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Hard Abs

12/22/2008 4:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

President-elect Barack Obama is still humble enough to do laundry -- ON HIS ABS!

Check out B.O. in Hawaii this weekend. Somehow, the folks over at Bauer Griffin got the pic, despite the 1,400 motorcycles blocking the view.


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Where's the Change    

Obama's keeping Bush's war team, which for the simple-minded idiots that voted for him means, four more years of the same! LOL, SUCKERS!

2095 days ago


Gregpa, you insecure little man. Havard Law, not impressed. Actions speak louder than words and this photo is speaking volumes!

My comment about Blago was a joke but, you wouldn't realize that because you have your head so far up your a!!. Pity on you!

2095 days ago


#143 - Get a grip. He's not the president yet. Legally, there is really nothing he can do right now. And first off, you're assuming he shaves. Secondly, so what if he does? Should he stop bathing too, because that takes too much time? How about sleep? Is he allowed that? Need we remind you what the example of our current president is? More vacation time of any modern president. Was president Bush setting a bad example by riding his bike all the time when he should have been doing the "people's work?" He is taking a vacation, with his family, in the state he was born in, and presumably still has family, BEFORE he takes office.

2095 days ago


Can't believe People were sucked in to the Guys B.S., and voted for this LOSER. Not my President, Jive A$$ Turkey.

2095 days ago


Who, besides black girls, could ever consider Obama to be good looking? His ears stick out and he is way too skinny. Sorry, but even George Bush and Bill Clinton have him beat!!!!

2095 days ago


#147 and 148 are CRAZZZYYYYYYYYYYY!!! Dona comes across like an insane, babbling idiot who is noncompliance with her psychotropic medication; Paranoid Schizo Affect maybe? She seems to be delusional that someone is going to personally bring her proof of President-elect birth certification. Keep hallucinating. 148 needs to leave the courntry than; otherwise, another hillbilliy who doesn't realize that as long as he/she is in the country and obeys local, state, and federal laws the person is subjected to the head of state directly or indirectly.

2095 days ago


Dear Barry: Put a shirt on. You don't have the body to be running around without one.

2095 days ago


#34 - very good point; hopefully the SECRET SERVICEMEN who protected Bush when the shoe incident happened; are not the same ones protecting Obama now.

#72 wrote - "WOW...alot of stressed out folks on here today! To the ignorant ass whose equally ignorant wife made the shoe comment. Why so much focus on the man's private parts? Or should I be asking your husband that question? 9 million dollar many billions of taxpayer $ did Bush spend on this b.s. war? How much of the taxpayers $ was sent to bail these companies out? How much social security has been given to illegal immigrants, foreigners and plain & simple lazy ass people of every color? Perhaps if you let your wife dig, eventually she'll find a bone, even if it's not yours!!!!!!!!!" WHERE ARE THE REPLIES TO THIS POST???? WHAT'S YOUR RESPONSE TO THIS???

#72 I cannot THANK YOU enough; your words summed up my thoughts exactly. Where are the RESPONSES to your post? First of all, President-Elect Obama has just as much RIGHT to vacation with his family as anyone else does. Secondly, HE did not get us into this ECONOMIC FIASCO, MR. BUSH DID!!! Finally, you don't have to like his FINE, SEXY, INTELLIGENT, ARTICULATE, TONED, BEAUTIFUL BLACK SKIN; but WE DO - the people (of ALL races) who support him ALL THE WAY - in the United States AND abroad. Just don't mess with him or you will get MESSED UP!!!!

2095 days ago


Comment #146 Said it perfectly,so no need for me to say it.Very well said zep!

2095 days ago


I made a hugeeeee mistake...It was comment #145 made by zep that I truly agree with. #146 is just another hater...

2095 days ago

see for your self    

To all the morons who are saying that it is undignified for Obama to swim with his shirt off please look at this site. You will see other prezs who are swimming sans shirts, including some disgusting pics of you "God" Reagan with his shirt off. (It is truly difficult for me to type now that I had to tear my eyes out after seeing those pics.) The last picture is of Barack, note the pectoral definition and the lack of vomit in your mouth.

2095 days ago

see for your self    

Regarding my previous post. Yes I know that there is a typo. I meant to say your "God" Reagan.

2095 days ago


#152 thanks. Old Ron pics were hilarious...problems is, I can't get them out of my head. Suzy shutup and call your partner. Are you angry the courts are not recognizing your marriage?

2095 days ago


WOO-HOOOOO!!!! Damn! Smart AND good-looking! I heard he recently quit smoking too, so it's aaalllllll goooooooddddd yummmmmmmyyyyyy slurp!

2095 days ago


Wow, finally a president worth looking at...looks like the whole package is in good shape...

2095 days ago
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