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Kanye West -- Goodbye Mr. Grinch

12/19/2008 11:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Now we feel a little bad about totally ripping on his dreadful "SNL" performance -- because for the first time in, like, ever, Kanye West actually was really friendly to the paparazzi.

Kanye West: Click to watch
What a difference three months makes.


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I missed his SNL performance, but I do like his new song, "Love Lock Down"--and I've never been a fan before. So, I like his new "style" of music here.

2098 days ago

Roger Moore    

Hey Kanye, next time don't go so cheap on plastic surgery for your Mom.

2098 days ago

Still laughing at "Normal" BEKGAR    

FlBiker, obviously your parents decided on the abortion that would be you...what an idiot!

2098 days ago


i love kanye i feel for him since it is the holiday season and he does not have his mom..... my favorite song is heartless... and #2 is so stupid no wonder your family denies you you are an idiot hope yours die from plastic surgery mistakes

2. Hey Kanye, next time don't go so cheap on plastic surgery for your Mom.
Posted at 9:26AM on Dec 19th 2008 by FlBiker *** is a big douche bag ***

2098 days ago


He's Still A No-Talent Self-Centered Egotistical Jackass In Need Of A Coming Out Party...

2098 days ago


Kanye, you should go to the same plastic surgeon that you send your mom to. It would be so nice to be rid of your dumb ass. Go in and ask for a lip reduction. Thats why you can't sing....your lips are too big. You are a no talent big mouth. Well, I guess the fat lips go with that big mouth. I bet your boyfriends sure do enjoy you.....

2098 days ago


yvette: have you even read your entry? You are one dumb ass. Just feel sorry for yourself

2098 days ago

Roger Moore    

Is that what is referred to as Ebonics?

2098 days ago

northern gypsy    

ok...everybody...any death in a family should be treated with respect...i think this is K.W. 1st x-mas without his to be a rufff on him...pass that egg nog around...give a toast to our family member's who are with us in spirit...x-mas kanye...

2098 days ago


#10 You need to master the English language, or atleast work on getting a slight grasp on it.

ps. Kanye is among the worst humans on the planet.

2097 days ago

northern gypsy    

hey #11 chris...

really ??? what part of showing a little respect for the dead don't you get ???
it's x-mas...traditionally time for family...if they've passed...honour them with a do know how to toast...don't you ???
if you need further clarification...plse feel free to respond...
thxs for pointing out 1 thing...i meant to say merry x-mas kanye...not...x-mas kanye...

2097 days ago


#12 Your message is fine, once I figured out what exactly you were trying to say (hence the diss). And, yes I know how to toast, not the most difficult of tasks to master. A death in the family is horrible, but I can't even muster one ounce of sympathy for this King of all jack asses, once again, he is a horrible human being!! He exploited his mom's death anyways - he's trashy as trashy gets. I'm empathetic of those who deserve empathy and he doesn't. One last point, he is one of only a handful of people in the world that truly bring out disgust in me so......

2096 days ago


Kanye West is on of the most ego-maniacal people I've seen in a long time. He doesn't seem to understand that the world does not revolve around him. He doesn't wait for compliments , he'll just give them to himself. He throws more tantrums than my 2year old. I think he may suffer form delusions of grandeur. It's actually pretty funny to watch.

2094 days ago


Listen, we all totally bitch when somebody lip-syncs on SNL, now somebody sings live and blows a complicated arrangement and we still get pissed off. Every Performer can have a bad day. If you listen to the song carefully (any other performance) you will see that it is pretty complicated from a breathng perspective to bounce the notes like that especially if you are not a singer (remember he is a rapper). I am not a Kanye fan but the song is really a good one, but maybe not something to be tackled somplace like SNL, where you don't want all that computer aided support and technology because people are afraid of being busted out. BESIDES, HE PUT HIMSELF OUT THERE, AND TRIED TO GIVE US A LIVE PERFORMANCE. It's Christmas!! Let's Cut the Guy Some Slack, this is his first blown performance.


2093 days ago


he is a no talent disgrace to the music can anybody in their right mind pay to listen to his crap?

2093 days ago

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