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No Mohr Cox for Jay

12/26/2008 4:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

In mildly emasculating yet quite hysterical court papers, Jay Mohr is asking to have his wife's last name legally added to his own. Jay Mohr will now forever be known as Jon Ferguson Cox Mohr.

Usually people add the new name to the end, but then he would have been Mohr Cox -- and, well ... that would just be wrong.


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why is it emasculating? for years women have had to relinquish their names to take their husbands'. i think it is a showing of refreshing equality that a man, especially one in the public eye, would voluntarily take his wife's name instead. a marriage should be a partnership, with either partner having the equal and equally acceptable right to take whichever name they want. i think it's unfortunate that men have to appeal to the court system in making that choice, obviously showing how we're still not there yet in realizing that a woman taking a man's name is an outdated practice, the historical foundations of which were grounded in sexist principles. now it's just become a matter of unconscious and un-reflective practice. bravo jay mohr for choosing to think differently.

2003 days ago


it doesnt matter 'cause nobody knows him anyway, lol

2090 days ago


His wife is HOT.

I'd smack her ass anyday.

2090 days ago

Wayne Newtn    

can we talk?...let go of your inhibtions...release those thoughts & feelings that you suppress...can you feel it?...are the animalistic urges rising...emanating from between your loins...growing and strengthening with each and every thrust of your being...rise up...rise as your body shudders..with pounding ferocious that you craze and you now curl into the fetal...forlorn that you may now never again experience that which was..both ecstatic and exhilarating...come with me..join me in the journey to find the which you have just your eyes now...wipe the tears from your cheek...catch your breath...that was just taken away...steady the trembles that quivers through your body of which we call woman...share with me yours so that i shall share with you mines...let us now explore ourselves, in that we may chance again to recapture that which we have just experienced...ssshhh...quiet good to yourselves...go on now...go on..

2090 days ago

my 3 cents    

i love it More Cox.....we don't even need a joke for that one!!! you go boy

2090 days ago


if you are going to do all that might as well make it mohr cox

2090 days ago

Normal Illinois    

OMG he is such an ass... he was an ass back in the day at Something Different in NJ with Mickey Loesch... I will admit his a-hole attitude got him to SNL.... but the Something Different people remember... SAME BIT EVERY WEEK... we heckled and what did he do? He CRIED!!

2090 days ago


Nikki Cox has strange taste in men. First Bob Goldthwait and now Jay Mohr??

2090 days ago


His wife is HOT.
Posted at 2:43PM on Dec 26th 2008 by Flake

Let me fix that for you, His wife was hot until she od'd on plastic surgery.

2090 days ago


Mohr of Jay's Cox? Oh hell yeh! ;)

2090 days ago


Why does he want to add his wife's name?? That's just plain WEIRD!!!!

2090 days ago


What a Mohron.

2090 days ago

darling nikki    

So, I guess it's safe to say she is not changing her name?

This dude just got OWNED!

2090 days ago


hawkeye, you made me laugh out loud... my mum told me the other day why doesn't my husband take my name when we marry in feb... i was like, what man takes his wife's name? i guess i now know---a summer's eve kinda guy....

my 13 cents...

2090 days ago


Cox Mohr? More like Cox-Less.

2090 days ago
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