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Oprah -- Not Movin' On Up to D.C.

12/22/2008 10:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

There's a rumor going around Oprah's about to drop $50 mil on a mansion in DC, so she can be closer to the Obama White House.

But Oprah's peeps tell TMZ -- no truth to this at all. In fact, some DC real estate sources say there's exactly one house in the District even approaching that price -- an estate called Evermay -- and Oprah hasn't looked at it.

That said, Oprah's likely to hang inside the Beltway -- but we're guessing it'll be in the Lincoln Bedroom.


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queen kiki the great    


2110 days ago

who cares    

C'mon TMZ...I just got out of the toilet and left the crap there

2110 days ago

50 is apig    

Poor democrats. Can't keep their girlfriends outta Lincoln's bed. Maybe Michelle should take a lesson from Hillary and start the banning process now.

2110 days ago


I love Oprah. I just heard PETA named her person of the year for her outstanding animal rights activism including all her shows on puppy mills and ethical treatment of farm animals. You can tell a lot about a person by how they treat animals. Oprah is a class act. I have so much respect for her.

2110 days ago


According to Business Week Oprah has given over $300 million of her OWN HARD EARNED money to charity. And I'm not talking about the hundreds of cars she gets Pontiac to give her audience or the tens of millions she raised through her TV show, I'm talking about $300 million of her OWN hard earned money. Despite being raised in extreme poverty & adversity, Oprah has given more of her OWN HARD EARNED MONEY to charity than any other performer in the history of show business. No one else even comes close. Lots of celebs raise money. But Oprah actually backs it up by giving $300 MILLION of her OWN HARD EARNED MONEY to charity. Actual, measurable, contribution. WAY TO GO OPRAH! You're a great American!

2110 days ago


Her head is so far up Obama's butt....She is so power hungery

2110 days ago


All Oprah does is provide light and love into the homes of millions of soccer moms. She loves to inspire people & empower them. That's her passion in life. She's such an inocent spirit. So full of life and love. In a world full of hate, people turn to Oprah to see love. She is a breath of freah air. She's so positive. If everyone were more like her this would be a wonderful world.

2110 days ago

Carrys F.    

Don't you think the Obamas will tire of their little stalker friend Oprah eventually? I mean, that's just creepy and weird. Is she going to run a puppet regime by keeping her hand up their asses and moving their mouths while she speaks? UGH!! I can't stand that fat hypocrit, Oprah. I wish she'd just stop her narcisstic act.

2110 days ago


Obama would be nothing if it weren't for Oprah. Two economists proved she got him a million votes in the Democratic primary. He only won the Democratic nomination by less than half a million votes so Oprah decided the election. Oprah launched Obama just like she launched Dr. Phil & countless best-sellers. The woman is the greatest marketing genius in history.

2110 days ago


Oprah's quickly moving up the list of "Most Obnoxious Women" in the world. She's right between Kathy Lee Gifford and Susan Powter.

2110 days ago


TMZ...couldnt you find a better picture of Lady O??? Rude-much?

2110 days ago

Aussie Mom    

Who gives a care? I am sick and tired of her love of herself. If she REALLY wanted to be charitable she wouldn't announce it so much to the public. Really its all about Oprah.... she wants all the attention and notarity of giving her money. AND if I were the first lady the FIRST thing I would do is ban Oprah from the premises... she is after the President and will walk all over the first lady to get him.

2109 days ago


Oprah is a racist. She will only hurt Obama. He needs to cut ALL ties to Chicago including Oprah before they ruin him. I think he's smart enough to figure out what he needs to do but dropping Oprah, the stalker is going to be messy.

2109 days ago

Allred Tree    

Everyone needs to drop Oprah like a hot potato....not just the Obamas! What business does she have chasing after him? He won the election and I would think he'd be awfully busy running the country with all the problems. Why would Oprah think he would need her or have time for her? Is there something ILLEGAL going on here? Oprah Winfrey could very well be something of a go between Rezko, the Illinois Governor and all the other crooks in Chicago!

Just what is being "laundered" or filtered through Oprah Winfrey???

2109 days ago

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