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K-Fed Takes His K-Fling to Vegas

12/20/2008 1:09 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Things must really be getting serious between Kevin Federline and Victoria Prince if he's bringing her with him to his most holiest of places -- Las Vegas.

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BTW -- Nice hat, K-Fed.


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I have known Miss Prince for many years.

She is an All-American volleyball player and a sweet girl... way too good for K-Fed. But who isn't?

2132 days ago


Seeing Kevin with a pretty girl and knowing that the girl is spending time with her kids WILL MAKE HER GO INSANE EVEN WORSE..............

2132 days ago


Good for him - he deserves to move on and find happiness in his life!

As far as others getting down on him for taking child support and/or alimony from Britney, hey man, SHE chose made her choices and paid the consequences, just like everyone else.

I don't see anyone ragging on women who get child support and alimony the way they rag on this guy.

Double standard!

He takes good care of the kids and deserves a love life without Britney, AND he deserves the child support - he's earned it.

Way to go Kevin, have a nice, enjoyable life, good for you! :)

2132 days ago

The Real Sid Shady    

I love KFed. Good for him.

2132 days ago


Nice defenc for a loser that can't take care of himself or his own 4 childern. Comes a point in time were you have to be a man. Loser needs to learn some skill trade, because those checks will stop one day. Then what's he gonna do?

2132 days ago



2132 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

So he's out dating and people, especially the deluded Brit fans (demanding some sort of vengeance) are furious! Hell, I think Kfed should go back and ask for a hell of a lot more than the pitiful 3% of what her rough income is! If you're going to be hated for taking a pathetic amount of money anyway, why not just go back and demand say, $200,000 a month! And even that isn't 50% of the $750+ she is said to make! She's a bitch from hell who lost the kids form her negligence and stupidity, so screw her!!!! GO BACK AND GET MORE THAN 3%!!!!!!!

2132 days ago


Kevin is really getting round he need to hit the gym... His girl looks ok..

2132 days ago


She looks healthy. I wonder if they're using a condom. I'm not worried about Kevin getting her pregnant; she doesn't have any money. The big question is how is she going to play sports when the herpes sores start festering around her genitals? Maybe using chapstick on her vaginal lips might help.

2132 days ago

Illinois person    

What's she sniffing around for, Spears' money?? Look ma, I bought a slut thanks to my ex wife.

2132 days ago


More power to him! It's not his fault that his ex-wife is crazy. And - for those non-parents out there - it's not illegal or immoral to get away from your kids for the weekend. Go Fed!

2132 days ago


Love it !!!! Spend the britards cash and have a ball K-fed. Fiind a REAL mommy for your boys !

2132 days ago


#29 agre 100%, you know he caught all that crap when he was married to CRAZY !

2132 days ago


You all keep forgetting Brit was NOT "crazy" before she got with k-fed. She admitted marrying him for the wrong reasons and found out he did NOT love her like she did him. She had a breakdown plain and simple IMO...

2131 days ago


#29...Herpes ?! Where is the proof of that ? And I will assume your saying from Brit ? Prove it!!!

2131 days ago
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