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Travolta Death Cert Lists Seizure

1/5/2009 6:53 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

UPDATE: 9:29 ET Dr. Hubert Minnis, Minister of Health in the Bahamas, told Larry King Jett's body was cremated today.

UPDATE 5:52 ET -- The assistant director of the funeral home told TMZ the pathologists who performed the autopsy concluded Jett Travolta died from a seizure.

Jett Travolta's death certificate lists "seizure" as the cause of death.

No word on the coroner's findings, at least not yet.

The funeral home says "The body was in great condition and shows no sign of head trauma," despite police and family who say the boy hit his head either on the toilet seat, bathtub or both.

The body is currently en route to the airport to be flown back to Florida.

Story developing ...


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My daughter died from a seizure when she was 15. It's actually quite common, but seldom talked about. The acronym is SUDEP..sudden unexpected death in epilepsy. The parents are certainly NOT to blame. I think people just like to cast aspersions because it makes them feel like it can't happen to them.

2117 days ago


The pathetic and rabid fundamentalist Christians on the blogs as, it's your way or the highway, eh? A fundamentalist Christian (Bush) and those who voted him into office not only once but twice are responsibile for what is presently occurring in the United States and in the Middle East and, yet, you have the nerve to judge these loving, nurturing, and devoted parents whose son died of a seizure. Wonder how your parenting matches against The Travoltas....probably not very well, eh?

TMZ and Harvey Levin., please leave this family alone to grieve the loss of their child. The continued blogs are no longer about news but potential destruction of these actors in their hours, weeks, months, and years of mourning an important member of their (private) family. Rest in Peace, beautiful Jett Travolta!

2117 days ago


So sorry for there lose.Lets all stop and give them some space.Please leave them alone.Pray for them.

2117 days ago


Additionally..the listed cause of death on my daughter's death certificate is: SEIZURE. You can die from a seizure..the heart goes into arrythmia and you die...and almost NEVER can the victims be revived.

2117 days ago


Don't let the Xenu zombies tell you what you can and cannot post. That's what they are used to in that cult. They can stick to their own kind if they don't believe in the First Amendment, and they don't.

2117 days ago

Jovi Fan    

I agree that a seizure may not be the whole cause of death. But after having mine I know I have had to have CPR to revive me. This last one I had I ended up with 17 stitches on my face & a major bump on the back of my head because I fell & hit my kitchen counter & then hit the refridgerator. So I know that blunt force trauma to the head is what some people get after a seizure. But I have been lucky their has always been people around me to give me immediate medical treatment or at least gave me CPR until an ambulance could come. If for some reason this all happened when I was by myself I maybe dead also. My husbands & kids come home every night afraid of seeing me dead. Believe me you do take percautions but sometimes are just out of our control. Please let this family grieve in peace. I know if it was me I would want people to let my family grieve & not judge them on something that was out of their control. Their is usually no warning before a seizure so things like this can happen. I would be laughing & playing with the kids & then the next thing I know people are around me giving me medical care. I think people need to be more educated about seizure before they can say the parents neglected him. It sounds like they did take alot of percautions because of his condition & yes if there were two nannies there to watch over him why did this happen. Only god knows why he decided to take Jett at such a young age.

2117 days ago


I am very dissappointed that they(travoltas) will NOT admit the truth,,they believe what they want rather than how it really is..
of course it is sad to lose achild,,but worse to continue to suffer indefinatly,,the kid had severe autism, it is obvious,not caused by rug is agentic defect!!!!!!!!!!! they are embarrassed to admit it is their poor genteics,,medications yes or no would not matter in this case..
have you ever heard of survival of the fitest??? it is natures way of weeding out the defcts & not reproducing more defectsl ike fragile X & autism.they are missing the component that controls emtions & human actions.
get over it ,,it was autism

2117 days ago

god loves us all    

The most cruel thing a person can say is : "I'm sorry for them BUT........."

2117 days ago


I am so sorry for the Tavolta's loss. I have no doubt John did all he could to provide the greatest quality of life that he could for Jett. That said, and I mean no disrespect, I am still puzzled as to why he won't admit his son was not only suffering from KS, but autism as well. Even Jett's brother said he was autistic. As someone who has worked 20 years with autistic children, I could easily detect autism in Jett just by looking at videos of him. I am just asking why?

2117 days ago


To Will Smith (the comment below), "Parental Stupidity" my ass! This young man was very well cared for... you need to get knocked hin the head for your stupidity. Get a life.

2117 days ago

Um Hello???    

mominmn I am truly very very sorry for your loss.

2117 days ago


Don't tell TMZ to stop reporting about this, I want to know! If you don't like it, I suggest you go somewhere else. There are other sites on the internet, you know...

2117 days ago



2117 days ago


I love the picture of Jett kissing his Dad's head - what a teddy bear - he really was a sweet gentle giant - his face looks like a cherub angel and his eyes are his Dad and his eyes sparkle from within like his mothers.

Children with varying disorders can have challenging behaviours because they are unable at times to understand their world. If they choose to be different who are we the tyical developing ones to decide what is normal - maybe they are and we are not. Rest in peace Jett and may your family be a peace knowing how you were and are still loved.

2117 days ago


Let it go's over. The Travoltas had the right to administer medication as they saw fit because they were Jett's parents. It's never an easy decision to medicate your child...unless you've been there, don't cast stones.

And to #11--chastise all you want, but the medication in question is DEPAKOTE not "depokate". TMZ got that wrong from the get-go. So yeah, we're going to stay here and correct a LOT. Sorry.

2117 days ago
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