago


And Jessy is awesome and beautiful. Leave her alone people.

2103 days ago


Autism. Thimerosal. Unrelated. Hmmm, someone's been been mixing their Vioxx with baking powder and smoking it.

2102 days ago


Wow, you people need to make up your mind. First you talk sht about all of the anorexic girls, now you have a picture of someone who is actually eating and you still have something to say about it. Ridiculous...

2102 days ago


Maybe having Jenny McCarthy for a mother causes autism. It's the child's way of shutting out foul-mouthed, unfunny stupidity. And recently discovered symptoms include a tendency to write three one-word sentences in a row and name yourself after Spanky's dog.

2102 days ago



It's been proven that it's unrelated. In fact, thimerosal has been completely removed from shots in some countries, but their rates of autism continue to rise.

The vaccine myth came about because children with autism are more likely to have a bad reaction to the MMR shots than nuerotypical children. Furthermore, because the most obvious symptoms tend to present themselves around the time of the vaccine, people assume that the shot is the cause. This isn't the truth.

Try some research instead of drugs.

2102 days ago

J D    

I could not imagain having to live around Jenny & Jim Carry all my life! It makes me wonder if she was pregnat when she was at the palms doing all that partying and drinking if that had anything to do with her sons problems?

2101 days ago


She is very messed up on her crusade. However, I give her a little bit of pass, because of what she goes through. It is not easy and you hope for cures, an answer or anything. I do agree with #4, it is important to be informed and give out correct information and not go off on emotion, which I believe McCarthy is doing. She is in a position to do a lot of good. Hopefully she will see what she is doing wrong and correct it.

2084 days ago

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