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Coulter Calls Michelle O Jackie O Wannabe

1/3/2009 11:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ann Coulter and Michelle ObamaLooks like the GOP's head cougar has gone from political attack dog to snotty celeb fashion critic.

In her new book, "Guilty: Liberal "Victims" and Their Assault on America" Ann Coulter slams Michelle Obama for her hairstyle and clothes. Coulter calls Michelle an obvious Jackie Kennedy wannabe with her "flipped-under hair, the sleeveless A-line dresses" and "the short strands of fake pearls."

Good news: Coulter reportedly had to have her jaw wired shut. Bad news: She can still type.


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Ann Coulter is dead on about Michelle Obama. But its not just here apperance. All of a sudden she's proud of her country ( forget how she " really " meant to say " For the first time in my adult life I'm proud of my country " ) !!!!
Funny how Ann is singled out on her comments since she's a "GOP couger". But no one criticized the person who told us Nancy Reagan spent outrageous amounts of money on china and curtains for the White House redecoration. Even I was mad.
Can you say hyprocate? I kwew you could !!!

1989 days ago


Ann Coulter is dead on about this one. I was thinking the exact same thing this morning, that Michelle Obama is such a Jackie O wanna be. She cannot hold a candle to the great and stylish Jackie O. Michelle Obama has a decent body, nice arms but she has a horse face. Ann Coulter is very right in alot of thr things she say's and she stood up to those awfull women on The View.

2000 days ago

Miss Prince    

Ann is such a media whore she says thing just to sell books, That's what makes amercikkkk so free u can say meaningless bull and still sleep easy. I wish peace for all mankind. But u know peace has a cost here. Ann needs to eat some food get a doc to make sure she is healthy and get over herself. In a few years she will be forgotten no will be truly missed but the frist lady will make head lines weither any one likes them are not and that's what the people said on nov 2008. Ann will find some one eles to offend . And look at Ann she wish she had as much class as the first lady. Ann will always be a b class star.

1999 days ago

Leno sucks, Conan rocks    

Meh...Ann Coulter is a McCarthy wannabe.

2058 days ago


I know someone who drilled Coulter in the a@@ on many

2058 days ago


Ann Coulter is as useful as a used tampon.

2058 days ago


Anybody who takes that bitter, delusional witch seriously is probably one of those people who's stupid enough to listen to Rush Limbaugh and actually believe what he says.

Not newsworthy.

2058 days ago


Well, if that's true then Coulter must want to be a neo-nazi poster girl with her black leather skirts and nasty attitude.

2058 days ago


Michelle Obama is a joke- Someone tell her to get over herself- no one voted for her.

2058 days ago


I love Ann! She tell it like it is.

2058 days ago


.........and Ann Coulter is a Mr. Ed wannabe.

2058 days ago

Can't Stand Obama    

I don't know who I can't stand more - Ann Coulter or Michelle Obama. They both need to be never reported about again.

2058 days ago


Ann is right about this one!
All those that voted for the great Messiah have been fooled.

2058 days ago


Ann you are soooo thinking she really has a crush on obama HATER!

2058 days ago


Lookswise, Ann Coulter is a goddess compared to Michele Obaminable...

2058 days ago
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