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Palin -- Not In School Doesn't Mean Dropout

1/1/2009 2:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

You know the difference between an unwed teen baby daddy who left high school to become an electrician and a HS dropout? Nothing, according to Sarah Palin.

She corrected several publications and their reports Levi Johnston, her daughter Bristol Palin's fiancé, dropped out of high school. He's doing it online, apparently, and Bristol is getting "her last credit" to graduate while taking care of her new baby Tripp. (Track, Trig ... Tripp. No, we don't get it either.)

The Governatrix also said she is "over the moon" about the new child, even though, she admits, the news of Bristol's pregnancy was "shocking."


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the smartest thing that boy can do is get a paternity test. I went to school with Bristol I was a year ahead of her and she was doing every guy that approached her. She once did half the hockey team at a party.
He needs to make sure he is the baby daddy

2090 days ago


Why so bitter, Jake? Did Bristol recognize you as a loser and making up lies is your way of getting back at her?

2090 days ago


Palin figures,ah heck, put some kind of spin on it. Being accomodating is to be "easy". Not attending mandatory primary education is the same as "dropout". GED is an equivalency certificate.

2090 days ago


I'm not sure if Palin herself went to a qualified school. Hope it wasn't one of those "online" universities. Hehe.

2090 days ago


I'm betting they never get married and the young Republican lives a life of sin. So much for abstinence and family values. Hypocrites.

2090 days ago


TMZ, you have Jake's email. Please contact him and explain to him the meaning and consequences of libel.

2090 days ago


Palin always has a convenient explanation for every mistake and inconvenient blunder that occurs within her family and in her life. Idiot is all I can say. I agree with Jake.

2090 days ago

Ya Think    

Sarah Palin wouldn't know the truth if it was biting her on the end of her witch-like nose. It was great to see Sarah get hers in spades -- Bristol's SECOND pregnancy coming in the middle of Sarah's campaign for vice-presidency was priceless -- now the news that Levi's mother (the other grandma) is a meth-head drug pusher who will only get to see the baby on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the jail house visitor's room is beyond karma! Let's not be so naive here, people. Do you think young Levi and his innocent love interest didn't know what his mother was doing in that little mobile home they were living in together? There's not much privacy in those single-wides! Palin pallin' around with drug dealers...

Sarah Palin's daughter -- the unwed teenaged, single mother -- will end up with no education, just like the vast majority of others in her situation. She will face a life of personal struggles, limited resources and -- were it not for her mother's money and notoriety -- she and her children would be living in poverty and on welfare. As it is now, her and Levi did not marry because if they had married before the baby's birth, she could not have taken advantage of her mother's family health insurance coverage! Let's call it like it is -- Levi and Bristol are high school dropouts who are getting their GEDs online. They failed those "abstinence only" classes that Sarah was teaching and messed up their lives big time. Sarah can't run her own family properly, but she's stumping for President in 2012? NO THANKS!

2090 days ago


"PEOPLE reported this week that Bristol, 18, who gave birth on Saturday, intends to finish her high school degree through correspondence courses."

Does anyone out there have a "degree" from a high school? I had to go to college to get mine!

2090 days ago


I'd love to hear some negative stuff about horse-faced Michelle Obama. Tell me some bad stuff about her family -- that her daddy is a ho-chaser, that her auntie is a skanky alcoholic, that her momma wears combat boots...

2090 days ago


Someone please put fast drying glue in this annoying woman's mouth. I don't care about you (Sarah) or your spawns.

2090 days ago

Mr Obvious    

@ Lisa -- let's talk about libel.

From "Thought must be given to other issues before proceeding with a libel action:
- If the defamer is a disreputable publication or person, consider whether the statement should simply be treated with contempt, to avoid further republication.
Ensure that the plaintiff has no skeletons in their closet, as they can emerge at the most awkward moments."

I don't think that anonymous poster "jake" is going to lose any sleep at night. Nor will Bristol, due to anonymous, unsubstantiated comments posted online.

2090 days ago


The fact that any of you who respond how they don't care about Sarah, obviously does care since you are responding. The woman ran for office, unfortunately lost, we had to get over it, so the rest of you should as well. She is now doing her job that she was ELECTED to, she has a family that she is watching out for, let it be. Come on TMZ, with all those actors and actors out there, you really have to continue to harp on Sarah Palin and her family?

Oh, and yes, you can get a degree by correspondence or a GED. Whatever it takes.

Happy New Year everyone. Hope it's a healthy and prosperous one.

2090 days ago

Ya Think    

Donna-Marie -- You don't get a High School DEGREE. You get a High School DIPLOMA. Just in the way that it's worded it makes you think that this is just another one of Sarah Palin's on-the-spot lies to cover for her family and their tremendous mistakes. You don't get a high school DEGREE. Think about it...

2090 days ago


Palin is a real piece of work. She is quite taken with herself and believes she smarter than she actually is. Yes she's an elected official, but there are lots of elected officials in this country who have no business being in office. When looking at these "elected" officials you then have to look at the half wits that elect them. Keep on talking Madame Govenor I want the 75 percent of voters in this country reminded what a boob you really are.

2090 days ago
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