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Travolta Autopsy Is Over

1/5/2009 4:39 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned the autopsy of Jett Travolta has just ended.

His body has been transferred to Restview Memorial Mortuary and Crematorium in the Bahamas.

The preliminary report has not yet been completed.

Story developing ...


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Becoming tollerant to meds you take for a long time is normal.You have to switch to another, not stop all together, my god why would you stop anti seizure medication? Theres something wrong here, maybe he never was taking the medicine.

2012 days ago


Granted, I'm not a celebrity but when my husband died at the age of
24 I made the results of his autopsy known to anyone who would

He was diagnosed with intrinsic asthma (meaning they didn't know what
caused it) and then one day he fell dead after eating a salad from a
salad bar. He would get ill after drinking a glass of wine. Why?
Because of the sulfites in them.. BEWARE of sulfites. You can be
allergic to them at not even know it until it's too late. Read
labels when buying groceries!

His mother blamed me for his asthma (cause he didn't have it until we
married), people said he shouldn't have drinking that only bad things
happen from drinking. I could have been hurt and angry but I wasn't.
Everyone was reeling and questioning everything and everyone. It
came with the territory.

What I'm trying to say is, the Travoltas shouldn't be scared or
ashamed to say, things were happening and maybe we could have handled
things differently, maybe not, but we just want y'all to learn from
what we've learned.

I'm sure I haven't expressed this well but if I thought one person
could learn from what I went through, I'd bare my soul.

2012 days ago


I am curious to know the time of death, it would clear up the discrepancy of how long Jett was left unattended.

2012 days ago


The "widely reported," is coming from TMZ, a gossip, tabolid site. Knowing about the efficacy of medications for adolescents/adults could be done so back educatng oneself of the various treatment. Due to HIPP, and rightfly so, the public is limited to what information can be released to the 3rd parties or the general public. Therefore, for people to suggest foul play, which would placed many responsible people's position in jeopardy is absurd. (Although many would argue that the family paid everyone off to remain silent). If the family wish to come forward at a later time to disclose Jett's condition, ongoing battle, struggle, and treatment is a family matter. And, the public should respect that. Again, educating oneself about a condition is one thing, and delving into the life of another is another. Regarding your involment in your community and interested in children all over, that is commenable. However, seems as if you have a lot on your plate. Just Saying

2012 days ago


Hey're the biggest douchbag EVER.

2012 days ago


TMZ, this is a rather sensitive subject. I still love you guys tho heartless mother-beepers

2012 days ago


JMO, sorry for you pain and loss. However, because you were willing to disclose your hurt that does not mean other should. There is no right way to handled grief. Refusing to disclose does not imply foul play; while disclosing doesn't imply love. Sorry again, for your loss.

2012 days ago

two cents    

POPPY! You were right. The autopsy is being performed IN FRONT OF THE FAMILY DOCTOR!! The same family doctor that didn't medicate him properly. The same doctor that in effect, caused his death. _of_john_travoltas_son_jett_perfo.html

What justice will there be for poor Jett? It's going to be covered up like all the other scientology deaths. When will this madness end? How can they allow this intimidation?!! God damn it, WTF!

2012 days ago

Obama is Gay    


2012 days ago


These poor parents. My heart just aches for them. And for those of you who are bringing their belief system into all of this, check your own belief system before casting a stone. THERE ARE EXTREMIST in every faith, every religion, every cult - everywhere. I see John and Kelly as human beings, as parents, not as scientologist. What god they worship or what they believe in does not matter when it comes to GRIEF!

I hope they get the answers they need, so they can put their dear son to rest and move on with their grief. We have no right as the general public to inflict anymore hurt on them by posting hurtful messages concerning their son. I'm all for freedom of speech, but you guys take it to the extreme!

Also, for all you FLICKTARDS talking about Jett's brain, you guys are sick. TMZ should ban you!

2012 days ago


my honky brethen,

lemme break it down for y'all. no peeps were 'round wen big boi gone
toe up coz', da nanny dude wuz wit kelly gettin' a
'chales barkely
special'. jt wuzzn't round coz he wuz wit da sessy bahama girl from
da club gettin' hizzee's 'saturday night fever' on. da rest is
coverup by da man to control jt's $$$ and do a 'bernie madoff' wit
jt's $$$. y'all know da man iz tom cruise, he wanna go awl
'alien' &
shiznit wit jt's $$$. tom doing dat hitler flick went to his head,
coz he wanna take over dat
scientolo shiznit like he wuz da man, he aint da man...superfly iz da
MAN !!!


2012 days ago


How curious the attorney is releasing a new statement after each new
issue arises...he's had plenty of time to get his "story"
too. Its all hooey
and have a kid who wasnt on RX
medications, two nannie/mannies partying thinking he's sleeping for
16 hours, parents that dont go to bed until 5a.m., and all the
ingredients of a tragedy in the making.
i agree with those who are questioning the fact that attorneys are
speaking for the Travoltas. I always thought that their publicist or
manager would speak for them.
What doesn't make sense to me is that if the seizures were that bad
that they released a press statement that stated : "each seizure was
like a death".............
also, i pick my poo hole then lick the tip of me finger.
This is a cover up and everyone who is posting here defending the
Travolta's and their beliefs are Scientologists.
So Jett was having grand mal seizures every four days but the mannies
didn't check on him for more than ten hours?
john was sooo GAY in "Perfect". but, jaime lee curtis was HOTTT !!!
where were the
male nannies??? were they too busy 'boinking' each
other in the a@@ !!!
my oh my so that's where john was, he was in a menage a trois with
the male nannies, while jett lay dying on the floor !!!

2012 days ago



You are an idiot! Do you know anything about anti-seizure medications? Did you know that they can cause damage to your liver and your kidneys? Were you aware that if you have a severe case of epilepsy, they may not help at all? Are you willing to put your own child's (assuming you don't have one because you are too insensitive) other organs in jeopardy just to curb seizures to once every three weeks? Have you ever had a seizure? Did you know that no amount of medication can stop you from choking on your own tongue or stop your breathing during a seizure?

I suppose none of you have any experience with seizures and the medications because if you did, you would not that no medication works at 100 %!

2012 days ago

Phil McCracken    

@Inspector Clouseau - ooh look! A $cientologist doing irony - whatever next! That tech is amazing.

Pity OT powers don't work, otherwise this thread wouldn't even be here...

2012 days ago


Why doesn't anyone have respect for this family??? there son passed away, and i doubt they want to hear babout it or read about it EVERYWHERE they turn. people acting like its nom big deal. what if it were your son???

2012 days ago
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