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John Travolta's Son: Meds Ultimately Didn't Work

1/5/2009 5:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned more about the medical condition of John Travolta's son, Jett, and the medication that ultimately didn't work.

We're now told the grand mal seizures Jett suffered were "frequent and extremely serious." Travolta's lawyers, Michael Ossi and Michael McDermott, tell us "each seizure was like a death," with Jett losing consciousness and convulsing.

We now know Jett was taking a drug called Depakote, a strong anti-seizure medication. There have been reports Travolta refused to give his son anti-seizure meds because of Scientology but those stories are not true.

Jett had been having seizures on an average of every four days, until he started taking Depakote. Ossi and McDermott say the drug initially worked, reducing the frequency to approximately once every three weeks.

Jett took Depakote for "several years," but it eventually lost its effectiveness, according to Ossi and McDermott. They say the Travoltas were concerned about possible physical damage. And, Jett went back to having around one seizure a week. So Travolta and Preston, after consulting neurosurgeons, stopped administering the drug. No one is suggesting withdrawal of the medicine in any way caused the fatal episode.


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Keep digging TMZ. There is more to the story. There is no doubt that they loved their son but they didn't love him enough to give him the treatment or medication he needed. Medical science has come so far with all kinds of new drugs and treatments to help people like Jett. It is so sad that a child has to die because of what this QUACK L. Ron Hubbard thought in his own sick mind was right . May this poor child rest in peace.

2117 days ago

Um Hello???    

How is posting on a website not allowing them to mourn? They are not sitting here reading these posts. No one is at their house putting post it notes on the walls - we are posting our toughts and opinions on a website - a website which has a forum for thoughts and opinions, a website that they are surely not reading.

2117 days ago


that poor kid, how truly sad

seems like he'd be attended at all times

do they always travel with multiple attorneys? didn't anna nicole's son die in the bahamas?

2117 days ago


To the ignorant people who are saying Depakote is not used to control grand mal seizures, you should just stop posting about which you know nothing. Depakote is almost always used in patients with seizure disorders; it may not always work for everyone, but it is commonly prescribed initially. And just because the article doesn't list every medication Jett Travolta may have taken in his lifetime, that doesn't mean the only drug they ever tried was Depakote.

And lastly, just because the Travolta's attorney is speaking for them, that doesn't mean anything - not that they are trying to cover anything up or hide anything. Maybe white trash low lives only consult an attorney when they are in trouble, but normal business people who have a brain usually are in contact with their attorney on a regular basis - sometimes daily. My guess is the Travoltas have probably had the same attorney for years and he is also a personal friend of theirs - that's how it is in my family, and I'm just a nobody.

2117 days ago


You can build up a resistance to many drugs. My mom was on Aricept for Alzheimer's. She eventually developed a tolerance for it, it no longer worked, and she had to be put in a nursing home because we couldn't handle the disease any longer on our own. She was gone within 6 months.

Leave these people alone. Anyone with a child knows these people are now living their worst nightmare. No parent should have to bury a child, especially one so young. May the poor boy find the peace he couldn't find on this earth. My deepest sympathy to his family.

2117 days ago

Wow, LOOK at all the RACISTS...    

Okie Dokie - to speculate about someone else's situation to that degree breeds negative energy and spiritual hatred. Tell us something abut your life so we can speculate, insinuate and determine YOU did something criminal without knowing YOU or any facts. How does that sound? We're waiting...

2117 days ago


I too wondered about the Depakote for seizures because I have never heard it used for that before but a little google research verified that it can be used for seizures. What doesn't make sense to me is that if the seizures were that bad that they released a press statement that stated : "each seizure was like a death" makes no sense that he wasn't on any med for these severe seizures. Anytime you have a seizure you are damaging your makes no sense to just let him have one every 4 days or so.....because the Depakote wasn't working anymore. There are lots of meds out there for seizures & the quick list is:

First line of drugs:
Carbamazepine (Tegretol)
- Ethosuximide (Zarontin)
- Phenytoin (Epanutin)
- Sodium Valproate (Epilim)

The second line drugs used when the first-line ones do not appear to be working satisfactorily are:-
- Clobazam (Frisium)
- Clonazepam (Rivotril)
- Gabapentin (Neurontin)
- Lamotrigine (Lamictal)
- Phenobarbitone (Gardenal/Luminal)
- Primidone (Mysoline)
- Vigabatrin (Sabril)
- Topirmate (Topamax)
- Oxcarbazepine (Trileptal)
- Tiagabine (Gabapentin)
- Levetivacetam (Keppra)

Something isn't making sense but my heart does grieve for this family & the pain they are going through. God Bless them.

