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NFL Superstar Accused of Baby Mama Beatdown

12/31/2008 3:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Larry Fitzgerald -- the star wide receiver for the Arizona Cardinals -- has been ordered to stay away from his baby mama and his 11-month-old son after he allegedly knocked her around a room and pulled her hair out.

Angela Nazario claims she brought the couple's son to visit Larry at his Phoenix home last October when the former lovers began arguing.

Nazario alleges in her legal papers filed in Arizona, Fitzgerald attempted to "defuse the situation" by raising his fist and challenging her to a play fight. Nazario admits she responded by swinging at him and "may have hit his face."

Fitzgerald then turned from playful to enraged, allegedly pushing Nazario down to her knees. She claims he "grabbed me by my hair with both hands on the back of my head very very hard and tossed me across the room."

Later, when she tried to leave with her son, Nazario says Fitzgerald "grabbed the back of my neck and slammed me down on the marble floor ... [I] was disoriented for awhile and could not get up, I remember he mumbled something about 'that's what happens when you try taking my son away from me.'" As she got in the car to leave she realized she had lost "chunks" of hair.

Calls to Fitzgerald have not been returned.

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yeh, he is such a great guy,so perfect,just like o.J. Simpson. a real angel. He's a **** bag!He's a real man,to be able to beat a woman.

2092 days ago


I just find it amusing that so many people can mouth off and make judgements about situations they know absolutely NOTHING about. First of all, this baby boy was the result of a THREE YEAR relationship! A relationship that she was committed to up until the point that she caught him straying from it. By having an intimate relationship with Angie, he made a choice and by laying his hands on her in a violent manner he made a choice, and regardless of who he is, should be held accountable for his actions. This seriously needs to go beyond "he said, she said". It should now be about Devin and what is best for him! Come on Larry, man up and be the kind of father your beautiful boy can be proud of, not just on the football field but as a decent human being!

2092 days ago


SHOCKER!!!!!!! Cardinals suck

2092 days ago


If she was injured to the point of being disoriented she would have called the police. It sounds a little more like she demanded money from him, he told her no so she is going to teach him a lesson. She admitted hitting him in the face so why hasn't she been arrested? Women making false accusations and using the threat of claiming domestic violence is disgusting. Women who truly are abused have to fight and be drug through the mud to get help because of gold digging manipulators like this. Not only should she be prosecuted for assualt which she committed by her own admission she should be sentenced to do community service in a battered women's shelter so she can see how these women have to fight and hide to remain safe and why it is so much harder for them because of women like her. Someone should also tell her that the child is a precious child not a paycheck.

2092 days ago

Get Real    

this story should not even be in the news if anybody knows larry he would not hurt anybody i know him personally this women's track record and who she has dated speaks for it's self . Larry would not risk not seeing his son if anything he has been good to her so he is able to see his child. but all she want's is more money and to destroy larry's image. She need's to get a life and the media needs to get the facts before putting the news out there.after all it dosen't take two months to make a complaint if anything she should be charged with hitting him.

2092 days ago

Get Real    

i must say that everyone should do there own investigation of the matter. this women has a motive , the fact that it took so long only means she is full of it. She has addmitted that she swung at Fitzgerald first. maybe fitzgerald was trying to avoid the second punch from her. If she was really hurt she should have called the police upon leaving his house. If anything i think fitzgerald should have called the police on her maybe that would have taught her a lesson.from what i understand at the time she got pregnant from him he was about 22 she was 35 she is not only a golddigger and a liar. she is also a cougar
i will never want a sick women like her around my 22 year old son but again my son has no money why should she.She should stop useing there child as a weapon againest him and she also should start hanging around people her own age.From what I'm reading from previous bloggers she has been around the block several thousand times. it sounds like fitzgerald did not call the police on her because of negative publicity.shame on her parents for raise such a evil women.

2092 days ago


What a dumb a**, he might be lucky and see his child again one day

2091 days ago


Let me say straight up there's nothing OK about a man beating a woman. Let's also get straight, that's not what happened here. When you sift through all he legalese and self- serving minimizing of her conduct "I may have hit him in he face???", what her complaint says is...they were arguing, he tried to "diffuse" [I'm assuming she and her lawyer meant de-fuse] the situation by injecting some levity into it and she tried to take advantage of her gender and public prejudice and perception of professional athletes and clocked him in the face. Unfortunately for her, she jumped bad like a guy and apparently got her ass kicked like a guy. School Playground 101: Don't start none won't be none. School Playground 102: When you start a fight with someone bigger than you, you might get your ass kicked. Too bad someone taught her, and too many chicks like her, that it's cute or somehow acceptable for a woman to hit a man. I never understood this thinking, or why these broads then have the audacity to bitch when they smacked back. A least in this situation, seems to me if you kept your hands in his pockets where you're reaching and off his face, youd've been OK.

2090 days ago


Although,it seems to be true that alot of Ball players are violent towards their spouses.I do not think this is all the story either.No woman deserves to be abused,but like my Momma said if you want to act like a man,get ready to be beat down like a man.I have been in the same situation as he was.My ex wife hit me in the face,and kicked me in the balls,and dared me to hit her back.She told me straight up she wanted me too,so she could have me arrested.Being that my ex is 5 foot 2,and I am 6'1,and have a good 90 pounds on her.I did not give her that satisfaction.I laughed in her face,and that pissed her off even more.Women know that the courts are bias towards them in most cases,so they like to see how far they can push men.The difference between him,and I is that I can control my temper,and he could not.I will say this he better get his temper in check before something worse happens.

2090 days ago


I'm so sick of the black atheletes are all this baby mama drama. What a disgrace to their race.

They find these black woman with the big fat cheesy asses, go up in it, bitch get pregnant and your life is ruined.

Don't trust a big smelly ass and a smile!!!

2089 days ago


Re: Yeah I Said It

Oh blah blah blah! Save the race baiting buffoonery. 1. She's not Black and if she was so what? and 2. You're just plain wrong. If you look at professional sports in general, the numbers of professional athletes involved in interracial marriages is way way disproportionately higher than the national average (but only for black male athletes seeking out non- black women, the numbers don't bear out the same way for white athletes marrying non white women.

2089 days ago


This is a bogus story made up by a baby momma that didn't get the ring on her money hungry finger. Nothing more, nothing less. If it were true she would have gone out to her car and went directly to the local police department and had a warrant sworn out. My aunt used to do the real thing every weekend. She would start a fight and keep hitting my uncle til he snapped and hit her back, then she would go down to the police station and have him arrested. Funny how she always dropped the charges in time for him to go in to work on Monday.

2089 days ago

Get Real    

She should get some advice fromjason kidd and warren moon's wives what a real ass whopping feel's like. What warren moon and jason kidd did to there wives is considered ass whopping in this case she is the one who struck him in his own house in front of the child she is lucky he did not call the police on her.I am sure he did not do so because of the media the pro athlete's should have security camera's inside of there houses as well so losers like her would not have a opprtunity to claim such rubbish. This athletes should understand that the are like a piece of bloody meat in the middle of the ocean waiting to be chewed up by the sharks. In closing i must say she did not get the money she wanted so she went public with this crap. I respect Fitzgreald for not giving into this blackmail.They should both think of the child welfare.

2088 days ago
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