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Travolta Death Cert Lists Seizure

1/5/2009 6:53 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

UPDATE: 9:29 ET Dr. Hubert Minnis, Minister of Health in the Bahamas, told Larry King Jett's body was cremated today.

UPDATE 5:52 ET -- The assistant director of the funeral home told TMZ the pathologists who performed the autopsy concluded Jett Travolta died from a seizure.

Jett Travolta's death certificate lists "seizure" as the cause of death.

No word on the coroner's findings, at least not yet.

The funeral home says "The body was in great condition and shows no sign of head trauma," despite police and family who say the boy hit his head either on the toilet seat, bathtub or both.

The body is currently en route to the airport to be flown back to Florida.

Story developing ...


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So sad.....As a mother, I cannot imagine the pain of losing a child. My heart goes out to the Travoltas as they mourn the loss of their only son.

2094 days ago

Aunt Esther    

1. Intracranial hemorhhage caused by seizure-induced blunt-force trauma to skull.
2. Parental stupidity.

2094 days ago


TMZ, let it do already. Let them grieve without you in the way. Let them bury their son before you throw them to the phirannas.

2094 days ago


OK TMZ, let some people RIP

2094 days ago


Enough TMZ, let the family alone

2094 days ago

June Pollard    

My sincere condolences to the entire Travolta family. It is devastating to lose a loved one
and unbearable to lose one's own child. I share your pain. Embrace your daughter and
cherish the wonderful memories you shared with Jett. Take comfort in the fact that he is
now in peace and is no longer suffering.

June Pollard, Staten Island, NY

2094 days ago


OMG! leave it alone all ready!

2094 days ago


You are NOT the coroner, you were NOT there so when you ASSume you make an....... of you !! Let this poor family grieve in peace. They loved that boy- it is painfully obvious. No matter if he were a Scientologist, a Jehovah's Witness, they did as parents what they thought was best. If they did anything wrong which I am certain they did not, they will have to answer for it someday. Stop being such a judgemental jerk.

2094 days ago


Oh and here all along I thought it was a drug overdose.


2094 days ago


1. 1. Intracranial hemorhhage caused by seizure-induced blunt-force trauma to skull.
2. Parental stupidity.

Posted at 5:01PM on Jan 5th 2009 by Will Smith

You are a really sad person... I will pray for you, as soon as I am finished praying for the Travolta's.

2094 days ago


Why do people on here post and tell TMZ to stop reporting certain topics? It is their webpage and they can report whatever the want. If you do not like it, then stop coming here and reading.. or just skip to the next article. If there is something reported on here that I do not like or care about - I just keep on scrolling past it. Problem solved.

Anyway, I truly hope medication wouldn't have helped Jett. I know it has been reported that they supposedly "tried" depokate to control his seizures and it didnt' work, but I have my doubts on that.. Regardless, he was a cute kid and this is a tragedy regardless.

2094 days ago


Duh, that it was a seizure induced fall was not a mystery. The mystery is the timeline, and the reported non-treatment (gave up on treatment) of said seizures.

2094 days ago


When I read that not too long ago John and Kelly were in the ambulance holidng Jetts hand and John was saying "Cmon Jett, Cmon Jett:" that is when I realized how sad this story is. LIke he could have ' come back' and this would be a little story, but now he is in the morgue and its over forever, so as a mom of a 13 year old, please just let the story have some dignity. I am not interested in the details anymore, how unbelieveably sad to have them hope upon hope that he would make it and then he actually did not, he died. So let US all not make this a web story for comments.

2094 days ago

Former Fan    

To those who say, "OK now let it go TMZ!"

STFU and stop just accepting everything a celebrity's rep tells you as fact.

2094 days ago


Ok, anons, seriously chill.

Yes, Scientology probably had something to do with his death. No, this is not the time for Xenu. Poor kid. And poor family, it's hard enough trying to raise a special needs kid without having to deal with the shame levied on them by a misinformed community that doesn't believe in these conditions, let alone their treatments.

2094 days ago
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