2117 days ago


I have to give TMZ credit, they have gone out of their way to NOT accuse this family of withholding medication from their child. I hope they also keep a very close eye on this thread and not allow any blatant cruelty. My heart goes out to this family, they lost a child and during the holidays. The time of year will ultimately mean that every Christmas from now on will be filled with even more pain for the Travoltas. Try to be kind people, they lost their only son.
That said, I have my suspicions when it comes to this organization too. I will not refer to Scientology as a church or a religion because it is nothing but an organization or greedy controlling morons, a cult at best. Tom Cruise made it very clear in his rant to Matt Lauer that this group does not recognize a lot of conditions and tries to play doctor where it shouldn't. That is where all the immediate suspicion comes from, you really can't blame people for that.
My prayers, to the actual God, go out this family. I am truly sorry for your loss.

2117 days ago


And to Travis (and whoever else thinks someone with Autism can not have a fulfilling life) - you obviously have never been around someone with Autism. Autism is not "painful" as you said. People with Autism can and do live productive, important, special lives. Just because you may not view their lives as "normal" does not mean they dont' have people who love them and want them around. I have worked with MANY people with Autism over the past 15 years - there are many different levels of functioning. Having a child with any kind of disability is a challenge, but I guarentee Jett's parents did not think he, nor they, were "suffering". You don't love a child who has a disability any less than you would love any typical child. What kind of a person you must be....I feel sorry for any children you may have.

2117 days ago

Sue Wong    

Let that be a lesson to uneducated and hateful bloggers. Don't rush to judge. If you have nothing good to say shut your trap!!!

2117 days ago


to travis

you are some piece of work!

how the hell old r u?

go back to playing video games

a fan

2117 days ago

Um Hello???    

I never once called anyone a criminal. I stated my opinion that they should have tried more than one medication. Would you stop trying to get rid of an illness if one medication out of 40 didn't work? I think not.

I have also displayed FACTS regarding Scientology - facts given to me from a former member of the cult - so yes I do have first hand information.

If the famous people do not want their lives looked into, or speculated about - they should have thought of that before choosing their profession. Anyone else that is not made of money, not an "icon", just a normal joe - would have been investigated by now as to why more medicating options weren't there, or why more than one medication wasn't tried before giving up, if the case were public knowledge.

Spiritual hatred? There is nothing spiritual about Scientology. Their handbook even states they call themselves a church to avoid paying taxes.

2117 days ago


The following excerpts are taken from
Last year, one website wrote an eerily prophetic post concerning this event:

"Four years ago, Kelly got out her hounds-tooth coat and pipe and giant magnifying glass and used her sleuthiness to determine that the cause was environmental toxins. Specifically, carpet cleaning chemicals. Then Kelly used a Scientology endorsed program created by L. Ron Hubbard to cure him. And it worked! No, wait, did I say, "it worked"? I meant to say, "it failed completely!"The real problem of course isn’t carpet based treachery, it's that Jett has autism, and no amount of meadow-scented deception is behind it. He's never been officially diagnosed of course, since the "church" won't allow it, but outsiders who know the affliction well say the signs are clearly evident.
I say we give the Scientology method a few more years to kick in. Soon, Jett will be dead. Ta-da!"
Critics of Scientology have been crying 'child abuse' for years in respect to the Travolta's disregard for autism and their unwillingness to address Jett's needs.

"Folks picketed the Travolta/Preston family, saying that their refusal to seek treatment for the boy bordered on—or, you know, flat out was—child abuse. Travolta's brother Joey even produced a movie about the condition, but the family continued to shut down any reports that autism was involved."
Neighbours of the Travolta's, who also happen to be parents of an autistic child, had nothing short of shocking stories to tell with regard to Jett and how he was treated within the family:

The Kennys also claim that Kelly and John "let Jett sit in front of video games all day eating junk food, while they eat the best organic food money can buy. They exclude Jett from all social events because they are embarrassed."
"Once," reports Kenny, "when Kelly took him to the movies, Jett started to have a meltdown and Kelly pointed at the nanny and ordered, 'Take care of it.'"

"Jett does not speak at all," confirms Kenny. "He has not even been taught how to communicate. We struggle every week to pay for our daughter's therapy. How dare he [Travolta] ruin his own son's chances of recovering! We want to get the word out on this."


2117 days ago

Wow, LOOK at all the RACISTS...    

Okie Dokie, how about using this as a forum to send condolences to the family, not to spew negativity. Nothing wrong with a forum, but how about being positive for a change. Us American's think we're above the law. What gives us the right to be negative about other people's tragedies?????

2117 days ago


All of you spewing your ignorant conjectures about some cover-up or spin of this tragedy, as well as Jett not getting the VERY best in care are just MORONS and you have no right to assume or judge them. You only make yourselves look even stupider, not to mention the bad karma you heap upon yourselves.

They are just a family hurting now. There is no blame, no finger pointing, only deep, raw sorrow.

The did everything they could to give their son a better life, including the difficult task of giving him some privacy, yet keeping a close eye on him.

As sad and painful as the loss of their son is, it does sound like it is also a blessing, as he seems to have suffered greatly on a very regular basis. God bless you, Jett.

2117 days ago
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