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Sam Rides the LiLo Gravy Train

12/22/2008 4:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sam Ronson has $3 million reasons to keep things going with Lindsay Lohan, drama or no drama.

Sam's DJ fees have jumped from $1,500 to as much as $25K per gig, reports the New York Daily News, bringing her total for 2008 to almost $3 million -- and part of that is because club promoters know where Sam goes, Lindsay's not far behind. "Sam's now asking for a lot more money to spin," says a source. "And she's getting it easily."

Maybe not that easily.


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Luke Warmwater    

The whole DJ business is such a scam. Any dope can spin a record or a CD, what's the big deal? Having a skank along with you should actually lower your price.

2094 days ago


Sam Ronson is a man skank!

2094 days ago


This Sam guy is FUGLY AS HELL, but smartass!!! Who can imagine that dating a skank beotch you can make so much money...

2094 days ago


and the best part? she sucks. I've seen real djs w/ talent, she sucks. she played a big party in new york and people were saying "really?" she sucks, period. wearing headphones and playing your IPOD doesn't make you a DJ.

2094 days ago

The Dude    

As soon a s this relationship is done.....then the porno will be "accidentally leaked", Stories will be sold to the media. Lindsay will realize lesbians can use you too, not just sobriety counselors...then she will go mentally insane as she feels there is no one she can trust...never realizing the problem isn't them, it's herself. Someone will make a parody movie...sistehood of the traveling pantsless

2094 days ago

Bill Cosby    

For "luke Warmwater", learn about the topic before you go opening your mouth. A good DJ (which Sam probably isn't) is someone with talent and skill. I'd like to see you take two records and beatmix them together. Can you? I don't think any dope can do that. Maybe you're a dope? Or what about scratching? How well can you do that? Let me guess... you sit behind a desk at your job, right? Any dope can sit behind a desk and punch the keyboard like a monkey! :)

2094 days ago

Carrys F.    

That's great. I heard LiLo is more or less broke now anyway after blowing her wad on drugs when she was an it girl.

2094 days ago


Yeah ok. I dj 3 of Chicago's #1 clubs, She sucks moose C0CK.

I saw her at Crimson 2 weeks ago. She sucked so bad, the owners cam to me and begged me to dj, so they told her to stop and I continued to dj that night. The people were cheering me and booing her.

HAHAHAHA She blows!!!
Shes famous because of her brother Mark

2094 days ago

Luke Warmwater    

A monkey crack coming from Bill Cosby, ladies and gentlemen....what a serious put down. Ouch, I'm wounded....really.

2094 days ago


Um TMZ - did you just have a DUH moment? Of course Sam is making boocku bucks off that skank! Why else would anyone tolerate that annoying wh*re for if it isn't for the cash?

2094 days ago


i saw sam a couple weeks back and she was great. maybe it was just a good night because i hear so much talk about sam sucking. but coming from someone who witnessed her firsthand, the whole party was off the hook and her set was fantastic. and yes, "luke warmwater", certain djs do have tremendous skills when it comes to mixing music. say what you want to make yourself feel better, but bill cosby is right - if you're going to make comments on something you obviously know nothing about, get ready for the backlash.

2094 days ago

Leno sucks, Conan rocks    

That wasn't gravy. Her STD discharges merely look like gravy. Trust me though, they smell something fierce.

2094 days ago


Looks like some of the sickos from X17 got bored and contributed their routine garbage comments on this thread. Go back to X17, sickos.

2094 days ago

for now    

Beautiful Lindsay should stay far away
from ugly lesbians.

2094 days ago

People suck    

Wow.... the media, and all you mean spirited people on here won't be happy till you break these two up! Why do you have such ugly, negative things to say about 2 people you don't even know?? How you can say such mean things about people and not care is disturbing. You people should take a good look at yourselves... it makes you wonder where such ugliness comes from.

I guess it's the media's job to be a-holes, because they never have anything good to say about them. I mean my goodness, I don't know of any other couple whose press is ALWAYS bad! Nope, they AND YOU, won't be happy until they break up, so you can say we told you.... good thing is Lindsay and Samantha know that's what you're doing, so they're saying screw you all!!

2094 days ago
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