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Sam Gives Lindsay Unkindest Cut of All

1/7/2009 10:52 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

So Samantha Ronson goes to a fancy schmancy hair salon in Bev Hills and leaves wearing a beanie. But fear not -- it wasn't a total waste, 'cause we asked if Sam washed Lindsay Lohan right out of her hair.

Samantha Ronson: Click to watch


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I don't think Sam will wash Lilo out of her hair, I believe it will be the other way around in no time. Lilo would be dying to be with MEN again, methink.

2025 days ago


Samantha needs to man up and break it off. She'll be a superstar if she does. Throw that has been Lohan out the door and call it quits already. After the wonderful (sarcasm) New Years Eve they had together why spend anymore of their youth in a obviously bad relationship.

2025 days ago


Sam is so "not" attractive. She needs to just go away and not make any of us have to see her anymore...

2025 days ago


Since when is video of someone walking to their car saying nothing entertainment? Lame.

2025 days ago


Iam the only one noticing that dark Prious ,Lindsays manager Jenni drives one.
And also Samantha looking towards the hair salon and smiling,if anyone is doing their hair must be Lindsay.
Whats s going on?
Maybe Lindsay actually is getting a big film role as the NYdailynews writes today,and they are trying to tone their romance down?
Hmmmm.Also Ali is in town,and i bet there is no way ML would have allowed Ali to live with them so Lindsay had to get back to her own place?Imagine if they are still together.Go girls.

2025 days ago

Luke Warmwater    

Sam a superstar? Because she can spin some CD's? That's like me being a superstar because I can run a lawnmower. Oh, yeah, I's an art......

2025 days ago


She is driving Lindsay's Escalade.....

2025 days ago


Hey Luke Warmwater.. These days it doesn't take much to become a superstar in the eyes of Americans. Look at all the reality stars that swear they are A-Listers (Heather's words from Charm School had me laughing so hard) and she isn't the only one that thinks that.

Look at all the fools who LOVE Lohan.. What has the girl done since her kiddie movie star days? A bunch of crappy movies and I'll give her a little credit for Georgia Rules, but remember all the drama on the set? DIdn't the director write her a letter telling her to get her act together? Real talent huh?

If you can't figure out the sarcasm in my original statement then you are a douche.

2025 days ago


...i thought it was cool that sam and lindsay came out. not easy to do in hollywoodland, even after ellen and portia. those girls have had to go through a lot of derision and adverse publicity, just to be together (see every gossip-site online for the evidence), and whether they're still together or not, they've got my respect...

2025 days ago


Malvolio, they weren't getting adverse publicity because they are lesbians. They are getting it because Lindsay Lohan is a trainwreck. If you don't believe me, just look at the publicity she was getting before Sam (back when she was with men). Sure, being in a lesbian relationship may have made it a bit higher profile, but the negative publicity surrounding her goes back years.

2025 days ago


...i get where you're coming from, medley, i'm not a huge lohan fan (excluding the cringeable michael, who always makes my day). but, i thought it was amazing (literally shocking) when this young, groomed-to-be-a-sex-kitten starlet made the radical decision to come out with the rather plain ronson. i didn't see it coming...i think it challenged some stereotypes in young hollywood, and beyond. i agree w/ you on lohan's bad behaviour (which is rampant among all these celebutards, and, not limited to the lohans), but, i'll stand by my conviction that the majority of the publicity surrounding these girls has been homophobic, to say the least...

2025 days ago

Luke Warmwater    

Hey Gyps, if you have to explain it, it wasn't very clear to begin with.

2025 days ago


This relationship was doomed from the start! Linsey misses that one important part that sam couldn't give her.

2025 days ago


She is driving her Navigator that she has been driving around in recent videos. And I think Lindsay must have been there because her assistant does have a black Prius, and she is also always in that Black BMW that her friend drives and it was right next to Samantha's car. Also if you go to youtube there is a video from yesterday where they ask if she still loves Lindsay and Sam says "of course..what a stupid question". I don't think they are broken up completely, but I think Sam told Lindsay she needed some time to figure stuff out. I don't blame her. Lindsay is smoking hot, but she brings way too much drama to the table. But I do think they love and really care for each other so good luck to them.

Oh and P.S.: They have both been wearing matching bullet necklaces the last few days.

2025 days ago


Lindsay could have had a decent career, but got lazy and ended up being just another celebrity crackhead trainwreck. She wants to be the "star" of the couple, but in fact Sam works more, makes more money, and has her sh*t together. Team Sam.

2025 days ago
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