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Sarah Palin Wears Granny Panties...

12/29/2008 9:08 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

... because she's officially a grandmother now!

Sarah's unwed teenage daughter Bristol finally gave birth yesterday to a baby boy named -- wait for it -- Tripp Easton Mitchell Johnston!

Congrats Levi...


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Posted at 8:14PM on Dec 29th 2008 by Hawkeye

The word you had no idea you were searching for is clap..your uncle got the clap while on shore leave in Saigon.

2087 days ago

R.J. Johnson    

Little people getting a chance to shoot off their mouths from behind a computer. Wow.

2087 days ago


I wish this young family all the best. You talk about the unusual name given to Bristol and Levi's son, well give some consideration to Gwynth Paltroe naming her kid Apple. How about Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes naming their kid Suri.
It seems the norm anymore to name these babies with some strange names.

2087 days ago


Posted at 8:27PM on Dec 29th 2008 by I slept with George Bush, he's a stallion...

Why? His kid is a bastard, deal with it. She will grow up and find out that for as bad as Britney had it, she never killed herself..Keith on the other hand did..

2087 days ago

R.J. Johnson    

America is becoming a country of vulgar, poorly educated big mouths online. Wake up to THAT!!!

2087 days ago


How can she have traditional family values when she has had a child out of wedlock?

2087 days ago


Ha! Easton is a hockey brand. Doesn't Levi play hockey?

2087 days ago

my 3 cents    

I also think that they choose Trip is because Trapper Keeper was already taken in the Palin family.

2087 days ago


Amen, 9:01.

Funny, we have a democrat laden Congress FULL of corruption - add to that the fact Caroline Kennedy has shown her ignorant self - she can't say, you know, a sentence, you know, without, you know, whatever,

Congrats to the Palin family. For you little minds, they don't give a rat's ass what you think.

Sorry you're so jealous. Have you never done anything your parents didn't like? Argh! Small minds spouting small-minded thoughts. Pathetic. TRULY.

2087 days ago

stupid women & the religious right    

Pam, sweety.. if you are looking to lash out on people on TMZ forums, I suggest you keep your little quips relavent and literate. The man's name is Heath (you got it right previously, go figure!) and that overwhelming feeling of spite you're feeling.. assuming your parents were closely related, it's totally justified!

2087 days ago


Hey 9:14:

What have you been smoking? You absolve Blood-wearing, husband stealing Angie over a young couple that found themselves in a tough situation?

You, my friend, are part of the problem. Not the solution. Better loosen up the tin-foil hat and enter the real world. You are weird. Truly.

Are you older than 12?

2087 days ago


Let's not be rude to these lovely two kids who are going to soon start their lives together. It is obvious that they named their son after Levi's mother and his love of hockey. Easton for hockey equipment and Tripp for all of the trips his mom went on while smoking drugs over the years. It's a great tribute! Congrats and may this child grow up to impregnate a teenager, drop out of high school, and not register to vote for his grandmother.

2087 days ago


Congrats to the happy couple. What kind of name is Bristol? There's a street here in Orange County, CA named Bristol.. What kind of name is Trigg (or is it Tripp).? How about a traditional name? How about them GETTING MARRIED?? A lot of these celebs, I understand, why they don't get married; bad experience. But Bristol can't say that....

2087 days ago


Congrats to Bristol Palin on the birth of her second child. I just hope this one doesn't have Down Syndrome too.

(and TMZ, please block that jerk who makes the Leno comment on every single story).

2087 days ago


Congratulations to Grandma and Grandpa and of course to the young couple.

2087 days ago
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