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Lawsuit Threatens Social Order As We Know It

12/20/2008 6:31 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ladies get your 2-for-1 drinks in now, because there's a guy who is trying to make special pricing for women a thing of the past!

Steve Frye is suing a promoter of a party called "Leather Meets Lace" that was held at the Playboy Mansion in October. According to the lawsuit, women were given free admission to the event if they sent their picture to the promoter and gave a brief description of themselves. Smart guy Steve sent an email asking to be given the same treatment -- and was denied!

Now the spoil sport is suing, claiming the gender-based pricing is unfair and unlawful. Way to screw up hot girls in lingerie for everyone!


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low key    

Maybe if he had sent them a picture dressed as a transvestite, he'd have better luck. Call Perry Mason on this one. Complete dork!

2135 days ago


I think the reason they have these deals is because typically, ladies do not frequent bars and the like. They offer such discounts to try to get more women in so it's not one big sausage fest. Though...I guess some people might like that...

2134 days ago

The Dude    

What's he complaining about.....if they weren't getting free drinks from the club...they would be insessantly pressing his ego to receive free drink from him. He should be happy he doesn't have to shell out to some alcoholic that's pretending to be interested in him. He'll find more honesty from the drunks when the club is paying.

2134 days ago


Right on.

DAMN! Why didn't I think of that?

2134 days ago


Yes! You want equality, now your going to get it!

2134 days ago


he needs to shut up...its their party and they can do any requirments they see fit. there are plenty of gentlemens only clubs he can attend if hes desperate. plus what did he exspect from playboy? the only reason to go is for the scores of hotties not pervy men.

2134 days ago


I love women in skimmpy clothes just like every other guy (except a few obviously) but Frye is RIGHT!! Where I live the clubs around here do the same thing. I don't think it's fair either. The women WANTED equal rights remember?? So let 'em pay full price just like us guys do. I understand the promotion but they could've come up with something else. Just my 2 cents.

2134 days ago


I'm a 33 year old male and understand how these promotions work, WTF! Almost every bar / club has ladies night, where ladies don't have to pay the cover charge or get discounts/promotions for just showing up. But for it to be at the Playboy Mansion or a Playboy event, DUH!!!! This guy is a cheap ass and apparently needs the money to attend these parties or he is just jealous he is not a female. If it is that big of a problem for you, GET A SEX CHANGE!!!! Maybe you'll make your money back. But then again, your attitude sucks! So, you still wouldn't get any free drinks from anyone! Douchebag!!!! Best of luck girls!!!

2134 days ago


You know, sometimes we need to take a deep breath and realize that life isn't equal. It never has been and never will be. Someone or some group of people are always going to get something that you won't get. It's called LIFE. If life were equal then maybe he can go through the painful process of child birth. To this day I don't know how women do it. And if he does that then we will give him a free pass to every ladies night out event in America, the F**king dork!!!

2134 days ago


I agree with him. I'm sick of bitches paying half price for drinks at the bar, when I have to pay full price.

All the promoters want is all the p***y possible up in these places to make them look good. We're not idiots.

2134 days ago


First of all it's a private party. Second of all this country is plagued with idiots like this who sue for stupid crap trying to get free money. Take your leather and lace and hit a street corner if you're that desperate for a buck.

2134 days ago


Wahh! I wanna whine too! So here goes... Guys get to pee standing up, never wait in line to pee, never worry about getting pregnant or giving birth, still get to be conisdered sexy at 60 (if they were ever hot to begin with), get paid more at most jobs for equal work, don't have to wear bras, don't have "the change" to look forward to, and don't become a hormonal mess every month. I'm sure there's a LOT I left out, but I think you get the point. And all we get are some lousy drinks? Life's not fair, dude. Suck it up!

2134 days ago


this isn't have been suing over "ladies nights" for decades, and some have won!


2134 days ago


maybe if we got full, equal pay then we could afford to pay full, equal price...

2134 days ago


We have to pay more for haircuts, deal with it.

2134 days ago
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