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Jett Travolta Found with Pulse

1/6/2009 11:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

People in the bathroom trying to revive Jett Travolta believe they detected a "faint pulse" during the rescue effort.

We've now learned specifics about the circumstances surrounding Jett's death. The bathroom where John Travolta's son was found has a small toilet area with a door. Jett was found in that area with the door closed.

Jett had suffered a seizure and struck either the toilet or the wall as he collapsed. He was "bleeding in several areas," including his mouth. He had no cuts but did have bruises on his body. Jett had also been bleeding internally.

A funeral home official said the body was in "great shape" and showed "no sign of head trauma." In fact, we're told there was a considerable amount of blood after the resuscitation efforts but it could have been wiped clean after he died, and the color of Jett's skin could have masked bruises, since Jett had been dead for three days before the autopsy was performed.


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Yep, 99centz, it looks like Time Warner is trying to do another dirty expose' on us--like they did in the May 6, 1991 edition of TIME Magazine "Scientology:Cult of Greed and Power", for which we sued them for, and lost because the media owns the courts--in New York, and not us!

2119 days ago

sad mom    

Please leave John Travolta and his family the hell alone. They are going through the worst thing they could ever go through in their lives.This is not entertaining for anyone to see or watch them go through. Enough is enough! They don't need you or anyone else asking dumb questions or making them feel any worse than they already do. Running pictures and stories every 5 minutes is not helping them cope or deal trust me.
Asking accusing questions about their parenting skills is not warrented right now. Interviewing paramedics and a funeral home that worked on your son is rude and uncalled for. Having someone talking about the last minutes you shared with your son clinging to the hope your son will be ok and then losing them. Wanting to know every word the grieving family said and everything they did, giving blow by blowing play back is disgusting! How do you think they reacted??? What would you of said if it was your child and you were there holding their hand watching their life slip away? How do you think they are feeling?? They are freaking destroyed inside and out.
I don't care if they are scientoligists, catholics or purple people eaters. When you loose a child you die inside. They were great parents by all accounts and loved, and love their children very much. A parent will blame themselves reguardless you don't need to add any more guilt to the pile right now.

Something else not needed right now is the gazillion paps camped outside their homes waiting for that grief shot to make a buck on someone else's tragedy. Their son died leave them ALONE TO DEAL. How would you feel if it happend to you would you like all that drama?? or would you like to grieve in peace its the very least we can do this is not a movie premier or red carpet even this is life and death were talking about!

Here's an idea why don't you go home to your own children that you probably don't spend 1/2 of the time the Travolta's spent with their children (son) and hug them and love them and spend some time with them instead of stalking a family in grief. Be grateful your child is healthy and alive and with you!

Maybe if you stop TMZ perhaps other will as well!!

All they want is to be left alone to grieve in peace can't we at least give them that??
A grieving mother who knows!

2119 days ago


I am sorry but this information IS relevant. We are told by Travolta's spokespeople how devoted John and Kelly were to their son and how Jett had this pre-existing seizure disorder.
Well, then 1) Jett should have been constantly monitored since seizure disorders are so dangerous. He shouldn't have been left for nearly 12 hours alone, unmonitored.
2) And if his parents were such devoted parents to Jett, as they claim, then why weren't they monitoring him personally, instead of passingthe buck to negligent nannies? Or were they too busy partying?

2119 days ago

Prince Von A-Hole    

I hope you sick morons get sued for more then you have so Harvey will have to be garnished the rest of his miserable life.

2119 days ago


check out the above website. People were talking about this over a year ago, how they felt that Jett was not getting the right treatement for his disorder, due to the Travolta's belief in Scientology and not recognizing autism...

2119 days ago


This is way beyond TMI. Let poor Jett rest in eternal peace. We do not need every detail of the autopsy. My prayers go out to the Travolta family and their loved ones.

2119 days ago


TMZ.COM, you should be ashamed of yourself for writing some of the things you have about the details surrounding Jett Travoltas death. Let him rest in peace and let his family grieve the way you would want to grieve for your own family....My heartfelt thoughts and prayers go out to both the Travolta and Preston families--this is beyond sad and please know that people from around the world are sharing in your pain.....

2119 days ago


Cher, this is Sonny. I am up here with Jett. He says he's happy to be here because he has escaped the bounds of Scientology...Of course, so have I. Love yah long legs....

2119 days ago


There IS something fishy going on with the differences in stories. All island personnel says NO signs of head trauma, yet parents are stating he "hit his head following a seizure" ?? Differences in the reports of how long he was by himself? I think someone should be charged with negligence: either the nanny for not doing his job, or the parents for not seeking proper medical treatment for their son (because of religious beliefs?).

2119 days ago


TMZ has gone downhill. TV show looks lilke a bunch of high schoolers sitting around giggling. Hire some grown ups ....

2119 days ago


Lace, post #24, you smell like a Scientologist. You're trying to use the old "discredit the source" tactic. Sorry, it's played out. Try another one.

2119 days ago

Mitchell Blais    

I just want to say my heartfelt condolences to the Travolta family. I know what it is like to lose a brother and see a parent lose a child.

To those of you who have nothing better to do than pick on on families in pain, f**k all of you. I am a man with a wife and a son and yes I have epilepsi.My biggest fear is not waking up , weather it be in the washroom, in my sleep ect. and not being there for my family.
To the poeple who think it's fishy, learn what you are talking about before you speak. I have been in the middle of going to the washroom and without warning woke up in the emergency room.

I know being in the public eye has its disadvantages but certain things should be left alone. Let this family greive, they will be in the public again when they are ready.

Mitchell Blais
Fort St John, British columbia, Canada

2119 days ago


Holy Balls....the boy died....end of story. Leave it were it needs to be...with the family grieving and out of the damn press. Get a damn life TMZ.

2119 days ago


Mitchell (#26) -- Most of us have experienced losing someone dear to us. Most of us know at least one person who has lost a child. And most of us know someone who is dealing with epilepsy. (For me, it's my brother.) You said "I have been in the middle of going to the washroom and without warning woke up in the emergency room." This tells me that someone was looking after you and took you to the ER.
Jett did not have that luxury, despite having 2 nannies who were suppose to be watching him. That is what is is wrong with this picture. Also, he wasn't on meds that could have helped him. My brother has had to switch his meds from time to time, but he never just said "Oh well the first one I tried didn't work so I'm just going to stop trying."

2119 days ago


Seizures with adolescent autism.

2119 days ago
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