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Benjamin Button Rated R for Violence

12/27/2008 12:02 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

How's this for a movie poster quote -- "So good I kept watching even after I shot a man"?

After trying several times to get a guy to quiet down -- including a little popcorn throwing -- a man in Philadelphia allegedly shot another man because he wouldn't stop talking during "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button," the Philadelphia Inquirer is reporting.

And what's worse -- it was on Christmas Day and the alleged victim was with his kid!

James Joseph Cialella is charged with attempted murder, aggravated assault, and weapons violations. The paper says after Cialella shot the guy, he sat back down and continued to watch the movie. Two thumbs up!


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Off The Rack    

This is why there should be moron tests for anyone wishing to own a handgun. You'd have to lose all perspective on life to shoot a person because they were making noise. Frickin idiot.

2126 days ago


I'm sure we all have at one time or another wanted to bust a cap in some jackass who would not shut up in a theater.

2126 days ago


If it were a Ben Affleck movie, he would've asked them to talk louder

2126 days ago


There's just times you'd like to bust the crap out of inconsiderate jerks who have no respect for others. Talking, kicking seats, talking on the phone, letting your brats run wild before and during the movie, letting your baby cry disrupting others without stepping out, snorting because your to lazy to blow your nose and chomping your food with your mouth open. Yes I have a short temper and I'm the first one to say something.

2126 days ago


Do you honestly think this person optained his gun legally?

2126 days ago


Wow I'm speechless.............

2126 days ago


I'm sorry, but what??!! He shot his own kid on Christmas and sat down and watched the movie after??!!! Am I reading this correctly??!! WTF??!!!

2126 days ago


Wow, I cant believe this is how he handled an every day situation! We all put up with people talking through a movie at one time or another
Why not just yell at the guy to be quiet, or go and get the theater manager. Not shoot the guy!! Especially in front of his kid, and especially on Christmas day. What a grinch!!!!!!

Ive been in movies where dumb bitches have been on there cell phones, giving a play-by-play to there friend. And put up with a family who bought along a toddler to the I am Legend, who screemed and cried the most the way through! Until some lady went up to them, and complained, and they finally left.

There are definetly better ways to handle an annoying talker through a movie, then to shoot the person.

2126 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

Excuse me, do you mind not eating your popcorn so loudly-BOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!

2126 days ago


I'm sorry, but what??!! He shot his own kid on Christmas and sat down and watched the movie after??!!! Am I reading this correctly??!! WTF??!!!

Posted at 10:24AM on Dec 27th 2008 by Cam

No, read it again. Reading comprehension 101.

"And what's worse -- it was on Christmas Day and the alleged victim was with his kid!"

2126 days ago


Well, the action of shooting this inconsiderate man was over the top. I do hope millions of inconsiderate jerks read this tmz article and perhaps will SHUT THE HELL UP a little quicker... If you want to talk during movies GO HOME AND TALK!!!!!

I dumped a large pop over a man's head who wouldn't shut up after being asked by multiple people around us to stop talking on his cell phone. He was going to hit me, which I was ready to defend myself, but about 4 other men stepped up and told him he deserved it and he'd better sit down and be quiet, or leave...whew.... but I'd do it again in a heartbeat!

2126 days ago


He shot his own kid? Thanks, dad!

2126 days ago


#11djdeej--you are lucky he didn't call the cops on you. Dumping a pop on someone is a form of assault, you twit!

2126 days ago

northern gypsy    

well...x-mas brings out the best & the worst in people...but...i have a feeling this fella is not the sharpest tool in the shed...really feel bad for the victim's son...having to witness such violence at such a young age...

2126 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

Just be glad you didn't dump a soda on this dude's pointy head! His pop beats your pop! Sort of as in a soda in a gunfight type of pop escalation!

2126 days ago
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