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Chyna Hospitalized -- Too Wasted For Shrinks

12/28/2008 10:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

ChynaWe've learned Chyna was rushed to the hospital early Saturday -- her birthday. She was so drunk when she was admitted, the shrinks at the hospital couldn't even do a psych evaluation.

Paramedics were called to her home in Burbank just before 5:00 AM. Saturday. She was celebrating her birthday with a few friends and had way too many drinks -- which didn't mix well with her prescriptions.

Friends found her passed out with cuts on her arms and were so worried, they called 911. After she was taken to the hospital, doctors wanted to perform a psych evaluation, but her blood alcohol level was so high they had to wait.

We spoke with Chyna in the hospital. She said, "All I really want right now is a hamburger and fries right now."


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Seerr Max    

Sad, Sad, Sad,........Celebrity Rehab was bad enough, but did you see The Surreal Life? That was even worse. Most azzhole celebrities I don't care about,.....but here's a chick who desperately needs help, gets it, then seems unable to maintain. If someone could find out the pain she keeps medicating, then maybe she'll try again. Can help but feel sorry for her, I've seen her sober,....and she is shaky at best, doesn't she have any support? Hey you guys, about Danny Bonadouce? He could scare her senseless,......he scares everybody else. Good luck Chyna,......don't let what happened to Heath, happen to you.

2133 days ago


Sadly, it seems we all look for a train wreck. Chyna ( Joanie) whichever you prefer is another case of this. Too often we look to pick through the carcass without seeing the true person. Obviously things aren't good for her, but why?

I don't know her personally, but she seems the type that would do anything for anybody and then gets knocked down for it. I wish her success in treatments and hopefully she can get back to a happier place. Too often we look at these people as freaks and waste of space. She has never been in trouble with the law, been a detriment on society, she just hits bad patches and they blow up on her big time.

Personally, my feeling is she needs to get away from the area that is causing her issues, find sober frioends and remember that addiction is a lifetime not just oh I am rehabbed and good to go.

Best of luck!!

2133 days ago

david cook rocks    

China, I pray you get the help you need. Take care of yourself

2133 days ago


What's up with the Hollywood types wanting burgers when they are drunk. Paris wanted In and Out, The Hoff was grubbing on one and now Chyna?

2133 days ago


I think D Generation X has something to do with this...

2133 days ago

Roger Moore    

Did she get drunk and try to cut off her penis?

2133 days ago

oh yaaaaaaaaaaa    

#30, glrlcrUshbFf U sure get a early start don't u? lmao

2133 days ago


Chyna - You're such a good person. I hope you get the help you need. Take care.

2133 days ago


hmmmm, the bigger the boobs, the smaller the brain.

2133 days ago


If I looked the way she did I would drink heavily too.

2132 days ago

Hybrid Dave    

Everybody needs to take a chill pill. CHYNA has just finished a movie and a video shoot (both releasing early 2009.)
She was prescribed new medication a couple of weeks ago and the combination of the new medicine and alcohol was not good. This was not a problem during the video shoot or the movie shoot just recently finished.
In her excitement to celebrate a great video shoot and her birthday which started at midnight Friday night she made an unfortunate decision forgetting about the warning regarding the new medicine. She blacked out and fell into the mirrored closet doors which broke and caused some minor cuts and bruises. Admittedly, when she fell it was scary and things looked worse than it was to us. She was released by the doctor's, from the er room, without ever being admitted into the hospital.
As for her wanting her hamburger and fries, TMZ contacted her on her cell phone while she was waiting for her friends to get back from MOE'S with her avocado, mushroom, bacon and cheese burger(swiss since someone out there is wondering). None of us had eaten since dinner the night before and that was the only thing on anyone's mind.
CHYNA IS OK! Just a little embarrassed. Look for CHYNA in Hybrid Culture Recording Artist "LOVECHILD's" new video releasing early '09."

2132 days ago


Who the hell is Chyna?

2132 days ago

Rotor Rooter    

I love Chyna!!!!! Screw everyone else. We all Got Turmoil but You managed to Survive No Matter What! You Go Girl!!!!! By the way, Love your look!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Smooches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2132 days ago

Ferd Treeforest    

No hamburger, Chyna. How about a little (very little) man sausage instead?

2132 days ago


who the f is chyna. yes i do live under a rock boo boo

2132 days ago
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