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Michelle Obama Doesn't Like Wang's Taste

1/7/2009 4:08 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

... Vera Wang -- the designer ... you perverts.

Vera Wang: Click to watch


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She doesn't "like" Vera Wang's "taste"?!?!?!? She better find SOMEONE'S taste that she likes 'cause her taste SUCKS..big time... the whole "bargain basement" supporter theme is tired....trying to show everyone that she is "one of us"...which she is NOT...I find it insulting and patronizing...and the stripes and bad colors...LOSE

2112 days ago


Number 1 on the List. About time!!

2112 days ago


I think the line is..... you don't alter Vera Wang to fit yourself.......... you alter yourself to fit Vera Wang!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Take note Michelle !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2112 days ago


michelle has no taste and she is a mean biatch... can't stand her ot her bratty kids ... she will do nothing to help this country she has a mean spiteful face... obama will screw up this country...

2112 days ago


There is nothing in this video that suggests Michelle Obama does not like Vera Wang's taste. So, why the inflammatory headline TMZ? Slow news day?

2112 days ago


Perhaps the mizzes taste is for the likes of the red and black explosion dress (gag) she had on shortly after the election. You're right Kimberly, she looks, acts and talks like she'll be one hel* of a biatch as "first lady." That title needs to be changed!

2112 days ago

Triple Play    

Michaelangelo couldn't make Michelle Obama look good. She is a mean spirited nasty looking HO

2112 days ago


Michelle has not taste so of course she wouldnt use Vera Wang. This woman has ZERO sense of style.
Vera will be dressing Mrs Biden is my guess. I doubt Hillbillary but maybe?

2112 days ago


DUHHHHHH #5 Vera was in the running and now she isnt so obviously no taste Michelle doesnt like her style. No brainer!

2112 days ago

No Fooling    

Miz Hells taste in clothing leaves a lot to be desired It`s not her clothes style she needs to concentrate on - it`s her attitude that needs a lot of work.
All the money in the world can`t buy class. You either have it or you don`t. Miz Hell certainly doesn`t....nor will she ever have it.

2112 days ago


I agree Kimberly.

She made a remark that for the first time in her life, she is proud to be an american..

Wasn't she proud when she attended college and graduated with a law degree all on the affirmative action program and paid for by the taxpayers.

WE sent her fat ass through school!!!

2112 days ago


I love Vera Wang and am lucky to have some of her really chic pieces.

2112 days ago


Apparently before the election she didn't like America either. She only became proud of this country until the election.

2112 days ago


good for michelle for having an opinion and not following the masses!!

2112 days ago


Michelle Obama has more class and intelligence in her little finger than any of the trollops on TMZ.

It's so laughable that there is such negative and clearly racist sentiment for Michelle and none of you even know the woman!

She has a mean face???

What an utterly silly and ridiculous remark to make.

Clearly none of you know anything about the woman because she most certainly didn't skate through law school on the public's dime. She worked for it, same as a lot of everyday common Americans!

For the record, there are more White Americans on public assistance than Black. Just to clarify.

Even so, you don't see me on here berating White people for abusing the public's dime.

Guess I, like Michelle have more class than you silly, bitter, self righteous windbags.

No one could have a meaner face than Barbara Bush! The woman looks like a reanimated man who's been smoking unfiltered cigarettes for most of his life.

I bet the bulk of you look about the same.

2112 days ago
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