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Kathy Griffin

What a D**k!

1/2/2009 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kathy Griffin is certainly old and experienced enough to know you don't make lewd cracks when you're wearing a hot mic... Anderson Cooper was cool about it, but d**k jokes on CNN just don't seem right -- even for New Year's Eve.



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Kathy was horrible. Get her off TV. She wasn't funny at all. I had to turn off CNN and watch Fox. I wouldn't walk across the street to see her or hear her stupid jokes. Shame on CNN for hiring her. Poor Anderson.

2058 days ago


Since when has anything to do with morals become a problem you people at TMZ. You guys are completely lacking in it. You made the mistake of televising your antics too. We all now know how undesirable you are, especially when you're putting down other talented and good looking people.

As for the New Year's Eve shows. CNN's was far superior to the rest last night especially with their music. Kathy was funny. It wasn't a religous occasion afterall. CNN knew what they were doing. She was needed because Anderson might be a nice guy or good at his job... but he's definitely without personality.

2058 days ago


I love Kathy Griffin. I think she's hilarious. BUT I do not think that a major supposedly reputable network's New Years Eve telecast is the place for her. Were it MTV, Spike, Comedy Central, etc doing this special it would have been perfect, but to put someone as loud and crass as Kathy on CNN to say inappropriate things was completely ignorant of the network producers.

2058 days ago


Kathy Griffin is my Jesus, rock on Kathy!

2058 days ago


You idiots wouldn't know funny if it hit you in the face. Get back in your holes, toads. The sun is shining.

2058 days ago


#33 is right. The beauty of the TV is that it has this snappy device called a remote........I was stuck watching Robby Knievel ride his bike over that wimpy volcano at the Mirage. Kathy is like an anchovey, either you like it or you don't.

2058 days ago


How many segments and full blown shows have CNN done based on race in America, yet, they CHOSE two white people to host. That represents ZERO diversity.....They should change there slogan to 'Do as we report, not as we do'

2058 days ago


She's also been to Iraq many times on her own dime to entertain those that fight for your right to speak your mind. TEAM KATHY!!!!!!!!!!!

2057 days ago

not unique    

They were HILARIOUS! So glad I watched them, and so funny that TMZ, one of the most low budget, low class websites out there is taking offense. Kathy & Andy should do the CNN NYE show every year, if you don't like to laugh watch Seacrest Out and the other boring, unfunny NYE shows.

2057 days ago


Griffin hosted this last year?? The producers got the unbright idea to let her host it again thinking the sequel would do better.. but like most sequels they suck just like Griffin did. Haha!

2057 days ago


When I heard on CNN earlier that Kathy G. would help co-host the show, I was a little puzzled. I wondered why the producer's put her with Anderson Cooper the class-act of CNN. I normally do not watch all of the shows on CNN but I always try to watch Anderson Cooper. I hope next year the producer's give it more thought as to who will help him co-host.
Kathy Griffin is the pitts. She's trying to be and cannot be. She has "NO" class at all.

Even Kathy Pickler did a much better show with Ryan S. Kathy Picker is young and less experienced.

Listen-up CNN - make a better choice next uear.

2057 days ago

Wayne Newtn    

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2057 days ago

Wayne Newtn    

this broad's got "BLING SPLATT" & she even got no "bling in da
grill". she jus' stoopid !!! she got a low enough IO, that her brain
went KABOOM on it's own !!!

if you're not schooled on what "BLING SPLATT" is...get busy and
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Praise be to einStinE and his theory of 'The Cause of Pre-Mature
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2057 days ago


Kathy is hilarious, and if you don't like her sense of humor use your fingers and change the channel to Fox News! No one forced you to watch Kathy and Anderson. BTW, Anderson LIKES Kathy, if he didn't after last year he could have chosen not to do the countdown with her. I hope all you haters have a happier New Year.

2057 days ago

Wayne Newtn    

hey tmz,

look at her face...can't you tell Jay Leno has his hand up her *%$*#

RJ Johnson is BACK !!!

2057 days ago
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