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Oprah Fooled Again by Fake Love Tale

12/29/2008 7:37 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Oprah Winfrey called Herman Rosenblat's tale of how he met his wife in a concentration camp "the single greatest love story" she'd ever heard. Only problem -- it isn't true.

Rosenblat, who survived the Holocaust as a young boy, had written a memoir telling the story of meeting his wife of 50 years when she was a farm girl who tossed apples over the fence at a concentration camp. Then, claimed Herman, he met Mrs. R. 12 years later on a blind date. Well, lovely though it was, the story was made up, and now the memoir is being yanked -- and Oprah is once again red-faced over a story she championed very publicly.

Oprah gushed over James Frey's alleged memoir "A Million LIttle Pieces," only to find it was faked.


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Apparantly Oprah is easily fooled...hmmm..who was it again that she supported for President???

2127 days ago


She also got fooled by the fake story of Misha: A Mémoire of the Holocaust Years

2127 days ago

arte help    

Oprah was fooled also by dirty Chicago politics. Obamas first scandal and he isn't even in office yet. I think he's gonna make Clinton look like a Boy Scout.

2127 days ago


Oprah is an idiot. She is only rich by accident.

2127 days ago


Why is it we look at Oprah as the problem here? She was lied to. Isn't it the publisher's responsibility to investigate and market a book appropriately? It's not Oprah's responsibility. She was just promoting a book that she very much enjoyed and believed was a real story because that is the way it was marketed. Now as for Obama, I don't think he is involved in any scandle at all. Let's all give this man a chance to turn this country around before giving him the shaft. It's going to take some time to fix this mess our previous government got us in, just give the new government a chance to get us back on track.

2127 days ago


"Oprah" is ebonics for "idiot".

2127 days ago


Harvey Levin....'the putz'-

2127 days ago


Oprah is overly gullible when it comes to "motivational type speakers". She is a waiting victim, evidenced by listening to the quack Dr Oz, and her other "guests". She needs a portable mirror and someone to call a quack a quack. Maybe she's a duck.

2127 days ago


What is wrong with all of these crazy, habitual liars who make things up all the time?

2127 days ago


As a former TV producer, I can tell you that this is not Oprah's fault and you people should lighten up a bit. I am sure that the Oprah show receives hundreds of books a week and well, you have to take it on faith that a publisher has done SOME homework on the material or they wouldn't publish it. Memoir -- as memory itself -- is a subjective thing, no matter what; so this kind of thing is bound to happen sometimes. It is no reflection on the quality of the producing or the show OR the host.

2127 days ago


It IS a lovely story. And he told it so well, with such enthusiasm.

2127 days ago


Why didn't she check it out first. She can also say to any author she supports that if the story isn't true after she supported it, that they would have to give any money they made after she supported the book to a charity she chooses.

2127 days ago


I agree with thesheriff here. Let him take over the office and prove he's going to do something for this country! I don't think it matters if you approve of him, but when he gets the mess cleaned up that was left by the previous administration, I believe you can reap the benefits of having a president who is for the greater good of our country. And that is good for us all.
As for Oprah, she promoted a book that was marketed as real-so its not her fault the man lied.

2127 days ago


Oprah has made quite a few mistakes lately, the biggest one was Obama. Know one cares who she supports or what book she thinks someone should read - she is just an entertainer, nothing more. We have all had enough of what Oprah thinks, it is time for her to retire and get off of TV. Too many years of Oprah

2127 days ago


Oprah needs to stop promoting everything. Who is she? God?

2127 days ago
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