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Pete and Ashlee Give Away the Bronx

12/26/2008 4:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?

Bronx Mowgli
Apparently unable to hock their baby pics to the highest or even lowest bidder, Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz posted pics of their bundle of joy online for free.

Wentz had blogged earlier this month they were offered "mounds and mounds of money" for the pics, but declined.


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darling nikki    

Yeah right. If they were offered "mounds and mounds" of money, I'm sure they would have given it to the charities they so-called support on that website of his.

btw, that name they gave their baby is atrocious. They should have given him a new name as his first Christmas gift.

2126 days ago


Gosh, the baby is cute; but they, particulary Pete, are really fuggly. EWWWW! He looks like a little dwelf! His head is bigger than his body. Gosh, I hope their baby gets Jessica's looks. Not that that is super, but better. I say that not to be mean, but damn, it is true.

2126 days ago


I heard Pete talking with the Morning Mashup Crew on Sirius. He was offered money, but he didn't believe and doesn't believe his child is a commodity. GOOD FOR HIM!

Celebs should take a cue and stop hocking their children! HELLO BRANGELINA!

2126 days ago


Oh, pleazze, There is no way in hell that Grandpa joe would have missed out on his 20% if there was money to be made!

2126 days ago

Luke Warmwater    

They need a cute couple name like Ashete or Petash, or holy moley who are those two ugly people....?

2126 days ago


Well it's a delicate situation. Of course it's embarrasing to admit no one is bidding for your baby pic. Wentz should be a man and openly acknowledge they're not in the same league as the A-listers, but still want to share they baby pic therefore the free posting, people would understand and appreciate that. Lying at this age and as a new father is just a shame, worse when nobody buys it, literally.

2126 days ago


I know for a fact that they tried to sell their baby pics to the highest bidders and because of the economy (the tabs are suffering, too), there were no bidders. He can say what he wants to radio, etc., but they DID try and sell the pictures. They would have kept the monies for themselves opposed to give the money to a charity because that is how the SIMPSONS are. Greedy. Just like Larry Birkhead -

2126 days ago

Christina Lockheart    

Somehow, I feel very happy for Nicole Kidman havin' baby Sunday Rose, Angelina Jolie havin' her twins and Christina Aguilera havin' baby Max Liron.. but I feel very sorry for Maddie Briann and Bronx Mowgli for havin' parents such as Jamie-Lynn Spears and Ashlee Simpson. I can't stand people like them, I always get a feeling of bad parents treatin' their babies badly. It's not about Jamie's been a poor actress or Ashlee's been a bad singer, it's about everything.. maybe I let the media paint my thoughts too much, but I just feel very very sorry for those babies. Where is all the love and justice?

2126 days ago


yeah right "mounds of money" what a joke. this couple is a joke. they are both talentless.

2126 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

Meanwhile, something positive from this recession: The celebrity parents of Bronx Whatever were forced to put their hands back in the pockets of their really cool punk rock jackets after the tabloids refused to pay mounds and mounds of money for adorable photos of their bundle of joy.

2126 days ago


I bet they were offered something by a few magazines for the pictures. After all I see them...well Ashlee anyway, on the cover of magazines all the time! It's kind of annoying!

2126 days ago


God, all you people are mean!

2126 days ago


I just vomited

2126 days ago


I agree with #5, Pimp Daddy Joe would be there looking for his cut. Who cares about this couple any way, she is a ugly no talent skank and he is a no talent maricon.

2126 days ago

Just call me trailer trash....    


2126 days ago
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