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Sarah Palin Wears Granny Panties...

12/29/2008 9:08 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

... because she's officially a grandmother now!

Sarah's unwed teenage daughter Bristol finally gave birth yesterday to a baby boy named -- wait for it -- Tripp Easton Mitchell Johnston!

Congrats Levi...


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d to the izzle    

Douche-ey name.....

2123 days ago


Her own mother made BrIstol a public spectacle.

2123 days ago


#99 - ME said: Drugs are probably what made their first baby a water head.

Your poor mother, she deserves a slap across the face for raising a troll like you. Maybe you are the one on the cover of tabloid magazines that claim they found the first successful conception from anal sex.

God help you and God forbid that one of these special children with special needs comes near your life. All of you "holier than thou's" need to back up a bit and pull the 2x4 out of your own eyes before trying to pull the splinter from Bristol and Sarah Palin's eyes. Bristol chose life, that alone shows how well she was raised. She didn't just kill her baby because her mom was running for president, nor did Sarah kill her baby because he had Down's Syndrome.

Hey #99; you want to explain to us how Bristol gave birth to Trig (7 months old) and gave birth to a full term baby (41 weeks, THATS OVER 9 MONTHS, she was 1 week over her due date) just today? Tell us Einstein...*EYEROLL*

2123 days ago

Ian Kemp    

At least having kids is one problem Harvey will never have to worry about...! The Levin line dies with him.

2123 days ago


who cares about this hillbilly circus family .... but congrats to whoever on the new spud ........ hope she does not flaunt that down syndrome baby again that is sad we know he has a diability , don't try to make your life and career off a poor little baby...if she wasn't knocked up then maybe her daughter wouldn't have been either

2123 days ago


Whatagawdawful name. Our hillbilly neighbor named her baby "Cooper Trace" Already, the other kids call him "pooper" The name Trace just sort of numbs or stupifies everyone. Please, people, name your kids responsibly. Don't dumb down the future of our citizens.

2123 days ago


I am so glad that woman did not become our vice-p. Its so typical: woman against sexual education has daughter who has sex and gets preggers. Sign of God?

2123 days ago


Yee Haw.. another political celebuspawn all of US will caring for till they die.. kind of stinks how polititians get life long benefits in health care, college sponserships, and basically life handed to them on a plater at the expense of you, me and our nice to know our taxes are going to such a good cause eh?

2123 days ago


Actually, I think the new dad does have a job. He dropped out of high school to work for an oil company, the folks drilling on the Northern Slope (where Todd Palin works at least part-time, I imagine that was an advantage in getting the job), and they don't require a high school diploma (16 year olds are ok). It's a potentially high paying job, although I don't think everybody who drops out is so lucky (Alaska has an extremely high dropout rate, maybe even the highest in the US or close to it). But on the flip side, the cost of living is very high in Alaska because so many basic goods (including food) has to be brought in over quite a distance much of the time. Plus there are those heating bills... and transportation costs because it's so spread out. Anyway, I'm sure the new mom's parents will be able to help and she might still be covered on her parents' insurance policies. If not, the child should be covered by his dad's employer's policy even if they don't get married, yes?

2123 days ago

darling nikki    

Also, I don't think living in the governors mansion makes you trailer trash. Duh!

Posted at 8:19PM on Dec 29th 2008 by Bunzer

If you remove trash from the dumpster, is it still trash?

2123 days ago


Rick #13:

Hillary Clinton couldn't even control her adult husband and I bet you loved them, though. Liberals hypocrisy astounds me.
I bet if this were Caroline Kennedy Schlossbergs kid, it would be no problem.

2123 days ago

blues fan    

It was Bristol's mother who put her pregnancy out there for all the world to see and comment on -- poor girl, most moms would have tried to protect their daughters' privacy during such a sensitive time in their young lives, but Palin wanted to "work it" as an example of her strong Christian family values.
And since some posters have asked about the origin of the name Bristol, it's a city in England.

2123 days ago

darling nikki    

# 120,

Oh please. If it were Caroline Kennedy Schlossbergs' kid, you right-wing nuts would be having the same field day we are having right now with Failin' Palin.

2123 days ago

darling nikki    

Bristol is cute. Too bad she is Republican trash.

2123 days ago


This is not THAT unique of a name. Tripp. It seems like the Palin family has a penchant for taking last names for their kids first names. I can safely say I would take Tripp any day of the week and twice on Sunday vs any of the following:

Sistine, Sage Moonblood, Suri, Daisy Boo, Puma, Romeo, Moon Unit, Dweezil, Diva Muffin, Titan, Denim, Diezel, Seven, Fifi Trixibelle, Peaches Honeyblossom, Apple, Moxie Crimefighter, Kal-El, Zuma Nesta, Bronx Mowgli.........Tripp is positively boring in comparison. Hope the baby stays healthy and the couple stay positive in the midst of all this mudslinging.

2123 days ago
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