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Rick Warren -- Out of the Closet!

12/23/2008 2:24 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rick Warren, the pastor who will deliver the invocation next month for Barack Obama, apparently is doing a little image-adjusting in West Hollywood.

Rick Warren
We got this pic, taken yesterday at Out of the Closet thrift store. That's Warren on the right (naturally), his arm around Erol Sarabi, who is openly gay. Warren, who supports the ban on gay marriage which has not sat real well with some Obama supporters, bought 8 to 10 books, two of which were his own (that doesn't help with his Amazon ranking). Warren told Sarabi not to believe everything he reads, that he does a lot for AIDS research and was happy that Out of the Closet does free AIDS testing.

Warren also said he met with Melissa Etheridge recently and the two planned to have dinner together -- go figure.

By the way, Warren gave a signed copy of his book to Sarabi. The inscription from the Bible, Proverbs 19:21: "Many are the plans in a man's heart, but it is the Lord's purpose that prevails."


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Clad to be Canadian    

Its people like this that make me glad to be Canadian, ehh??!!!...North of the border being gay is not a big deal and marriage is fine whoever you are...

2097 days ago


hell yes, he looks gay. i 'm also a sex therapis and see alot of naked men. he has the look of a premature ejaculater with a tiny penis. plus he is a gross disgusting looking fat slob that obviously addicted to overconsumption of food, which is an a huge character flaw. men who are in the closet are always the loudest protesters of homosexuality. never fails.

2097 days ago

My two cents    

Unless you have sat in his congregation, you have no idea what Rick Warren represents. He is a wonderful man. Anyone who lives in the area should really check out his services. I will never forget my first experience there and I was never a, "church goer". You leave absolutely awe struck. I am telling you. You need to go.

2097 days ago


Rick Warren: Ponzi scheme operator. Obama screwed up in bringing such a superficial creep into the picture.

2097 days ago


Maybe someone should point out to the extreme left-wing Obama supporters that they are acting no differently than the extreme right-wing Bush supporters when things didn't go the way they wanted. From what I know of Rick Warren, he's very moderate. I'm sorry but same-sex marriage is against the Bible so why should they expect a preacher to go against his own religious views? I'm against same-sex marriage for the same reason but most of my closest friends are gay and they respect my views like I respect their views.

The only thing I can figure, having worked on the Obama campaign, is that there were quite a few Obama supporters who bought into the right-wing rhetoric that Obama is the most liberal senator ever! Which was simply not true. Funny how they believed the right-wing.

Rick Warren did not show up in W. Hollywood for a photo op or damage control - he really has done a lot for the gay community and I can guarantee you that much like me, he would be among the first out there if there was ever a law that would prevent gays from eating in restaurants or having civil union rights (which giving same-sex civil unions to visit hospitals and such should be in every state but it's not - however CA has recognized same-sex civil unions for years).

So to the extreme left-wingers - listen to yourselves - you are acting no different from those you fought against in the election and you are adopting their same tactics.

2097 days ago


Rick Warren looks like a blonde version of James Gandolfini!

2097 days ago


Rick Warren is a horrible fat self-satisfied priviledged pig. He should get his fat ass under control before judging anyone else. Trying to pretend he is conciliatory and accepting after he just participated in depriving hard working tax-paying gay people of equal rights and then added to that injury the insult of equating us with pedophiles and those who commit incest does not get it. He has encouraged hatred and keeping gay people in a permanent second class status while also preaching that gays can be "cured" and turned into heterosexuals, which we all know is complete BS. Finally, I'd like to comment on the warning issued by commenter, "becareful". Threatening people with retribution from your god is reprehensible and reflects incredible spiritual pride. Are you really threatening people with damnation for pointing out that Rick Warren is a self-satisfied, pompous, ignorant, red-neck hog? Sorry, I don't buy it.

2097 days ago


Perhaps the bible quote that Warren wrote in the book should have been more in tune to his beliefs . . .

13: If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.

I'm thiking this hypocrit relies more on the Old rather than the New Testament to formulate his beliefs, and that the pages with the commands of Liviticus are probably dog-eared and stained with spittle.

2097 days ago


Rick Warren is on TMZ now? Wow!

Rick Warren Rocks! I love him! :)

2097 days ago


Why is it that so many of these preachers, like Falwell and Warren, are so overweight? Isn't gluttony one of the deadly sins?

2097 days ago

NY Grandma    

Somebody better look out the window. Hell has certainly frozen over. Warren is trying to be nice yo gats and Pat Robertson said he is pleased with Obama

2097 days ago


If Rick Warren wasn't in West Hollywood for a photo-op, then WHY IS THERE A PHOTO?
See what a man does when he's panicked.

2097 days ago


It's fact that overweight males produce excess levels of estrogen in their fat cells. Warren is probably gay and a creme puff donut design expert.

The only reason anyone should be concerned with what Warren thinks is if you're a freedom fighter who knows that Ponzi scheme scammers, thieves, liars, swindlers and parasites need to be found out and stopped.

2097 days ago


Having read through all comments, it makes me wonder what POSITIVE things could be accomplished through all the intensity. C'mon people! Channel that passion to something outside of YOURSELF!!!
Rick Warren's book changed my life for the better---helping me to be more understanding of opinions outside of my own.
Trying to justify your opinion by making negative comments about someone's appearance is a big clue that you are feeling very insecure with yourself--you don't need to be a psychologist to figure that one out.

2097 days ago

Siegfried & Soy    

Is Rick openly fat?

2097 days ago
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