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Brady and Gisele - Engaged!!!

12/26/2008 1:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tom Brady proposed to Gisele on a private jet on XMAS eve -- and she said yes.

Our sources say Brady, who is famous for his QB skills and running errands for Gisele, proposed on a private jet that took off from Teterboro Airport in New Jersey and landed in Boston. There were four dozen white roses on board, as well as champagne.

Along with Brady and Gisele were her parents. We're told Brady was nervous before he popped the Q.

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you said it ester @10:39!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2096 days ago


For all you people who obviously don't know what you're talking about, Tom and Giselle have been photographed a zillion times out with his son. Bridget is just as much to blame for the pregnancy, and for those of you who have no clue- Tom is one of the best QB's to ever play the game! I can't stand all you haters!

2096 days ago

Wayne Newtn    

the sun is out and overhead...we wake with skin still quivering from the night's delight...but, we must take note of our day's dilemna...how to forge on?...while thoughts of past ecstasy remain vivid within our being...we rise, we shower, we dress...all the while, the tingle remains...in those secret parts, that dare we reveal...can we suppress that which we desire?...a desire so strong that we see in everyone, a chance to act on that desire...friend or stranger, acquaintance or unknown...we look at all, believing that they can unleash that we have come to expect...yearn...hide....defuse...ignore, no more....the want is too strong...the quest reborn, find that, the feeling that warms the innermost within ourselves...can we hold on 'til the search is no more?...find the strength, find the fortitude...that will be rewarded at searches end...when night falls, the prize will be found...return to your comfort, retreat to your den of delight...be pleased that you will receive that which you have searched for...ssshhh...ssshhh...go now...go now and claim your prize...reward yourself with the zealous fervor, that cannot be descirbed...go now..go now,,.feel the pleasures, you have waited for since you felt it's all-encompassing power...muscles twitch...body writhing...mind racing....racing to the climax of all you have wanted...go now...go on....

2096 days ago


ho hum

go Broncos!!!

2096 days ago


Who knows Brady and what his situation is with his kid. There are so many single families, broken families...all you haters would rather Tom stay in a loveless relationship for his kids sake. Do you know what that happens to feel like? I do, it sucks, and the kids suffer far greater living in that type of environment. You people are cruel towards Tom and Gisele. I hate to say this, Bridget is no saint. Plus she's so much older than he is...pushing close to 40, the biological clock was running out for her, everyone knows she wanted Brady and his kid, he didn't, but she had other plans. I'm GLAD BRADY IS WITH THE PERSON HE REALLY LOVES, and Gisele is beautiful in a not so statuesque way. Bridget should have stuck with her fiance Scott Rosenberg instead of dumping him when she met Brady. she knew her career would be furthered by her relationship with Brady. And it has, if she wasn't known as Brady's baby mama, who would care about her? She's not a very good actress.

2096 days ago

Ana Frank    

Congratulations!! Gisele is wonderfull, Gisele is totally amazing!

2096 days ago


At first, some of these sick, twisted, jealous, hate-filled messages made me angry. Then I took a second look at their contents and concluded that such opinions could only come from pathetic, maladjusted, unfulfilled losers who were sitting in their dim basement apartments or double-wide trailers, picking their nose, and spewing this kind of rot. After all, it must certainly enrage you to see two attractive and accomplished people living the kind of lives you will never have the slightest chance of realizing--irrespective of the outcome of Tom and Gisele's relationship. Were it not for your deranged jealousy, why else would you write such sick and evil comments? Then there are the all-too-obvious errors in grammar, which speak volumes about your intellect and educational levels. If you can't, at least, rise above your manifold deficiencies and wish this young couple the best, do yourselves the favor of hiding your stupidity in SILENCE. "Empty tin cans make the most noise."

2096 days ago


God jealousy makes people ugly. I just read on People.com that this story is NOT TRUE said by Gisele's sister and Brady's father. I say if you can find love in this world then good for them. I'm not miserable as most of the people on this blog to wish unhappiness for people I don't even know. But I guess this is what sites like these cater too, a bunch of unhappy losers. If Tom and Gisele are engaged, then I wish them the best. I don't read this site but I saw it on a google page and clicked on it to comment. The story isn't true.

2096 days ago


Figures that TMZ isn't even commenting on their own false story. Everyone else is, too!

2096 days ago

Kendall Atl    

Congratulations Tom & Gisele!!! They both are amazing people. I had a chance to meet Tom's family at ProBowl in Hawaii his first year and they are first class all the way as I am sure Gisele's are after living in Brazil and knowing about her culture. Everyone needs to get a life!! It takes more energy to be negative and jealous than it does to be happy and find the same happiness in their lives!!! Congrats!!!!

2096 days ago



2095 days ago


Ego marries Vanity and gives birth to Greed and Sloth. Not exactly the Brady Bunch these two.

2095 days ago


The story is true. Tom and Gisele want not distract his team from the game. If Tom dad is not true and Giseles sister,then is the are Tom and Gisele engaged.

2095 days ago


Tom man don't do it she's a model concentrate on football by the way im a patriots fan oh yeah whoever said Cassell has taken Tom's job, please who has 3 superbowl rings who has none as a starter who had a perfect regular season should I say more.

2095 days ago

cidalia Massih    

wow...i really thought that once he met me he'd realize what he was missing...so he missed a hint...God works in misterious ways...you can't recieve if you don't believe...Good luck both...marriage is hard work, and you can't take a season off to figure it out.

2095 days ago
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