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Paris: Come on In -- The Door Is Always Open

12/20/2008 12:26 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Paris HiltonThe mission? Sneak on to Paris Hilton's property, crawl past the heat sensors and lasers and ... wait ... the door is unlocked? Cancel that -- just walk in and take whatever.

According to the LAPD, the reason it was so easy to break into Paris Hilton's fortress is because she forgot to lock the front door. It's not like this is the first time. Paris was also jacked in 2004, and thieves made off with $100,000 in Hilton accessories.

Times are hard for everyone -- but a Hilton.


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I wonder if they stole her pink douchebag......

2101 days ago

J D    

It is common for her to leave the door open look how often she opens her legs and who she opens them too! just about any trash there is!

2101 days ago

darling nikki    

Hopefully they didn't take anything from off her bed and leave with the gift that keeps on giving. Apparently for Paris, everyday is like Christmas....

2101 days ago

montana mike    

come on, she left the door unlocked in case any of her former cellmates were on the street and needed a place tp stay. she always said she wanted to help them out. ok, that's the best i could come up with

2101 days ago


She must need the insurance money...!

2101 days ago


So even if a door were left unlocked,stealing is ok in some people's minds??????
I cannot comprehend such logic or such beings.

2101 days ago


I hope she had insuranace but she probably did not. It's just too much trouble to itemize everything when you have a lot of stuff.

There have been more than 100 burglaries here in the last year and ,unfortunately, Paris is just the latest victim.
Gloating that someone got robbed is really reprehensible.

2101 days ago


I like paris, but I think that if this has happend before (back in 04) she should have learned her lession and not let it happen again. Just think if she would have been home todays headline would have been family in morning over parises death.

2101 days ago


My parents were exposed to the Madoff fraud through one of their portfolios and they feel awful. They weren't greedy or stupid either. So I know exacly how Paris feels.

2101 days ago

Herpy-pAris Hilton    


2101 days ago


@Kandra, speaking of dummies, "head lines" is one word, headlines. And we date dumb chicks because they will do anything for attention. Now wash my car, topless.

2101 days ago


Geez-zus... what a stupid dumbass...

2101 days ago


18. For all the people saying she is a "Horrible Person" I don't get it. You may not like her for whatever reason but she is NOT a Horrible Person. She seems very nice and caring and she doesn't deserve this as does anyone else. Just because she is Rich and can replace the things doesn't mean anything. Some of it might have been from her mom or grandmother or whatever. Stealing is wrong and for all of you so glad that it happened to her...I hope you feel the same way if it happens to you.

Posted at 11:19AM on Dec 20th 2008 by Jess

19. And Paris was NOT asking for it. Just because you leave your door unlocked doesn't mean that the Robbers are free and clear to enter. If is still her house and not theirs. The Idiot Robber is in the wrong, not Paris.

Posted at 11:19AM on Dec 20th 2008 by Jess
Jess, you've obviously not been around here all that much. Paris is an idiot, and a complete LIAR; remember when she went on Larry King after she got out of prison, and said she NEVER did drugs, ever? I guess the braindead slut forgot about this here thingy called the Internet, where pictures & videos of her smoking dope, snorting coke & taking drugs are kept. She IS a reprehensible piece of crap; she's in a position to help MILLIONS of people via charities, but she instead chooses to enrich herself & help no one else. This, despite declaring that she was going to "dedicate part of her life to charity" when she was on Larry King. She's done nothing for anyone except herself before jail or since then; they were just empty lies. She's a self centered, arrogant, empty headed, leg spread slutty dumbass; I'd catagorize that as a "horrible person".

And, she's partly at fault for losing her stuff. First off, no one with 1/2 a brain would keep $2 million in jewelry easily accessible in a home. Second, no one with 1/2 a brain would then leave the $2 million in property in a home with the front door UNLOCKED. It is the burglar who stole her stuff, but she made it incredibly easy for him. Since it's happened before, and the dumbass didn't learn from her stupidity, she deserves part of the blame for this.

2101 days ago


Paris has alot of "fans" I see LOL. Riddle me can a guy get into a gated community, walk right into Paris's home via front door, because we all know that's how robbers like to break in with out being noticed( rolls eyes) and steal two million dollars in jewels while Paris was out partying it up taking pictures for the world to see. Hmmm.... I see even rich people pull insurance scams lol....

2101 days ago

the belly    

wonder if they took her diamond studded vibrator? Those hiltons really do have it all...

2101 days ago
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