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Furious "Twilight" Fans Cyber-Attack Replacement

12/19/2008 8:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Some hardcore "Twilight" fanatics are seething over reports Taylor Lautner could be replaced in the upcoming "Twilight" sequel -- and now certain bloodsuckers are hitting his rumored replacement right where it hurts -- the dude's Facebook page.
The actor being hit is Michael Copon -- and in recent days, his page has been bombarded with messages like "[Taylor's] done all the hardwork and so deserves it," "I don't want you playing Jacob Black in New Moon :( because Taylor is perfect" and our personal favorite: "You're a douche."

A Facebook group devoted to bashing the actor has also been created -- and so far the cyber-club, which calls itself "I REJECT Michael Copon as Jacob Black: SAVE TAYLOR NOW!" already has locked down 1,290 members.

A rep for Copon was not immediately available for comment.


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is if you don't like Taylor Lautner....... something is wrong with you
he is a great actor deserves the part
did i mention he is like extremely hot?!

2073 days ago


Does the Producers Really think they would get $$$$ if they EVER replaced Taylor
that guy is killing well not really killing himself but has Worked so hard to secure this role
he gained weight, worked out everyday after the TWILIGHT

2073 days ago


who cares? jacob is a douche! TEAM EDWARD BITCHES!!! besides, he's just gonna become a pedafile anyway.

2063 days ago


I think that Taylor was perfect for Twilight, but from there on, I think it needs to hold to story. I mean, really.... Taylor is adorable!! That made him perfect for the first! BUT, He cant be a little werewolf! I mean everyone already towers over him! Its supposed to be the other way around in the book. I think they need to pick some one close to his features, so that fans wont be so upset though. In my opinion, it is needed! I mean look at Michael Copon, he could be his brother! Another example, who I alway imagined jacob as is an more russet skinned Steven Strait! I mean really though, if you read the book, you know deep down it needs to happen.

2061 days ago


Hell hath no fury like twilighters fantasies denied! Summit is really stupid, right down retarded if they thought they could tinker with the fantasies of the Twilight fans without consequences! and Michael Copon is a total moron if he thought the twilighters would accept him just like that! he's obviously been living in outer space to not realize that to the fans of the books and the movie Taylor Lautner is their adored Jacob! what an opportunistic douche bag!

2136 days ago


WTF!!! I like Twilight and the books, but c´mon guys, those fans are really creepy. Get a life bunch of losers, leave the guy alone, it´s not his fault.

2136 days ago


I agree with them. They should KEEP Taylor Lautner as Jacob but all this anger should be directed towards Summit Entertainment not Michael Copon. Especially since Summit is so intent on trying to ruin New Moon by replacing the best director for the job, Catherine Hardwicke and now the actors too? Sheesh.... don't blow it, Summit!!!

2136 days ago


If Summit and/or the new director changes Taylor, then this is confirming that they are really into F***king up the saga. I hope and pray that they won't change Taylor, he has done everything to be Jacob, he deserves the role, why change the cast. We, the really Twilight fans are requesting DON'T CHANGE TAYLOR!!!

IF Summit is expecting more $$$ to be made, with this change, they are going to LOSE BIG $$$.

2136 days ago


dont get it the dude is ASIAN, not Native american!!!!

2136 days ago


How about hiring a real Native American Indian to play the role?

2136 days ago


Seriously, this is beyond pathetic. I like Twilight and think Taylor should keep the job, but these fans need to seriously find some lives. As if it's Michael's fault that Taylor might be replaced. Talk about misdirecting your anger at the wrong person. And Izasbe, why don't you stop saying "the fans" and just say yourself when you're making your comments? It's quite obvious that you're one of the insane "Twilighters" or whatever else you guys call yourselves.

It's a movie for goodness sake. Try focusing on something a little more important.

2136 days ago


What is the big deal? It's a movie not real life! And I'm sorry, but, "vampires" that "sparkle like diamonds", have no fangs and can be out in sunlight is ridiculous anyway! Maybe you "Twilight" fans need to pick up a book called "Interview With The Vampire" and try comparing you're precious Edward & Jacob to Lestat! Oh wait, there is no comparison!

Twilight is a movie, and a little tip for you, the people in the movie and books are NOT real!

2136 days ago


Hey #10 & 11 I agree with you, this is beyond pathetic...these beotches need to focus in something real, IT´S JUST A F@%$# MOVIE, for god sakes.

2136 days ago


Honestly these kids have never read the book... TAYLOR PHYSICALLY CANT PLAY JACOB IN NEW MOON!!! He goes from boy to MAN in a week!! Face changes, gets taller, muscular its a BIG PART of the BOOKS!! if you read ALL the books and didnt just see the movie you would know thats why he cant stay!

2136 days ago

darling nikki    

Much ado about nothing. Looking at your poll, more than half have no clue what the hell a "twilight" is.

2136 days ago
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