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Ben Affleck Wishes Everyone a Merry F'n Xmas

12/26/2008 12:59 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Daddy is just telling the nice man with the camera where he can go.


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The Prrick ought to leave his Boston Barney Frank Politics out of things and maybe people will start seeing his movies again...he should have married that PR J Lo, she would has spanked him into submission...since his split from her he hasnt shut up about how wonderful his views of the world are---all from a political point of view....Barney Frank is all I have to think about any time anyone from Boston thinks they're so great...and that includes supposed tough guy Pats fans---most of you voted for Flukey Frank too...the guy screwed this county up big time overseeing Fannie Mae. I wont even go into his personal life---but you boston people know all about that and guess you all support that kind of nonsense.

Glad to know Affleck is one of your own

2065 days ago

Aussie Suck Rou Nuts    

Ms tell it like it is can lick my a-hole. The dum whore should go take picture of her own and see how she like being flicked off. F@*% her and that dum f@*% of an actor.

2065 days ago


What gets me is that all these miserable actors that are making such big bucks, for being "stars", but none of them want their pictures taken?!?!?! gimmie a break, gimmie their money, you can take my picture all you want. hey if i was one of those "beautiful people", (most beautiful on the outside only -but not sans makeup) then go ahead, take it, at least i'd have the big f'n mansion, fancy clothes, cars, jewelry, etc etc etc these selfish actors all have. snap!

2065 days ago


Ahh Bless! This dude should be grateful that the "paps" still wanna take pictures of him.

2065 days ago

Aussie Suck Rou Nuts    

I use to like him, but after seeing this photo, I think he is an ungrateful person. We didn't he do that when they gave him an Oscar. His true color are showing. I never use foul language, but here go. F#@! you piece of S%&@. I hope you and your fat wife go down. Ungrateful worthless pieces of S%&@. And, as for you "Ms tell it like it is" is that what you do when someone take a picture of you and your child. There're right your a whore. TMZ please don't show anymore picture of that dumb F#@!. He not worth the film.

2065 days ago


Maybe he would like to walk in public without being hounded by paps. They're not just there quietly taking photos you know, or maybe you don't judging by the infantile comments on here. They're screaming out Ben and Violet's names to get them to turn their way for a photo. It would drive me crazy. I'm glad I'm not a celebrity.

2065 days ago

Miss Bea Haven    

Children should be OFF LIMITS to you guys!

You are lucky that's all he did was flip you off.

I hope Tom Cruise and every other parent whose child you EXPLOIT, STALK, and ABUSE with your cameras get together and sue you for millions!


It is NOT ok!

2065 days ago

What are you that Stupid?    

Give me a break, he is out with his kid and maybe the paps do should not be out stalking, yes that is what they do is stalk people. If your buddies Harvey had a camera shoved in their faces 24/7 they would be giving the finger to you too.

2065 days ago


How can Hollywood remain in the dark about how moronic it looks when you flip someone off?

2065 days ago


Hey, at least his daughter was turned away. It's not like he was shouting obscenities or anything.

2065 days ago


Good Grief! Who knew Ben Affleck was so crude and childish.

2065 days ago


I don't blame Ben one bit -- back off you blood suckers!

2065 days ago

darling nikki    

TMZ only tells half the story. I love how they make a carer out of playing the victimized pap. I'm sure something was done for him to give you the bird. Your photog probably tried to offer the kid candy or something, trying to get a decent pic. What perverts.

2065 days ago


This man needs to grow up...what a pig.

2065 days ago

darling nikki    


2065 days ago
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