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Florist to Timbaland: Get Scrooged

12/29/2008 2:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A Florida florist wants a piece of Timbaland's mansion after the rap mogul allegedly stiffed the store out of more than $10,000 in Xmas decorations.

The White Tulip Florist in Miami Beach filed legal papers required to slap a lien on Timba's Miami mansion, claiming he bought $25,850 worth of trees, flowers and lights but still owes $11,450.

We're told Timbaland pitched a fit when he got the bill -- demanding to see the wholesale cost of the items he bought. The florist showed Timba the price list, but that wasn't good enough.

A call to Timbaland's rep was not immediately returned.


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R.J. Johnson    

And is Tom Brady really engaged or is that the real joke on TMZ?

2124 days ago



2124 days ago

northern gypsy    

hummm...sounds like someone need's more egg know as a business man someone profit margin should be the balance...don't use their services again...ho...ho...ho..

2124 days ago


pay up Timba! think Christmas is a free holiday??? Come on...nothin is for free! ho ho ho. Dont shoot you eye out! :)

2124 days ago



2124 days ago


WHAT A DOUCHE BAG!!! Just pay it up bro.. Someone should ask Timbaland the wholesale cost of his music - yea, all of 1 cent per song. Muhahaha!

2124 days ago


Ummm... why don't these companies get ALL the money from celebrities UP FRONT?!? Serves them right for letting celebs get the goods for free or reduced prices.

2124 days ago


"JUST like your typical person that does not know how to tip a server at a resturant....this is the same mentality after the sale was already made......WHAT? I HAVE TO PAY THIS? .....must have learned it from the parents. "One child grows up to be ....somebody who just loves to burn and another child grows up.............

2124 days ago


and the company is suprised?

2124 days ago


Seriously, WHO in hell would ask the wholesale price for another company? If that would be the case I think the whole retail business would go down. SHAME SHAME SHAME

2124 days ago

i hate tmz gossiping a**    

stop gettig in ppl business u idiots

2124 days ago

Wayne Newtn    

one and all,

i must resurrect my hypothesis that of which i am most known: 'Bling Splatt the Cause of Pre-Mature Death among Rappers'.

As submitted to the New England Journal of Health, the American Medical Association, National Geographic, Reader's Digest, and Redbook.

My postulate that the root cause of death among rappers is not due to black on black crime, per se. But, due to the inordinate use of metals within the framework of their upper torso, in the region of what is known on the street as 'da grill'. Commonly used metals such as silver, gold, platinum, and an occasional diamond or two (dependent upon the rappers ability to sell their wares - ie records - ) as placed in the oral cavity of said rapper, causes reactions such that mortality rates are a foregone conclusion. There is no cure for 'Bling Splatt", the diagnosis is death.

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Such a twist of fate that belies our 'mos def freestylin' word-slangin' prophets. That there by the grace of God, he shall speak. But, there by the grace of God, when he speaks with mouths full of 'bling', his head will go BOOM !!!

My services are rendered to expose the truth regards the death of our nations rappers. Word !!!


2124 days ago


Typical completely self involved nouveau riche numbskulls that erroneously believe there is something about them so special that they don't have to pay the price for what they want.

Asking for the wholesale costs was really none of his business. He wanted the goods and services, he pays the price the company providing them charges, PERIOD.

I won't be surprised to see this wanker on the list of bankrupt "celebs" soon.

2123 days ago


I know about this florist, White Tulip in Miami. They are crooks. They steal money. They don't pay employees, they are rip off artists and not to be trusted. I am sure they are the problem not Timbaland!

2117 days ago

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