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Paris Hilton Parties with White Powder

12/29/2008 3:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dressed in her best holiday lingerie, Paris Hilton enjoyed a scenario faker than any found on one of her reality shows -- a Beverly Hills winter wonderland.

Proving that nothing about her is real, the 27-year-old had faux snow delivered to her home the other day.

Ho, ho, ho!


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27 going on 14! The hose are just precious! My 10 year old might like them, I'm not sure she is into looking like a fool, tho!

2094 days ago


Someone tell the ninny that she isnt 7. Isnt she 30ish? Get a life- stop calling Elliot to pimp your photos-we dont want to see you. Paris must be going broke to be so desperate for attention.

2094 days ago


This 'tard had snow brought to her California home?
A - wasn't she just in Aspen where there's real snow (like duh)?
B - Doesn't this ho-bag know there's an economic crisis going on? People lossing their jobs and homes while she flaunts her self-entitled money in their faces?

That does it for me. I'll never ever stay in a Hilton Hotel. I'd rather stay in a cardboard box than have any of my hard earned money go to this ditz.

2094 days ago


She has always been desperate for attention, where have you been? And those nylons are hideous, even for her....

2094 days ago

northern gypsy    

well...well...well...i was wondering when this self-indulgent useless tool was going to re-surface...she's not such a media whore when she's with someone...please someone find her a bf...asap !!!

2094 days ago


Obviously IQ and money don't go hand in hand. Geeezz..

2094 days ago


She cause the Hilton's so much embarrassment, but the parents just laugh and laugh...and say they are proud of her! Some of the wealthiest people in the world are so damn dumb. Make you wonder how they acquired their money.

2094 days ago


HO - grow the Fxuck up already. Nobody cares about you expect your paid 'friends."

2094 days ago


Will this skankazoid ever grow up? Of course, why should she. She has mommie and daddy to take care of her when she gets in trouble. Hey Hiltons, how does it feel to be some of the worse parents on the planet? Paris, yes you were spoiled rotten but you are an adult now.....yes, thats should know the difference between right and wrong. You need some prison time, just keep on partying.......

2094 days ago


Heels in the snow, huh? Great idea Paris...I'd actually pay fifty cents to watch her get around like that ...wait...she's got Bigfoot feet, Gus. Goony Goo Goo

2094 days ago


i think this is sad when she got to have people go thought what they went thought to be her friend. i can not belive how dude this chick is i mean to buy snow when she could have giving that money to a food bank. takes alot of dumb people to make this world go around but shoot can we please get her some help i think she is bi-polor ! why would her parnets not stop her way before now but i think she needs to get help and they need to cut her off till she does. do what britneys dad did for her. i would not ever let my child act like she does and laugh about it.. so sad parnets out there that would let this go one and PLEASE MAKE HER GROW UP AND DRESS LIKE SHE IS AND MAYBE SHE NEEDS A J.O.B

2094 days ago


I'm starting to seriously believe she is slow mentally, you know, a bit retarded. No joke, look at her endless nonsense. For her to have this look of glee is just vulgar right now when so many people are hurting. Import snow? Dress like a slutty child and invite camera's? She is not dealing with a full deck, I tell you. There is something really wrong with her. Even that twit Britney Spears gets at least a couple of comments in her defense. Not Paris Hilton. This broad is hated by everyone and she knows it. It doesn't faze her in the least. Somehow, she is still in the news. Why? I'm baffled!

2094 days ago


She is so desperate for attention how old is she going to be when she grows up? Apparently almost 30 isn't it! Why do you people keep taking her picture she is so dumb it's pathetic!

2094 days ago


I bet she still sucks her thumb!

2094 days ago


hmm... looks more like kelly ripa.. how strange.. really doesnt look like paris at all.. sorry kelly, not insulting you.. ripa is much more appealing in manmy ways than pillton.

2094 days ago
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